Thursday, May 8, 2003


Well I feel like I need to update this LJ but I am on the fence about what to say. Do I talk about what I have done which is kind of boring or I could attempt to find something wrong with the world which shouldn't be too hard or I could begin on a series of biographical entries I plan on making. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Okay so what have I been up to? Well of course I have been at work, which as always is less than exciting and I pretty much dread having to go there everyday. Recent developments include the life decision of whether to stay or leave, the discontinuation of flex time only after three weeks of officially signing up and the recent praise for some guys horrible excel spreadsheet that is supposed to revolutionize fund accounting.

Last night I brought Vanessa, an ECNUNO member, to BoCaNO and we all had a great time. As always great conversation was had including a discussion on whether guys have a better idea of what an average penis looks like. The girls kept saying that we should know since we see guys penises all the time and I replied that I only see one, so I really can't judge. The girls apparently think at the gym or especially in high school and college, we take them out and compare them with each other. Fortunately, this is not the case and really I have never and will never do such a thing. Vanessa I hope you weren't bothered by this rather inappropriate conversation, who am I kidding you collage kids must talk about stuff like that all the time. Anyway it was a great night and the city looked amazing last night. I walked back to 100 Beacon and then had to walk back through the Common, which is now green from the grass and the leaves on the trees. The temperature was perfect and for the first time in a long time I was happy to be in the city. So that is what I did.

Now I am going to skip the biographical for today and move right on to a little observation I have every morning. My morning commute now has its own wonderful yet sometimes annoying characteristics. First of all I have the constant struggle to actually get into the lot as opposed to parking in the street. It is mostly a problem because to park on the street you need three one dollar bills, not two bills and four quarters, it has to be three dollar bills. Half the time I don't have three dollars period, so I will never be able to successfully park in the street. I am avoiding my observation though, once I get into the station there is always a game similar to musical chairs or "Beat the Bomb". The trains are usually sitting there, but you never know when the bell is going to ring and the doors will close. So you always walk slowly by the doors and then hurry up between cars. It is kind of amusing, because you don't want to get stuck out on the platform, but you want to see how far back in the train you can get. I think this is definitely a sign that I need to get out of the city and stop taking public transportation.

Well apparently my writer's block is over for now. Until next time, this is Keegan signing off.

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