Friday, May 30, 2003

The weekend is here already

I made it home at a reasonable hour yesterday and printed out some tablature for Happy Birthday songs. I practiced the songs in anticipation of a little get together for my mom's birthday, but she went out to dinner so I wasn't able to play them. Oh well, it will be somebody else's birthday soon enough. Neeza, Britt and Emily were going to buy the new Led Zeppelin album at Wal-Mart so I joined them. We were styling riding around in the Benz.

Not many clever observations, but we did see a karaoke microphone with songs built in, all you have to do is plug it into the tv and read from the screen. The only issue I have with this is the songs are all stored in the mic without the ability to add songs. They also include a bunch of different styles of songs, to pleas all audiences. I think they should have a different music for each type of music, because most people who will sing Frank Sinatra don't want to sing Britney Spears. So all of you karaoke mic executives out there take notice to this posting.

I might be hiking this weekend, depending on a few things including the weather and my aching right leg. My ankle seems to be bothering me again and my knee is also sore, perhaps it is time for a doctor's visit.

Have a great weekend everybody!!
K. Willis Sands

Thursday, May 29, 2003

McGriddle Yum!!

Scott and I were walking back from picking up some breakfast and we saw a guy towing his bulldog in a little red wagon. It was hilarious, so since I didn't have the spycam I doctored a photo of what it looked like. The guy was so serious and we couldn't figure out how the guy wasn't laughing his ass of at how funny it was. It was a sight to be seen.

I also tried the new McGriddle breakfast sandwich at McDonald's. Many of you probably don't eat there and are wondering what is a McGriddle. Basically it is a breakfast sandwich, made with two pancakes and something in between. I had the sausage McGriddle and I have to say it was delightful. In the pancakes were little pockets of syrup which added to the taste. I know most of you don't eat breakfast there, but if you end up there for breakfast try it.


Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Saving my computer from the brink of reformatting

Did anybody see the bright object in the sky yesterday afternoon? It reminded me of the thing we used to see in the sky, called the sun. Well it was warm and put a smile on my face, so I decided to go for a little drive with the windows down. It was strange that I have been waiting for nice weather for so long and when it was finally here I couldn't decide on one activity to do outside. I went to the bank to put some money in my savings account, for the first time in a while, I finally paid of my ski debt and am now back on track with my savings. The teller at the bank was a cutie, so I have even more incentive to go to the bank.

My computer last night decided to mess with me. It was working fine for a while, I actually transferred files from the computer downstairs to my computer. I intended to burn a CD for my car, but my computer had different plans. All of a sudden the blue screen of death popped up on the screen, so I restarted the machine. It began to load and then pop, there it was again. I then tried to open it in safe mode, but it stopped halfway through the load process again. Uh-oh!! It was getting late, so I decided to give up and go to sleep and deal with it another day. I turned the tv on and started to watch Dateline, which was doing a special on dating. It was interesting, but the entire time the computer is nagging away at the bag of my mind. I kept trying different things and the blue screen kept popping up. Finally I busted out the System Recovery CD, and really got to work on the computer. After messing around with the DOS prompt and trying to find the file which was causing the problem. I finally found it deleted it and was up and running, for a while I was nervous that I would lose my pictures and Dave Matthews Band. Time to do some backing up.

Dateline NBC last night followed four singles and their different attempts at dating in New York City. Each used a different system including: online personals, 8 minute dating, a weird video bar and a professional matchmaker. Being in the constant state of singledom, I was intrigued and watched the show with immense interest. Viewers from home were able to vote on who they thought would have success and for the viewers were wrong. The best approach seemed to be the 8 minute dating, while the professional matchmaker thing seemed expensive and to be honest a little bit sketchy. So what did I learn? I learned that it isn't the method but the particular people you meet in those services that makes the difference. Most of the times when the people failed it was only because they just happened to meet the wrong people. Although the 8 minute dating may alleviate this problem since you meet so many people. I also learned that while 8 minute dating may be nerve racking at first, after meeting the first few girls the guy seemed to get the hang of it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

John Denver look-a-like

I was watching tv this weekend and saw a clip from Oh God and noticed the similarity in appearance between Mark and John Denver. What do you think?

Let me know what you think.

In other news has anybody noticed the large number of random accidents which have occurred in our country over the last couple weeks.
Here is what I am talking about:
1) Commuter train derails in Canton, MA.
2) Beaver dam bursts derailing train in NC.
3) Freight train derailed in NM, spilling hazardous materials.
4) Small plane crashed in NY.
5) Boat capsized in Boston Harbor.
6) Bombing at Yale University.
7) Explosion rocks cruise ship in Miami.
8) House explodes on Lake Winnipesaukee, from propane explosion.
9) Rain-swollen lake bursts and floods a North Carolina town.
10) Truck crashes into bridge and causes it to collapse causing highway closure.
11) Multi car crash in Maryland closes highway for two days.

Wow, is this all just coincidence or is there something else going on here. Perhaps it is just due to lack of war coverage, I don't know.

Monday, May 26, 2003

B-E-A-Utiful weather, NOT!!!

I seemed to have made the most of this rainy drab weekend. I shall start with Friday, where I spent the beginning of my evening at Aqua with Heather. It was a cool bar though seemed a bit uptight for my taste. Upon returning home I called Travis and we went to Sylvan Street before going to the 11:45 Matrix Reloaded. It was better the second time, plus I was able to see the trailer for Matrix Revolutions. I didn't get home until three.

Saturday I woke up late and went to the gym, making it four times in the last week, GO ME!! Nissa called and told me about game night at Britt's so, I went home hung out and then picked all the girls up for some board games. We only played Trivial Pursuit, but that was enough, since it took three hours for Em and I to win the game. There was some controversy about my age and the fact that because I am older I have an unfair advantage. Oh well, what am I supposed to do. After the game I went home and just sat around and did nothing until two when I went to bed.

Sunday slept in again, I don't know what has gotten into me. At around two I picked Em up and we went to the mall, so I could buy the new Mad About You DVD. After picking it up we went to get everybody else to go to see Bruce Almighty. It was hilarious, especially since I was sitting next to Becky, who has hands down the best laugh of anybody I know. After the movie we ate at Pizza Factory and then went to the beach and saw some fireworks. I dropped everybody off and went home to watch my new DVD, and come to find out it only had two of the three dvds. :o(

Today I woke up and went to breakfast with my mom and stepfather. Tried a Wonka Bar, which was great. Exchanged my DVD at the mall and went home to watch it. Picked my dad up and took him out to dinner at Not Your Average Joe's. They are crazy about garlic in that place, "Vampires Beware". Now I am sitting at home updating my LJ for all of you lovely readers. Tomorrow look for a less biographical entry. Until then, could somebody please stop the rain, I have had enough. Some food for thought, could you imagine if all this rain had been snow. OH MY!!!

Friday, May 23, 2003

"A flute without holes, is not a flute. A donut without a hole, is a danish." - Ty Webb

Guest entry today from Mark

LJ Question of the day:

Given that the "round v. square" debate is not yet resolved, it may be unfair to muddy the waters with another twist, BUT, arriving at ABP this morning, I ordered a plain bagel toasted, nothing on it, please. I did not notice when it went into the toaster, I did not notice when I paid, I only noticed when I got back to my desk that my bagel had no hole. "Is this good," I thought? It is not normal, but is it better? Should bagels come without holes more often? Should the holes be there, but smaller? Maybe others know the answer. Which is better? What is the right size hole?

Thursday, May 22, 2003

I am so tired and don't have much to write, but I wanted to at least get people to go to a web site I found today. I mean of course we went to BoCaNO last night and it was fun celebrating Amy's birthday. When I try and think of anything cool from last night, the only thing that comes to mind is being crammed into the booth at Whiskey's. So that is really all I have to say about BoCaNO. The rain is so depressing, I just wish the sun would come out, but the forecast seems to be predicting rain for as long as they forecast weather. Grrrrr!!!

Oh yeah Becky to answer your question about how to put images on your live journal. It is very easy and similar to underlining and bolding. Instead of using the <i> tags you would use the <img> tag, with one small addition you need to add the src attribute, which is a lot less complicated then it sounds. First find the address of the picture on the internet and set up the tag like this <img src="" > < /img > That is all there is to it. Any more questions we can have a workshop and I can show y'all how to do some html stuff.

Finally, here is the site I was talking about. Check out the Funniest Site I have seen all day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Filling up everybodys friends page

It occurred to me that since I am the only obsessive person posting to my lj everyday, I am probably filling up the friends pages so much that they could be mistaken for my own page. Haha too bad.

In an effort to keep it short I will only mention that I signed up for a soccer league in Newburyport which will keep me busy every Sunday. So if you are in the area of Cashman Park on any Sunday between June 1st and October 26th, stop by. What else, oh yeah went to Margarita's last night with my cuz and Emily. It was a great time and even better since I hadn't been there in such a long time.

Finally check out this link Star Wars Kid. Oh my I laughed so hard at this kid.

BoCaNO at the Cactus Club over in the Back Bay, Mexican food two nights in a road, yippee.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Cyclist on the highway

I saw another first today on my way to work. While crossing the Whittier Bridge on Interstate 95, I glanced over into the northbound lane and there was a guy riding his bike. It wasn't a shady looking guy on a shitty bicycle, but a racer looking guy on a nice road bike. I couldn't believe it, first of all it is crazy to ride a bike on the highway, but if any of you are familiar with the bridge you know just how crazy it is. Can you say SUICIDE?

Speaking of cycling, I was on a health kick last night and went for a 12 mile bike ride at the beach. It was chilly down at the beach, at least 15 degrees colder than on the main land. It was very refreshing and I think I am going to try to do it again soon. After my little bike ride I went to the gym and then went home. Actually on the way home I stopped by the grocery store to get a couple of things, I was going to pick up some Uh-Oh Oreos, but it turns out they cost $3.99. Who the hell is paying four dollars for a thing of Oreos. I couldn't believe how much they cost, now I am not cheap, but I had to draw the line there.

Boyd Tinsley from the Dave Matthews Band is releasing his solo album, True Reflections on June 17th, check out the first single "Listen". I haven't quite formed an opinion on it yet.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Time to take Tuckerman Ravine off the to do list

As you can see I was quite loaded up with forty pounds of gear. I had skis, boots, helmet, gps, compass, knife, swiss army knife, map, whistle, car keys, wallet, radio, flashlight, food formerly known as a pb and j sandwich, pretzels, cookies, ski pants, jacket, t shirt, hot chilis top, ski socks, video camera, digital camera, hat and two nalgene bottles. I stepped on the scale last night and I weighed 205 pounds with the pack. I will try and give a brief description of my day. Woke up and drove via the Kancamagnus Highway to Pinkham notch, waited for Kate and Mark and began the hike. It took almost two hours to hike up to the base of the bowl and I was quite exhausted. The atmosphere once there was amazing, because of so much activity going on from the skiiers climbing up to the cheering crowd. I hung out at the base for a while to catch my breath and get the muscles in my legs prepared for some more hiking but with ski boots this time. I was able to watch people ski down and even saw a couple guys go down on sleds. There were a ton of dogs all over the place and most of the dogs were labrador retrievers, which made me want to go out and get one, but I don't have a house or enough time for a dog yet. I finally headed up with Mark and made it to the top after some steep climbing. I was a bit nervous for my first run since I hadn't skiied in three weeks, but I made it down in one piece. It was rather anti-climactic after all of the hiking, but now I can say I did it. After a little bit of rest it was time for another run, and I began the steep climb again. On the way up I was talking to the guy in front of me, it turns out he was the guy that went down on a saucer earlier in the day. While waiting at the top a black lab climbed up to us and ended up running down the hill, it was amazing that he made it all the way up there. After hanging out at the top for a while, I headed down for my second run, which was again uneventful. I thought about taking a more difficult trail, but decided it might not be the best idea. Once at the bottom I ran into the saucer guy again and showed him the video of his run. One observation I made was that there were a lot more girls around my age there than I thought there would be. After packing my gear back, I began my descent. It was okay, but my legs were exhausted. In my state of fatigue, I kept rolling my ankles on rocks and didn't hurt them too much until I was about a quarter mile from the bottom and rolled my right ankle pretty bad (see pictures below). I limped the last bit and finally took that damn pack off, before hopping in the car and driving to Ben & Jerry's for my reward for myself. It was a great day and I am glad I finally skiied the infamous Tuckerman Ravine. Check out the Tuckerman Ravine Slideshow

Now I am going to show some graphic pictures. They are pictures of my feet, notice how the right ankle is swollen compared to the nice healthy left ankle. Now if I could just find my air casts I will be all set.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Asleep at the keyboard

It was another late night for me. My mom convinced me to go to the BoSox game last night, which kept me from getting home until midnight. It was an entertaining game, sitting way out in right field provided some rather interesting sites. However, I first have to mention the green line and just how ridiculous that damn train is. I have so much compassion now for the commuters who have to ride that damn train everyday. I waited for twenty minutes just for a train with enough room for one person and going in the correct direction. I finally made it on the train and this woman asked another woman if she could get to South Station on this train. Now keep in mind we were on C train just leaving Arlington. The woman amazingly enough didn't laugh and told her she was going in the wrong direction. I hope she didn't have to catch a train.

I met up with my mom and went in to the game. The seats weren't great, they were near the right field seats that face the bleachers so the entire game you have to crane your neck to the left just to see the action. The crowd was pretty pumped up and were constantly ribbing Carl Everett in right field. The highlight of his harassment came after he hit a homerun and the crowd began chanting, "Throw it back!!". The fan who caught the ball was out of sight and didn't throw it back and the fans became more irrate. Finally, at the beginning of the next inning the ball was thrown on to the field and the place erupted. A few minutes later somebody else threw a ball towards Carl and play was stopped while the Rangers manager came out to talk to Mr. Everett. I couldn't believe how lively the fans were. Speaking of lively fans, my stepfather and his friends were quite amusing on the T ride back. They had a bit to drink during the game and were always laughing and speaking loudly. It didn't help that the trains were crowded and we had to take the Green Line to the Orange Line to the shuttle buses. I felt like a chaperone on a field trip, constantly counting to make sure they were all there and leading the way through the many subterranean passages of the MBTA.

Now I am tired and things don't look like they are going to slow down until after Tuckerman Ravine tomorrow. I can't wait to finally get home and watch all of the season finale I have on tape. Sunday morning will be the Season Finale marathon with my favorite shows West Wing, Friends, CSI, and ER. I can't wait.

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Seven minutes that cost me twenty dollars

I had a very late one last night, but it was well worth it. Unfortunately, in order to get much needed sleep I moved my wake up time back a couple hours. Which meant I was counting on doing the early bird parking at Malden Center. I woke up and jumped in the car, completely forgetting how bad the traffic can be on Route 1. It was a nightmare and the opposite of my typical 6 AM drive time traffic. I wasn't going to get stressed though and when I finally made it to the garage it was 9:07, seven minutes after the early bird ended. Now that means instead of paying six dollars to park it will now cost me twenty. Doh!!!

Now onto my review of the Matrix Reloaded. I made it to the Loews at the Liberty Tree Mall an hour early, at ten o'clock and then sat in my showtime's line. After sitting on the ground for about twenty minutes they let us into the movie. I then took a little nap while waiting for the movie to start. Once the previews started everybody got very excited and it help to wake me up. I couldn't understand why the showed a preview of Legally Blonde 2 to a Matrix audience, but it did get a better reaction then Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai. People were just laughing at the one american actor who was supposed to be a samurai hero in Japan. Finally after ten or so previews the show started. My initial reaction was disappointment, but as the movie began to sink in I realized it was a great movie. It is the type of movie you have to see a couple of times to really get the secret hidden messages. My brain was reeling from the back and forth movement between reality and the matrix. At times while Neo was in the matrix it was still unclear on where he was located. It began slow, but the story really picked up near the end and I am very excited for the final episode of the trilogy which will be released in November. My grade for the movie is an A-. I definitely reccommend.

Now I am heading out for the baseball game. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Short on time

Okay I don't have much time today, but figured I would put out a posting anyway. I just made it to work and had birthday cake for breakfast again. My excuse is that I received four cakes and need to eat them whenever possible, plus it saves money on bagels. I have recently been trying to watch what I eat after I noticed my weight went up by 8 pounds in the last three weeks. Possible explanations are the lack of skiing, the recent trips to the gym have converted fat to muscle or perhaps a lot more JayBo than usual. Yeah I know, everybody says I am skinny, but well I think maybe skinny compared to the average person in our obese society. If I expect to be going to the beach this summer though I need to lose about ten pounds or so. So I have a question what is everybody's favorite form of diet? Laying off the carbs, not eating, extra excercise? Let's hear your thoughts.

I just read in the Metro that due to huge demand for the Matrix Reloaded, it will be opening tonight, so I am thinking of checking it out after BoCaNO. I was looking at the 10:20 or 10:40 shows at Loews Liberty Tree theater. Anybody interested in meeting there to check that bad ass shit out?

You have to check out Maddox's latest hate mail How not to impress someone. The emailer had no idea what he was getting into.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

New License

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Yesterday I had to do the five year ritual of renewing my license, and yes I know I did it a day late. Now I haven't dealt with the Registry much, but most people seem to dread the place because of long lines and rudeness. I decided it would be better to avoid the Boston location, for the obvious reason that the lines there are legendary. I also went online to check out wait times and the Washington Street location had a wait of 45 minutes. I instead went to Melrose where the wait was 5 minutes. I received my ticket and patiently waited for my number to be called. After a few minutes a computer voice read out B219, at first I thought miss, as in a missed shot in the game of Battleship, but it was a hit and I went to window 9. Up until this point the horror of the registry seemed like just a myth, until I met the employee who would be helping me. Now don't get me wrong she wasn't mean, but I would have received the same level of personality if a computer was there asking me questions. In her defense it was 4:40 and after eight hours of asking people to read the letters on the top line of the eye exam machine. I answered my questions and also opted for a new picture. It was okay, she asked if I wanted to take another picture and to avoid upsetting her I said the picture was fine. I was then handed my paper license and was on my way to driving with a valid license.

Drive in drive out I'm leaving
Drive in drive out
I'll come back again
Drive in drive out I'm leaving
Drive in drive out

-David John Matthews

Lyrics and Audio for Drive In, Drive Out.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Quiet Sunday

Birthday cake from Heather this morning.

I had a relatively quiet day yesterday, which was nice. Most of the day involved me sleeping since I didn't get in until late on Saturday, my busy weekend day. On Saturday, I drove to Plymouth to go for a bike ride with Mark, Kate and Jen. It was a nice ride, though biking through the occasional sand patches was very annoying. My new grip shifters were nice and I am glad I switched things up. After biking we hung out at Kate's and had some pizza followed by the coolest cake ever. Kate and Mark made me a guitar-shaped cake, with Twizzler Twist-n-Pull for strings, chocolate sprinkles for the sound hole and dum-dum lollipops for the tuning pegs. It was pretty cool. Thanks guys!! I left there late and decided to stop at Britt's before going home. As I expected she was up and was watching tv with Emily, I hung out with them and then went home.

I finally got off my ass yesterday afternoon and went for a ride to Odiorne State Park in NH. I decided to attempt to start a birthday tradition and made it two in a row. I was there for an hour, because the weather looked very bleak and I was afraid of rain. Overall it was a good day and I want to thank everybody for all of your birthday wishes.

Yeah I know this is a weird thing to do, but well its my LJ and if you don't like it don't read.
Amanda W, Julie L, Heather K, Scottie, April M, Suha, E, Natasha P, Emily B, Kate H, Mark L, Jen C, Sarah L, Dad, Mom, Brendan, Cait K, Jon B, Britt F, Vanessa, Katie, Becky T, Meme, Auntie Babe. That is all I can remember, but if I have left anybody off the list let me know and I shall correct the issue.

365 days in my 25th year
6 Dave Matthews shows attended
12 states I passed through (MA, ME, NH, VT, CT, RI, NY, OH, IL, TX, UT, CO)
6 times I had to change my watch after landing in a different time zone.
57 skier days.
6 girls I went on at least one date with.
3 girls kissed. One of which is not included in the previous entry, Make-Out-Girl.
4,548 dollars spent towards skiing, including pass, rent, equipment, plane ticket, gas.
118 live journal postings
351 lj comments received.
0 number of times I had sex.
87 place in Bust 'n Burn competition.
9 highest micro mood, achieved on 2/4/2003 after skiing ultimate powder day at Alta.
61 macro mood for last 124 days
28,000 miles driven.
12,404 feet, highest point reached without help of an airplane.
1,164 dollars paid to the MBTA for commuting.

Weird observation I made today while on the internet, perhaps some of you have noticed it too. Since I find a lot of websites using google, I now try to go back to those websites, but didn't add them to my favorites. Now I am forced to try and recreate my original search which is impossible. For example I found this cool website with tons of guitar info when I was trying to tune my guitar to drop D tuning. So when I wanted to find it again I couldn't remember were my search words guitar tune drop d OR drop d tuning how to. I did eventually find it, but it was tricky recreating those searches.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

It was a great day

Well what can I say about yesterday, but that it was a great day. Of course it didn't start off so well, because everything seemed to be going wrong at work. However in the afternoon I bounced back from those setbacks and ended up with a kick ass day. I think it all started when I went to lunch with Kate. I was kind of mellow as I have been for a few days, but upon eating and then visiting E I perked up a bit. Once I made it back upstairs things were still going wrong at work, but I knew I was leaving work early, which meant only an hour to go. While I was waiting for work to end I received a phone call from Sarah. I was so surprised, because it was the middle of the day, totally random. So we agreed to meet in Natick for dinner. But first, I left work and met Vanessa, Katie and Becky for coffee. I actually had a frappucino with coffee, but Vanessa said it doesn't count as my first coffee beverage. After leaving the collage girls I hopped on the subway with my ghetto trash bag of Vanessa's winter clothing, since I guess she won't be needing them in Florida this summer. I lucked out with traffic and made it to Natick in record time. I gave the Sizzling Cheese Chicken dish another try at Friday's and it was definitely better this time. My trip out to CMass to hang out with sucha a good friend was a pleasant surprise for my Friday night, a great start to my birthday weekend.

I made it back to the 'Bury, just as OJ was getting home from the prom. I chatted with him and my aunt before dropping him of at a sketch APP. Haha. I slept in this morning waking up at 7:30, so late. Heading to Plimoth to visit Mark and Kate today.

Favorite humorous moment from yesterday: I did a reading of Britt's final paper at Starbuck's for Becky. What a great paper Britt, we couldn't stop laughing. The people seemed to enjoy, they did clap when I was finished ;o)

Quote of the day: "They almost gave me the goat." - Sarah, being thankful she was assigned a goat as her next patient. Little did she know she went to dinner with the goat (me) see the 1995 Amesbury High School yearbook.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Thursday, May 8, 2003


Well I feel like I need to update this LJ but I am on the fence about what to say. Do I talk about what I have done which is kind of boring or I could attempt to find something wrong with the world which shouldn't be too hard or I could begin on a series of biographical entries I plan on making. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Okay so what have I been up to? Well of course I have been at work, which as always is less than exciting and I pretty much dread having to go there everyday. Recent developments include the life decision of whether to stay or leave, the discontinuation of flex time only after three weeks of officially signing up and the recent praise for some guys horrible excel spreadsheet that is supposed to revolutionize fund accounting.

Last night I brought Vanessa, an ECNUNO member, to BoCaNO and we all had a great time. As always great conversation was had including a discussion on whether guys have a better idea of what an average penis looks like. The girls kept saying that we should know since we see guys penises all the time and I replied that I only see one, so I really can't judge. The girls apparently think at the gym or especially in high school and college, we take them out and compare them with each other. Fortunately, this is not the case and really I have never and will never do such a thing. Vanessa I hope you weren't bothered by this rather inappropriate conversation, who am I kidding you collage kids must talk about stuff like that all the time. Anyway it was a great night and the city looked amazing last night. I walked back to 100 Beacon and then had to walk back through the Common, which is now green from the grass and the leaves on the trees. The temperature was perfect and for the first time in a long time I was happy to be in the city. So that is what I did.

Now I am going to skip the biographical for today and move right on to a little observation I have every morning. My morning commute now has its own wonderful yet sometimes annoying characteristics. First of all I have the constant struggle to actually get into the lot as opposed to parking in the street. It is mostly a problem because to park on the street you need three one dollar bills, not two bills and four quarters, it has to be three dollar bills. Half the time I don't have three dollars period, so I will never be able to successfully park in the street. I am avoiding my observation though, once I get into the station there is always a game similar to musical chairs or "Beat the Bomb". The trains are usually sitting there, but you never know when the bell is going to ring and the doors will close. So you always walk slowly by the doors and then hurry up between cars. It is kind of amusing, because you don't want to get stuck out on the platform, but you want to see how far back in the train you can get. I think this is definitely a sign that I need to get out of the city and stop taking public transportation.

Well apparently my writer's block is over for now. Until next time, this is Keegan signing off.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

New Job

Last nigtht we had a big family dinner at Pizzeria Uno. The cast of character included mom, Brendan, Britt, OJ, my aunt and of course myself. I guess we were celebrating the end of Britt's school year. Of course it was constant fun and also I am sure OJ thought it was in a constant state of sketchiness. We had many great conversations, but one which was rather intriguing for me came from a discussion about Britt being an RA, from there we came up with my perfect new job. I should be a Resident Director of a dorm at some college. Is there a job which is better suited for me? So maybe I will go back to school for my masters and become an RD. Think about it you don't pay rent, get to belong to the college scene and get an education all at the same time. Is it not perfect, now who wants me to work at their school?

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Hangin' at OOMass

We just got back from the Dave and Tim concert which was totally amazing. It definitely makes it into the top five and perhaps into the top 3 of the 35 shows. The seats were quite far from the stage, but the acoustics were great and the crowd behaved for the most part. I wish there were some classic people to talk about beside the merchandise vendor. He was funny and always joking with the customers. Even though nobody wants to see it I am going to post the setlist tomorrow. Okay I have to get going talk to y'all tomorrow. I can't wait to have my first meal in a dining hall aka dining common in over five years. If only I had the spycam, oh actually I do, need to grab it for the morning.

Over and out from Amherst, MA (God's Country)

One more thing on one of Dave's rants he totally made fun of Floridians. He said they were weird. Sorry V, I have to agree with him.

Monday, May 5, 2003

Dave and Tim tonight at UMass

More than six years ago I went to my first concert ever, the date was January 29, 1997 and the place was the Maine Center for the Arts at the University of Maine in Orono. A few days before the show, I went to the box office and asked the woman at the ticket window for one ticket to the Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds concert. She gave me the option of front row in the corner or a seat in the balcony. I had never attended a concert before and the only reason I decided to go was because I had the Crash album and occasionally listened to it in my dorm room. My inexperience at concert going left me struggling to decide on a seat, and I decided the front row would be better even if it was in the corner. Upon choosing the front row seat I set into motion a series of events which would forever change my life. I received my ticket and went back to my dorm for the time being, with little knowledge of the importance of the oversized ticket in my backpack.

On the night of the show I returned to the concert hall and entered using my recently purchased ticket. Since I was alone I walked around aimlessly checking out the sights and sounds of my first live music show. I do remember several kiosks in the lobby, one for Greenpeace with several people trying to get petitions filled out and another which sold merchandise. I decided to check out the merchandise table and see what they had to offer. I decided to buy the Recently album, but foolishly passed on purchasing a t-shirt, a decision which still stymies me to this day. It was now nearly a half an hour before the start of the show, so I thought I should get to my seat and consequently started a concert going tradition that annoys my friends even today. I presented my ticket to an usher and he asked me if I was by myself. I said yes and he told me my ticket was for an obstructed view seat. I was immediately disappointed and thought well this will be my first and last concert. However, after a little bit of thought the usher said he had another ticket for me and asked, "How does front row center sound?" It was quite possibly the best question I have been asked in my entire life. He didn't need an answer and I was on my way towards the stage with my new front row ticket in hand.

After passing through many levels of ushers I found my seat in the front row and with intense excitement sat down and took it all in. Of course since I was there so early I was one of only twenty people there, but I was ecstatic and couldn't help but turn around and see how fortunate I was to have these seats. As time passed more people found there way to their seats and finally the house lights went down and the music which was playing stopped. The crowd began cheering and once Dave appeared on stage the cheering erupted to a level of I had never heard before. I was within ten feet of Dave Matthews and was completely in a state of awe. While assuring his guitar was in tune he greeted the crowd, which once again erupted with applause. Once the crowd quieted down, tthe catchy guitar riff from Lie In Our Graves was strum and the night along with my obsession with the Dave Matthews Band officially began.

When I step into the light
My arms are open wide

-David John Matthews
Lyrics and audio of Lie In Our Graves

Thursday, May 1, 2003


Okay I am tired and busy, but just felt like posting something on this good old livejournal. Yesterday was super busy at work, but luckily Jennie came through with some excellent BoSox tickets and made my night much better than my day. It was free Nomar jersey night, so we battled the crowds but were able to get a couple. The seats were boss, right near home plate, even closer than Tuesday night. My hot dog tally for the night was five, I would have made a run for the record of 8, but I ran out of money. The game itself was going on, but I don't remember much about it because of all the people watching. Lots of hot chicas. Mark and I talked to so many girls it was ridiculous, I alone ended up with ten phone numbers. It should be a busy couple of weeks with all of the dates I'll be going on. One highlight from the game was when Mark noticed a billboard with morse code on it and asked if I knew morse code. I said no, but then decided to use google on my phone just to see if I could find a chart. Sure enough I did and ended up walking all over Fenway trying to translate every letter.
The sign said:
.-. . -..
... --- _.._
_. ._ _ .. ___ _.

Good luck translating. We left the game in the top of the 9th, don't ask me why, because I won't tell you. The game was just starting to get good and from the looks of the highlight it became a nailbiter, but I lost 3 votes to 1 and we hopped in a cab and headed for the 21st Amendment. We made it for the end of BoCaNO, thank goodness. I don't see what the big deal was and why we had to leave early. Oh well, we hung out there until 11:30 and I went home. I slept in this morning on accident and didn't wake up until 6. Now I am at work.