Monday, May 1, 2006

Invitations In The Mail

I just dropped off the invitations at the post office, so you should be expecting one in the mail in the coming week or so. I was a bit frustrated there and had to hold off on four that still required postage. I walk into the West Somerville post office and there was a line, which seems typical of most post offices. I stand in line and notice this guy at the counter with a stack of thirty or so envelopes. He is having the postman weigh them one at a time. I wanted to go over and punch the guy in the face, or at least buy him a book of stamps and tell him to just do it like everybody else. So since it was now approaching eleven, I ran over to the slot in the wall where you can put mail and deposited all 80 invitations two at a time into the wall. I quickly filled up the bin on the other side before taking off. I do think I accidentally dropped in one that I was supposed to hand deliver, it doesn't have a return address, but hopefully they will put two and two together and figure out the return address.

Things are rolling along with the wedding planning and getting the invitations out will remove a huge burden. Only two months from tomorrow and this will all be done and life will return to normal, well more or less.


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