Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Poison Ivy

Not only did I get good photos from the canoe trip, but I also picked up a nice poison ivy rash. It's only really bad on my hand, but is also sprinkled throughout my body. Now typically I would just let it be, but when I woke up this morning a part of the rash on my hand had turned black so I will be visiting some sort of medical facility today. I'll keep you posted on the situation.
Poison Ivy Slideshow

Monday, May 29, 2006

Another Year Another Canoe Trip

It's that time of year again for us to gather in Plymouth and canoe/kayak down the Agawam River. We extended the trip on both ends this year, starting in Halfway Pond and ending in Wareham Harbor. From start to finish it took us about seven hours, but it flew along and seemed to take less time than in past years despite the shorter distance. Thanks to the recent rainfall the water level was very high and made the trip smoother. Enjoy the photos sorry I am at a loss for words, which may be caused from my insane level of fatigue.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Busy Weekend

It was another busy weekend in my world. On Friday night we took it easy and just stayed in watching the top 20 America's Funniest Home Videos of all time. Saturday morning I went to the gym and then Andy came over to go over the Wedding ceremony. After Andy left Jen went to the gym and I had lunch in Davis square. We then got all dressed up for Amy's birthday dinner at Tapeo in the Back Bay. We all made it there and were seated. Mark had a bit of trouble after he asked the waitress what he could order that didn't have garlic in it, the waiter told him he couldn't eat anything, because it all comes in close contact to garlic. The tapas were good although the price of tapas and sangria can get a little bit out of control. Afterwards we went to the bar that used to be Bar Code.

Sunday morning Jennifer and I woke up and puttered around the house before making a trip to the North End for coffee. You see yesterday was Jennifer's bridal shower and while she knew the date, she wasn't aware of the location of the shower. My job was to get her out of the house, dressed for the shower and to return her to the house for the shower a few hours later. While it may sound like an easy task its not exactly easy to surprise somebody when you are basically saying we have to leave so people can set things up here. I was able to surprise a little bit, I suppose if it is the one time I am allowed to lie, I might as well make it good. We did make it back for the shower and it was a success. I stayed in the back room watching television most of the time, but did reappear at the end to say hello and to help clean up.

It was an exhausting day!!!

Bridal Shower Photos
More Bridal Shower Photos

Monday, May 15, 2006

Busy Few Days

The last few days have been rather busy in my little life.

On Friday afternoon I left work and picked Jennifer up at school and we drove up to Manchester airport. We flew down to Orlando to visit her grandparents for a day or so. While there I took these Florida photos. Saturday down there was gorgeous with only a few clouds in the sky. Early on Sunday morning we packed up and flew out and back to the rainy north at seven AM. In total we were on the ground in Florida for 32 hours.

Once back in New England we drove down to Amesbury and checked out the high water all over the town. I took these Amesbury Flooding photos. All of the photos were from downtown, but we did see many other flooding in the typical Amesbury spots. Afterwards we went to my mom's house and hung out there for a while. We ended up giving Britt and Carol a ride to the DoubleTree hotel where they were staying for the night leading up to Britt's graduation.

Now this morning I got all dressed up and commuted into the city to go to Britt's commencement. I met Carol at the hotel and we walked over to the Wang Center for the commencement where I took these Emerson Commencement Photos. It was a long ceremony, but I did get to here Senator John Kerry speak. His speech while it sounded more like a late night talk show monologue was really good and very funny at times. My favorite joke was when he criticized the president for wanting people to leave the country that don't speak English when he in fact can barely speak correct English himself. We found Britt and the Morins after the commencement and I then came back to Somerville to do some work.

It was a crazy and wet few days, but I think a lot was accomplished despite my exhaustion.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day

Thanks to my aunt Carol I have made it onto another Boston website.

Got to BostonChannel Mother's Day Tribute. You can see a photo of my mom and I at the Red Sox game a couple weeks ago.

Have a great weekend. Jen and I are headed to Orlando tonight, but will return early on Sunday.


Monday, May 8, 2006

Honeymoons Are Annoying

Okay well I have recently learned something new about this whole getting married thing. If it wasn't enough that planning the wedding is sometimes stressful, annoying, frustrating and once in a while fun, we are now finding out that planning a honeymoon has moved in to a solid second. Originally as many of you know we had planned on going to Norway, but the thought of spending over $1000 just to get one of us over there, not to mention the costs of traveling over there for a week quickly sent us looking to another part of the globe. Next stop Alaska, hopefully you are all more knowledgable of the world than my hair cutter at SuperCuts, and can see the theme we were trying for. That being glaciers, cool weather in July and extended daylight hours. Well we aren't finding it much cheaper on the other side of the world either. Between the base cost of the cruise and the flights to Vancouver and from Anchorage, our original plan may be cheaper. At this point I think we would be better off renting a mansion in the mountains of northern NH since it would cost about the same price.

All kidding aside thought it is really difficult to find a "once in a lifetime" vacation that doesn't exhaust your savings. I know everybody is all up in our grill about making it special and apparently spending the little life savings we have, but I don't know about that. I guess I am being childish, but to me a down payment on a house just seems a lot more important to me than a vacation. The older and wiser generation will probably have something to say about it, but those are my thoughts.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Google Video Success

I was recently looking at my logs on Google Video and was amazed by all of the hits my movies have had since I uploaded them. Here is the breakdown:
BoCaNO Ski Movie - 109
First Snow Christmas Tree Hunt - 7
Mark On 3-D - 25
Road Trip to Tarpon Springs Florida - 56
Ski Film 1 - 7

I was very excited and added a new film last night from the videos I took up at Tuckerman's Ravine a couple weeks ago. I think this will be a big success because of all the people crashing and getting destroyed. It should be showing up soon, look for it at BoCaNO Films on Google Video.

Thanks for spreading the news!!

Monday, May 1, 2006

Invitations In The Mail

I just dropped off the invitations at the post office, so you should be expecting one in the mail in the coming week or so. I was a bit frustrated there and had to hold off on four that still required postage. I walk into the West Somerville post office and there was a line, which seems typical of most post offices. I stand in line and notice this guy at the counter with a stack of thirty or so envelopes. He is having the postman weigh them one at a time. I wanted to go over and punch the guy in the face, or at least buy him a book of stamps and tell him to just do it like everybody else. So since it was now approaching eleven, I ran over to the slot in the wall where you can put mail and deposited all 80 invitations two at a time into the wall. I quickly filled up the bin on the other side before taking off. I do think I accidentally dropped in one that I was supposed to hand deliver, it doesn't have a return address, but hopefully they will put two and two together and figure out the return address.

Things are rolling along with the wedding planning and getting the invitations out will remove a huge burden. Only two months from tomorrow and this will all be done and life will return to normal, well more or less.