Thursday, April 24, 2003

Oh what a night!!

Okay I'll give you all a freebie, "Oh What a Night" was the theme for my first prom, when I was 17. Haha! So now on to BoCaNO. We went to Flat Top Johnnies a pretty cool pool bar in Cambridge. We started things off by going over John's agenda, which while sometimes confusing and hard to understand is rather humorous.

Question 2: What is the last CD you bought?
KeegSands - The White Stripes
Mark - Nelly Furtado
Amy - The Dixie Chicks
E - Kid Rock
Natasha - Eva Cassidy
Kate - couldn't remember
Jen - Alison Kraus in Union Station
James - Bob Marley

While we were going over the agenda this self proclaimed obnoxious woman comes over and was trying to raise some money for Lukemia, not for the disease, but for the battle against it. We put in some money and got to punch in this little board which had numbers in it, if the number you punched matched a number on the prize list you won the prize. We didn't win the first time, though we were all hoping for the 2 month membership at Curves. One of the other prizes was a tour for a person and 80 friends at the Harpoon Brewery. Who has that many friends? The lady left and then the Boc's began to hatch a plan to negotiate for more hole punches. The going rate was 5 punches for $3, but in their never ending quest to save money they asked if they could get 30 punches for $10. I was against this because I don't think you should negotiate when it comes to giving money to charity, it just seems wrong to me. After much deliberation by the charity group they agreed and the thrifty ones got there punches and much to my joy did not win. Sorry guys!!

Another highlight, for me at least, was the automatic paper towl dispenser in the bathroom. It was amazing to see how far technology has come. Unfortunately the rest of the Boc's rained on my parade by saying it was great, BUT the faucets aren't automatic and you still have to touch them and also because the trash had a cover you had to touch to throw away the paper towel. Come on people there are germs everywhere even if you open doors using your shirt cuffs you are constantly breathing in contaminated air all of the time. Perhaps y'all should invest in air tight suits to walk around in if you are really so afraid of germs. Okay a lot more went on, but I couldn't write it all down. Oh one more thing, I did tell my story about the girl who asked me over to her house to remove porn from her computer one late night after a Dave Matthews concert. I won't go into to detail, but I did go over, removed the porn and then left. The general consensus on this is that I am a complete dumbass and should have stayed. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Quote of the night: Dude, there's a fuckin' thousand holes. - Obnoxious Marie

JERRY: Hi, I'm Jerry.
JERRY: You might not know it to look at me, but I can run really, really fast.

From Seinfeld The Strike first aired December 18, 1997

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