Wednesday, April 9, 2003

The Statue has fallen

So we were watching CNBC and the crazy Iraqis were having a devil of a time trying to knock down a statue of Sadaam. First they were hacking away at the cement base with a sledgehammer. The were to impatient to take turns and then began fighting over the sledgehammer. Upon realizing that would take longer than it took us to get to Baghdad, they decided to climb it, which really didn't accomplish much. We were all just waiting for one of them to fall off. Finally a US tank pulled up to the statue and an hour later using a crane attachment pulled the statue down. The best part was how the Iraqis kept throwing stones at it and actually shot at it with a gun. Once it was all on the ground they began jumping on it like crazy people. Was it really a bright idea to liberate these people? I don't think they are bright enough to govern themselves, sometimes I thank god for dictatorships. Also the latest from Al-Jazeera, is that Sadaam is now taking refuge in the Russian Embassy. It must be hard for this guy to lose everything he has worked so hard for. I would be devastated if they were televising pictures of people tearing down my statue or looting one of my hundred's of houses. However, I don't feel bad for the guy.

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