Monday, February 28, 2005

Getting Sick

Hello there everybody. It was a fun filled weekend up in Maine, Zach came up and snowboarded with me both days. The weather was okay a little bit cold and yesterday was extra windy, but nothing out of control. I actually telemarked yesterday with Mark and tired myself right out. I was working so hard at it I was actually sweating like rain. Unfortunately I started feeling sick on Saturday and the day of exercise didn't help any. I got to Jennifer's last night and we filled out our Oscar guesses (I lost 12-10) and tried to check them off as the show went on, but I fell right asleep. I woke up this morning and didn't feel any better. All day long I have been in another place my brain seems to have stayed up in Bethel or something because I am having a hard time putting together a complete thought.

This morning I worked at my new job for a few hours. It was interesting to see there systems and ways of doing things. I believe I have my work cut out for me over there, on the bright side I am a very good fit for their group. I am doing split shifts all week. Friday night I think we should all go out to Peking Tom's in celebration of my last day.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Recently while walking I have come up with some good live journal ideas, but unfortunately I haven't been able to remember them by the time I actually get to a computer. However this time I have remembered one thing and I am going to write about it. I noticed when people walk to a certain destination they always tend to take care of the shortest dimension first and then leave the longest for last. I do it all the time and when I try to act differently it is nearly impossible. For example, say you are on the left side of a street and you need to take a right turn a quarter mile ahead of you, the natural instinct is to cross the street as soon as possible and then walk the quarter mile as opposed to staying on the left side of the street until you get to the corner and then crossing there. Now please take into consideration that this only works if crossing the street does not involve going across four lanes of heavy traffic. If you think about it crossing now or later will not make your trip shorter, since either way you have to do the length and width. Now you are all beginning to think about it and will soon realize once you leave the building you are in just how correct I am with my assumption. The only explanation I have for this behavior is the need to make our path a straight line and as soon as possible. Once you cross the street you will then be on the most direct path to your destination, we all know the most direct path is the shortest. However by walking along the left side the entire way you are taking the longest possible route to the most direct path. Now that is something to think about while you are walking.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Boring Work

I went to work today and was extremely bored. I can't really get involved in a new project since I am leaving in a week, so instead I am documenting and looking over old stuff. It is really an awful way to spend nine hours. The internet is rather boring and it has been a while since I have seen anything exciting there.

I have noticed an increase in iPod usage on the T, it now seems like two in five people have them and are listening to them. The numbers are even higher at work, nearly three in five. I started working on going through all of my albums and have made it to the E's. I decided I really like rap music a lot and need to listen to more of it. I also feel a little more confident when I listen to it for some reason and that is a good feeling.

Monday, February 21, 2005

We Got It!!!

It is now official Jennifer and I will be moving to 40 Willow Avenue in Somerville on April 1st. After a week or so of waiting to hear from the landlord she finally called on Friday night with the good news. I was also fortunate enough to find somebody to fill my vacant room on Summer Street. Now a little bit about the place, I will have to rely solely on memory since I didn't take any pictures. It is on the first floor of a two floor house on Willow Ave. The apartment has two bedrooms, a dining room a living room, bathroom (obviously), an entry way, a funky kitchen with a sink in the pantry. The walls are painted colors besides white, it recently received new windows that are going to be stained to match the molding. In the living room is a beautiful mantle and the dining room has a pass through china cabinet. The bathroom has a checkered tile floor with an iron foot bathtub. The stove and refrigerator are in the kitchen, but the sink is off to the side in a pantry type room where there are cabinets for food and dishes as well as the giant sink. It is very large and should provide us with plenty of space to get used to the whole living together thing. We are both very excited and are counting the days until we move in.

I promise to upload pictures as soon as I can get in there and take pictures!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fabulous Dinner

Last night Jennifer and I went for an amazing dinner at Radius. She had received a gift certificate a couple weeks ago and since it is near Valentine's day we decided to go. We got all dressed up for our fancy dinner me in my suit and her in a lovely black dress. Thankfully the weather was beautiful and we didn't have to worry about any rain. We took our seats and perused the wine list, since the lowest price for a bottle was over forty dollars we opted for wine by the glass instead, she had the Riesling and I the Pinot Blanc. For my first course I had Potato Gnocchi with mushrooms. It was good although I felt it was a bit to soft in texture for my tastes. Jennifer had a Spicy Crab Tart, which I stayed away from but she claims was delicious. My main entree was chicken in a sauce with green beans and mushrooms. The chicken was fantastic and melted in my mouth. Jennifer experimented with a vegetable medley, which included five different smaller dishes of vegetables. Once again I avoided her meal due to the odd nature of the vegetables. Of course we went for dessert since we wanted to use up the whole gift certificate. I decided to try something new and had a mango Panna Cotta. It was so tasty, I made sure to take my time and enjoy every single bite. We paid our tab and then made our way back to Somerville. It was the most expensive dinner we have had yet, but it was nice to eat somewhere so nice. I can't believe only six hours earlier I was ordering things off of the 99 cent menu at Wendy's.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It was a great day!!

Valentine's day turned out really well yesterday and kind of continues today for us. We didn't do much last night except check out an apartment, which was nice but strange. All of the rooms were randomly placed throughout the apartment without any real rhyme or reason to the layout. Newbury Street Layout The other bad things were the really sketchy stove and the exposed wiring. Of course we are now biased after seeing the place over the weekend. Fingers still crossed on that place.

I should be getting a new computer at work today. I am excited to get a fast machine for a change. We have had these 730Mhz machines for way too long.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Scary Scary Guy

Here is an excerpt from yesterday's Boston Globe.

Okay maybe it is just me, but doesn't the below situation seem a bit sketchy. I mean what guy sends all of that stuff to a person they have never met.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Take Tracey Chaney's Valentine's Day experience last year, for example.

Chaney, 32, a financial analyst with a Boston healthcare insurer, will never forget arriving on the 9th floor of her building to find her colleagues surrounding her desk.

"There was like a thousand balloons coming out of my cubicle," she said. "You could smell the roses from the elevator. Everyone was smiling at me."

The gifts were from a co-worker she hardly knew, who had also sprinkled dozens of Godiva chocolates on her desk and rose petals on the floor.

There was also a bouquet, a couple of teddy bears, four romantic cards, and an arrangement of red and white balloons.

"I was amazed" she said. "I had seen him before, but we were never introduced or anything."

At first it was a bit embarrassing, said Chaney, and not every woman in the office was happy for her. But, in the end, she said, she was impressed and that's all that mattered.

"We're still together," she sighed.

Different State of Mind

Where do I start this entry? I have so many ideas bouncing around my brain I just don't know where to begin. Alright I have decided I am going to start with a funny story (well for everybody but me) and then move on to other things.

I woke up Friday and didn't have to go to work, now most people would consider me lucky, but when I don't have anything to do I just hate days off. I started the day by watching some television I had taped over the week. The videos occupied most of my morning and after helping my coworker solve a couple problems at work I hopped in the shower to get clean. The only task I had hoped to accomplish all day was getting my car inspected, so I hopped in my car and began driving around Somerville looking for a place to get the job done.

Finally in Medford I found a gas station that did inspections and pulled in to the parking lot. I saw a sign in the back of the lot that said, "Park here for inspections have money and registration ready." As per my usual situation I didn't have any cash on me so I parked the car next to a pick up truck with a plow, and ran inside to ask if I could pay with a debit card. They said debit cards were fine, so I ran out to the car and started to drive towards the sign from earlier. I started moving and then heard a terrible scraping sound. I stopped the car, tried to back up, but found myself stuck. I immediately jumped out of the car and walked around to the passenger side only to see a long scrape along the side of my car and the plow now stuck under my rear wheel well. I was perplexed and couldn't figure out how to get the car out. I walked in to the garage and told the mechanics my situation and they quickly came out to assist me with my problem. It was really wedged in there, so they had to bring a jack out to raise my car off of the plow and then the other guy backed the plow up. I was/am so angry with myself for doing something so stupid. It isn't that bad since the piece of trim took most of the brunt of the damage. I am sure it will cost several hundred dollars to fix. Stupid stupid stupid.

Other things that happened over the weekend:
Saw "The Aviator" and thought it was okay.
Checked out an apartment over near Teele Square. Eh!!
Ate a scruptious dinner at Amelia's
Checked out an apartment on Willow Ave and it was amazing. More details to come hopefully.
Saw "Finding Neverland" with Jen and Melissa. My favorite so far.

Today is Valentine's day and it I find it very unusual how so many people actually where red today. You look everywhere and all you see is red. I think it is strange how the holiday has affected our culture so much that people now change how they dressed based on the day.

Have a happy Valentine's day!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Patriot's Parade III

Hi everybody,

The Patriots are world champions once again and I was out in full force taking photos again. We were able to plan better and only stood outside for about fifteen minutes before the duck boats came along. Here is the link to my pictures of the Patriot's Parade III.
Patriot's Parade III

For a trip down memory lane here is a link to the my pictures of the Patriot's Parade II
Patriot's Parade II

And even further back here is a link to my pictures of the Patriot's Parade I. This was the coldest by far and we stood outside for hours in the sub zero temperatures.
Patriot's Parade I

If you need the full size picture of any of the above pictures just email me and I can send it to you.

Why are dimes so small?

Monday, February 7, 2005

Patriots Win Again

- Patriots won again and it really isn't exciting
- Started getting responses from people interested in my apartment
- Skied on Saturday really warm
- Took Jennifer to Screw Auger Falls, but it was frozen :o(
- Ate dinner at Liam's
- Saw Chrissy Reed for the first time in what seemed like forever. She is still the coolest ;o)
- Went to see Sideways at the Casablanca theater
- Packed up the car because we don't have the ski house next weekend
- Found my way to Freeport via the back roads without a map
- Shopped the day away in Freeport (didn't buy a thing)
- Ben and Jerry's for dessert
- Visited the 'Bury and finally cleaned my car. (No more dog hair, yippee)
- Found a parking space in Somerville on first drive by and parked in the smallest space I could possibly park in (Didn't bump the other cars)
- Went to Super Bowl party at Ben's
- Left early with Jennifer due to exhaustion from long weekend
- Watched interception sealing Patriots win, while Jennifer slept on couch

Friday, February 4, 2005

New Job

It's official I have a new job. I will be a Technology Analyst II at State Street. It is essentially a lateral move (technically I am actually going down a grade level), but with many more opportunities than my current position. I will be working in a more technology oriented group which is more removed from the users, which will allow me to actually develop instead of answering a million ridiculous little requests. One other benefit of the new job is that I will be working with people who possibly know more about computers than me and also are very excited about programming. I am a true geek and enjoy showing off new code or ideas and most people in my current group could care less.

I don't know when I will start the new job, but my current boss has said he will try my best to make it as soon as possible. Thanks to everybody who has supported me in my pursuit and also thanks to those who have sent kind words of congratulations. 2005 is going to be a crazy year for me and it is only beginning.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Thursday Is Here

BREAKING NEWS: I was offered the position this afternoon and accepted it.

The week is on its way out and I am rather happy about it. I just want to get back up to Bethel and enjoy the sunny weather and great snow conditions. Plus it will be nice to leave Boston behind and the massive mess of snow here. I hate not being able to drive my car for fear I won't find a parking space, which drives me crazy. Yesterday I went for my second interview for the State Street job I interviewed for last week. I think it really went well and I am supposed to hear from them today, keep your fingers crossed. Besides the stress of job hunting, Jen and I recently began looking at apartments. We are hoping to move in on April 1st, but it all depends on whether people move in to our current places. On Monday we saw a really great apartment in Medford. It had a driveway, a great backyard, an amazing kitchen and looked great. However knowing its not good to jump at the first place you see and because it was a bit far from the T, we passed. Tuesday night we saw another place which wasn't as modern, but still would have been acceptable. So the countdown is on we have about 55 days to get everything straightened out. If there is anybody out there who knows a person that would like to move to Somerville and share an apartment close to the T with two roommates, please let me know. The rent is cheap and the neighborhood is awesome. I will keep you all posted on all of the searches I am currently involved in.

Last night we went to the Kinsale for BoCaNO and once again tried our hand at trivia. We started strong again, but lagged in the middle. If it wasn't for our strong third round bonus, picture round and final round we would have been sunk. I don't know why we have been having so much trouble lately. Okay I have to get to work.