Friday, February 27, 2004


Yes the week is nearly over, which is quite exciting. I have noticed my most recent entries have been rather scatterbrained and not very topical, but that is good I guess it probably sums up my life lately. Last night I was able to get out of work early, so early I actually had to where sunglasses on the drive home. I finally replaced my broken headlight. It was difficult and took me about five minutes to do in the Wal-Mart parking lot, but once I figured it out I was very proud of myself. The next stop was the Bury to get some money at the bank and to pick up my DMB calendar I had ordered in the mail. Dinner last night consisted of Stop & Shop macaroni and chees with three sliced up hot dogs. Yeah it sounds gross but it was very yummy!

Other stuff I thought of while commuting.
- I think it is funny how people with iPods are kind of a little community and when you see somebody with one there is a commonality. However, the irony is that while they do create community they prevent it since when you see somebody with an iPod you can't really talk to them because they are listening to music. Kinda strange.

-There are warning signs on the ceiling of North Station out by the trains saying "Danger do not walk on the ceiling" How many spider people are walking around on the ceiling of North Station.

-Starbucks has a warning on their straws which says,"Not recommended for hot beverages" I thought it was a pretty good idea which led me to another thought. Why do we blow on a hot beverage before we sip it, I agree it is cooling the stuff but probably not the part you are about to sip and I bet it doesn't make that much difference. I can see if it is on a spoon because there is less of it but not when it is a mug full of hot coffee.

-Finally at work we are allowed to where jumpers, they are on the qualified dress code. After much research we were able to get a picture of one on line. See if you can find one.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ash Wednesday

You all may have noticed people walking around with some stuff on their foreheads today. They have not mistakenly emptied the fireplace and placed their finger on their heads but instead went to church and had it placed there. Today is Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of lent. It is a time when people give something up for forty days. However I am not going to give anything up so don't expect such a vow from me on here. Apparently you should give up something you enjoy so I had thought of chocolate, excessive spending or even (gulp) pizza. I realized though that this won't make a damn bit of difference, I remember a couple years ago I gave up DMB for a while and afterwards I realized it was a waste thanks to Nissa's graduation speech about how life isn't a dress rehearsal and it is the one chance we get to do everything. I just can't see giving something up when I enjoy it so much.

I do wonder if anybody out there is giving up something for Lent.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


- Sitting on the train this morning I was reading the Metro and there was a story about the cancellation of the Comanche helicopter program. The story says it has already cost $8 billion and all we have to show for that is two helicopters. It has given me a new perspective on the $14 billion Big Dig project. Now many people will argue that the Big Dig hasn't made much of a difference, but keep in mind it isn't complete yet, they will still be adding a couple more lanes to the system. On top of that it is going to create a ton of open space in the middle of the city for parks or various other things. It is definitely better than a couple of two person helicopters. I think my opinion on defense spending has just taken a giant turn.

- While on the topic of helicopters, do you all remember the show Airwolf. I was wondering why we don't have any action shows on TV like Airwolf, the A-Team, the Dukes of Hazzard, MacGyver and the Fall Guy. It seems like the only shows on now are police/law dramas, reality shows, sitcoms and a few random dramas. I am ready for the return of the action shows.

- The Massachusetts Department of Revenue does a great job of keeping my tax returns from the state to a minimum. My return this year was the largest ever at $110, but in the past I have either had a return of $20 or less or once I actually owed money. Now at first I was pissed and then I realized well it means I am earning interest on the money as opposed to the state.

That's all for now.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Expense Project Begins

It is official I have been given the go ahead to start the new expense project. Now of course I have mixed feelings because on one hand it will hopefully no longer be a problem. On the other hand I will be working hard for the next few months save the week and a half I am in Europe. It is exciting to finally have a big project to work on and hopefully I can take my time and do it correctly.
I forgot to mention yesterday I picked up my passport from my mom's house. It only took three weeks, I was kind of nervous about it, but now I can rest easy and focus on the trip to come. My final plans are starting to shape up and it appears I will be hitting up Brugge on my few days there by myself. Oops I am not supposed to tell people I am traveling by myself, that is rule number one of Let's Go Western Europe. It is going to be quite a learning experience and I can't wait.

This evening was very productive for me. I cooked dinner, it wasn't great, but I wasn't up for making anything really, so I just settled for a grilled cheese. Next up was downloading music to my PC and then iPod. I then decided to do my taxes, which has me quite happy given my upcoming vacation and the DMB concerts I have to buy tickets for in the next few weeks. The chores continued with the dishes and finally concluded with ironing my clothes from this weekend. It is nice to have everything all organized and set so I can just come home and relax or go out or whatever I want for the rest of the week.

Check these out Waterfront pictures on a balmy day in Boston

Sunday, February 22, 2004

I am sitting here waiting for my pictures to upload and I am about ready to pass out. I had a busy weekend and thought of so much stuff I want to put into this little LiveJournal. A lot of it seems like personal emo crap and I am not sure whether to include it or not. In order to not bore you I have removed the emo crap which I previously wrote right where these words are currently being typed. On to the weekend. Friday was good because Matt stayed late allowing me to get up to Suds before the kitchen closed. Clemence stayed at the Outpost and was such a great guest constantly helping with the dishes or breakfast. Amy stayed there all day Saturday cooking, baking and sleeping while we were skiing. Her dinner was excellent and made a perfect end to a busy day. We got about six inches of snow total all weekend and it made the skiing today great. I definitely have caught my second wind this season and skied a total of 13 hours over the two days including six hours of tele on Saturday. I went to the Bury tonight and ate dinner with my family and we all watched Sex and the City, more on that later.

Driving home tonight I tried yet another route here are my results:
5:00 Left Outpost
5:10 Passed Pat's Pizza
5:12 Got on Route 5
5:20 35/5 Intersection 15 miles
5:25 International places sign 21 miles
5:32 35/37 Intersection 27 miles
5:37 Harrison 32 miles
5:54 Route 302 43 miles
6:19 114/35 Intersection Sebago 62 miles
6:29 Gorham 69 miles
6:37 Cummings Hill Road 74 miles
6:44 Exit 7 77 miles
7:16 Exit 1 114 miles
7:23 Maine Border 122 miles
7:32 Hampton Toll 132 miles
7:40 Rt 150 Amesbury 141 miles
7:43 39R Kimball Road 144 miles

So it took 2 hours and 43 minutes to get home. Now the other way usually takes 2 and a half hours, but I was hindered by lack of familiarity with the road, poor road conditions and a p-diddle. So I am confident this way could be the fastest way and also contains the fewest stoplights. I just need to do the drive in light on dry roads to really compare.

Now about Sex and the City. I know the writers felt it necessary to keep the fans happy, but really they just went out of control with Carrie's story line. It wasn't bad enough that she shocked us (right) by ending up with him, but then they had the audacity to end the final show in the exact same manner the pilot episode ended. All I could think of was the Mad About You finale and how they had their last kiss the same way they had their first kiss. I just don't understand the fascination with the full circle thing. The other irritating thing was the hour long tribute to the show with such celebrities as Starr Jones and Alanis Morissette. The tribute was fifteen minutes longer than the actual finale, how does that work. They just kept sobbing and crying about how important it was to them. Hello it was a stupid television show get over it. It makes me afraid for what NBC is going to do about the Friends finale. I think I am going to invest in tissue stock because there will be quite a large demand in May.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Westward Ho!!!

Guess where I am going? The answer a little town called St. Louis. The Dave Matthews Band summer tour 2004 schedule was released and as many of you know I must attend the first show. So this year the band has said, "Go west young man!!" It conveniently falls on June 17th, which is a week I had taken off from work already. Along with the St. Louis show I am planning on going to both Tweeter Center shows (7/6 Tues & 7/7 Wed), the Tampa FL show (7/29 Thur) and maybe instead of going to Hartford (7/16 Fri & 7/17 Sat) I will finally make the pilgrimage to the Gorge shows in Washington state for Labor Day weekend. The Gorge is one of the top five venues to see Dave Matthews Band in so I would like to check that out.
Top five Dave Matthews Band Venues:
1) Central Park
2) Madison Square Garden
3) The Gorge
4) Giants Stadium
5) Red Rocks, CO

So here is a question: Who wants to go with me to see DMB? Anybody want to make the pilgrimage out to the Gorge? Let the negotiations begin. Who will get to attend the shows with me this year? BTW I will not be driving out to the Gorge thats just crazy.

I can't wait for summer!!!!

Drive in drive out I'm leaving
Drive in drive out
I'll come back again

-David J. Matthews "Drive In, Drive Out"

F'ing Cold

Now I know it isn't really that cold, but boy it has been winter for so damn long it is really getting to me. I actually dread going out after work because I know I have to face my dreaded walk home and the chill it brings. The warmth of spring won't come soon enough, I look forward to the days when I can walk home at night only wearing short sleeves. Ahhh those will be the days.

We had BoCaNO tonight and I had the honor of sitting in the giant king chair. So essentially I was king for the evening. It was pretty fun and for once I actually was pretty funny with some real great one liners. Of course we discussed mostly skiing and how we are finally going to show Clemence the movie Better Off Dead on Saturday night. I can't wait to have another movie night at the Outpost. I hope there is enough room for us all in the hot tub ;o)

Okay I am exhausted from my very long day and must now retire for the evening. Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Week Begins

The week has begun and I successfully made it through an entire day of work without actually doing work. Hooray for me. I was actually feeling a bit under the weather today so it is good that I didn't really have to flex my brain too much. My weekend finally caught up with me and I have been paying for it all day. Oh I can't forget to mention the fact that I was almost attacked by a dog today on my way to work. A guy was walking his dog off the leash like everybody always does and it got all nasty and started barking at me. Now don't get me wrong I love dogs, but if there is a sign that says keep your dog on a leash, follow the rules. I had more stuff to say, but can't seem to remember it right now.

Keeping with my recent personal pact I have recorded another music video this week. I can't say this was easy and it is by no means perfect especially the end of the chorus, but I think it is okay. It took me about fifty takes to actually get one or two good versions. My biggest problem seemed to be remembering the two different verses because they are so damn similar. I hope you enjoy them and I am looking for suggestions for next week's song.Help by the Beatles I have also included an out take from one of the many failed takes I recorded. Help Out Take One more thing I understand that these may be bad recordings and I am just embarrassing myself, but well that is the purpose of the good old livejournal.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Fully Stocked Cabinets

I just finished unpacking my clothes, guitar, pizza stone and pan, digital camera and a whole ton of groceries. I am sure you are all curious about my weekend considering the fact that I had so many fun things to unpack. I am saving the weekend highlights for last. The most important thing now is the fact that my cabinets and refrigerator are now fully stocked after a week of being bare.

While shopping I noticed some odd things, first of all while I worked in the produce department for five years I never buy anything from said department, second it is a lot easier shopping with a list and even easier if you have a pen to cross things off ( I'll have to remember that next time), I buy generic brand for certain things and brand names for other things (brand names I bought = Vanilla Coke, Sprite, Jello Pudding, Yoplait Yogurt; generic products = cereal, chips, butter, ice cream sandwiches), finally I think I go through the store in the opposite direction I am supposed to go (correct way is Produce and Deli to the Bread and Frozen Food section). I guess it is because I just can't wait to get to the chocolate covered donut gems. Okay enough silly food talk because the more I talk about it the hungrier I get and I can't eat any more food tonight :op

That picture right above here is the best pizza I have made to date. It was created for a pizza party I threw up at the Outpost. The crust was crispy but not so much that you couldn't cut through it and the cheese melted perfectly. I was quite happy and after comparing it to the other two pizzas I am convince the pizza stone is one of the greatest investments I have ever made. Well you can see pictures from the party by clicking above.

- Friday night at Suds talking to a very annoying and talkative woman who tries to be everybody's friend.
- Using my GPS while skiing. It showed me where I had been and told me I reached 55.3 MPH while traveling down Rogue Angel.
- Preparing dough and sauce for six pizzas.
- Chinese food in Bethel. Arrived at 6:30 PM and couldn't wait for our food anymore at 8:15 PM, so took two of our three dishes home.
- Trishelle (Real World Season 12 and Adam (Road Rules Season 10 at the Griz' on Saturday night.
- Playing guitar while my mom sang along at the Outpost.
- Getting stuck to the lift and going around until I knocked off the safety bar.
- Hosting a pizza party, followed by Shrek and some ice cream sundaes.
- Listening to the banter of strangers on the walkie talkies.
- Lunch at the Foggy Google.
- Racing Mark down Right Stuff while I was on tele.
- Trying a new way home and finding out it wasn't any faster. I am determined to find a better way.
And so many things I am probably forgetting.

Well its going to be a short week. Hooray!! Let's hope its a good one.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Come one come all to BoCaNO Wednesday night Miracle of Science at Central Square in Cambridge. I have sent an email out to the typical crowd, but I also wanted to extend the invitation to everybody who reads my LJ. I understand it might be a potpourri of different people but that is what will make it fun. So even if you have never been to a BoCaNO before it is definitely time to start. Okay now a little more about the place itself.

Here is what the Boston Globe has as the description:
The exposed brick and particle board walls give this pub between Central Square and MIT a technical-chic feel. It may be more bar than grill, but you can chow down on burgers, skewers, and soups, and the rich turkey chipotle chili has ardent fans.

For even more information go to Miracle of Science on I hope a bunch of people show up since a lot of people from the BoCaNO crew are in Utah. Don't make me sit at the restaurant all by myself. Okay that is all about BoCaNO, just trying to drum up some membership.

I got off the train today and right away began feeling ill. It has only worsened as the day has gone on. I am going to try and get some sleep tonight and hopefully things will be better in the morning. Cross your fingers. I did have soup for dinner to hopefully do something to improve my health. Thankfully the weather was warm today, my thermometer at home actually has high temperature of 50, I couldn't believe it. I also recorded another video of me playing guitar. So sticking to my plan I have recorded a non-DMB song. So here is my version of Angel From Montgomery by John Prine Please right click and do save as. Enjoy!!!


Monday, February 9, 2004

CD Burners and Music Conversion

Over the years I have had several adventures with CD burning and music conversion of all types. My question is why does it have to be so damn difficult. Now back in the day when the technology was new and we were still dialing up you would use five cd's to get one good CD. Most of the time it would stop because the computer was busy doing something else especially when it tried to dial up the ISP. Later on I bought a burner for my laptop and it was great I would only throw away about five CD's from every spindle of 30, but still I was wasting them. However, my new problem came once I started dealing with SHN files, this is a format many of the DMB traders use because it is compressed but lossless. Now the quality of these files is great, but it is such a pain in the ass to do stuff with them. First you have to download them onto your PC and then convert them to WAV format, which is just such a huge size. Okay so now you have WAV files, but need to burn them on the CD, this would be fine if the SHN->WAV conversion worked every time, but one file always gets screwed up in the process. This particular situation occurred to me twice tonight before I moved to iTunes for my burning and was able to isolate the bad track. After getting the CD's made I then take them and import them as AAC files onto my hard drive and finally plug my iPod in and it gets loaded. That is a lot of work just to get 31 songs on my iPod. Now all I have to do is burn an extra copy of all three discs I made tonight, that should only take about two hours. Ahhhhh!!! Now wasn't that interesting. At least you know why I am going to stay away from those new DVD burners, I just don't have the patience.

In other news: Despite the fact that several BoCaNO members are in Utah I will be trying to get some people together for BoCaNO on Wednesday night anyway. So I am putting it in here briefly today and then in a more organized format tomorrow. We will be going to the Miracle of Science in Central Square, Cambridge, MA. Stay Tuned!!!

Even more pictures

Dave Wins A Granny

Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for Gravedigger!!

Sunday, February 8, 2004

Every Weekend Can Be An Adventure

Now this will be a tough one and I haven't quite figured out how I am going to break it down or if this should have a theme or something. Hmmmm lets see what happens.
Notice the picture it sums up the first half of my weekend, that's right snow, ice and terrible driving conditions. Lets all take a moment to say "Poor Keegan" after the following story.
I took a later train home(7:30) on Friday. Walked a mile in the slushy wet gross snow to my apartment, proceeded to shovel the driveway because the landlord was out of town and I am a nice guy, changed my wet clothes, packed and drove to the Bury. (Pause for sympathy) I hung out with Ry and Britt for a while even after I walked in to Britt's room and she says, "You look so like you in 1994!" Apparently I carried around a lot of Pizza Factory pizza and had big hair in 94. After going to Stop and Shop at around midnight I decided to spend the night on the couch and drive up in the morning. Fast forward six uncomfortable hours later and I wake to see the driveway has become and ice rink over night. Back to sleep for two more hours. I start up towards Maine.

Da da da!!! Northward I go towards Sunday River. Now since the weather was bad I planned on taking exit 11, but I was driving to fast and couldn't make the turn. Sooo I was forced to drive fifteen miles to the next exit and pay an extra dollar at a toll. There I sat in Auburn, ME ready to with my Maine Atlas in hand trying to navigate a course back to the safety of Route 26. I plotted my course and braved the snowy roads like the one above (btw I love the picture because the quality is so good out the car window). Notice the completely shitty quality of the road. After an hour long detour I made it back to 26 and almost four hours after leaving Amesbury arrived at the Outpost.

Tele skiing was great, except quite difficult on my legs. Yes I know I am rambling, but there is so much I need to include. Apres ski was at the Well with Chrissy and company. We were just chilling and then this guy dressed up as Captain Morgan starts walking around giving out stupid things like medallions and beads. He is obnoxious, but tolerable, well that is until he went on stage and started asking trivia questions. Talk about annoying, it wasn't that bad for the first ten minutes, but after a half hour he was getting on everybody's nerves. Now you may think the end of this part is near, WRONG. He came over to our table way in the back and started asking us questions with mic in hand. One guy in the group, Dennis told him to go away. His reply was "I am just trying to help you guys have some fun." To which Dennis quickly returned, "We were having fun before you came over here." Haha, he took his prizes and went back to the front, hooray. Guess what that wasn't the last of the Captain though, I went home and then ended the night at the Grizzly where he just happened to be making another appearance from 8-10. He did the same schtick with the same questions. I even answered a question before he asked it, annoying.

The Bear River Road House crew was at the Grizzly drinking it up and having fun, even Jennie was there in her signature cowboy hat. The band was good, the lead singer was blind, but had a great voice. Very good night at the Grizzly (I wish I could go into more detail, but I don't want this to be too long), sorry you Utah travelers missed out on the fun though I am sure you had a great day.

Today I skiied, but it was so cold I thought for sure I would freeze to death. The skiing was very good and after skiing in the morning with Zack and Jon, I ran into TJ and Tiffany and skied the afternoon with them. It was a long non stop day, but somehow I managed to survive without too many falls. One of the falls I took happened on one of the rails in the terrain park, I went right down on my shoulder it was pretty funny. The second fall was on Airglow where I totally wrecked myself, but once again it was funny.

Drive home was uneventful and here I sit with a full stomach because the landlord bought me a pizza for shoveling, plus I got to watch Dave Matthews on the Grammy's tonight. I hope you all were able to catch that one.

Have a great week,

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Almost Forgot

Last weekend we were skiing down Risky Business and the action photographer was taking people's pictures. In an effort to get some really cool pictures we all snowplowed by the guy, but he wouldn't take our damn picture. However on the next pass Andy and I actually skiied like the true experts we are and he took our pictures. It wasn't until today that I remembered about them. So here is the link to the pictures
Andy Tearing it up
Me (what is going on with my boots, it looks like my skis should be crossed)
Me again now my legs look correct

Okay new addicting game Penguin Baseball Click once to make the penguin jump and again to hit him with the bat. My best distance so far is 315.4 and Mark has a 320.5. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

My eyes are getting heavy

It is another late night and I am quite tired, so if my wit isn't exactly at the level it usually is you will have to forgive me. Work has surprisingly been good lately, I feel like I am accomplishing stuff every day, perhaps it is the new work logs we have to fill out. Either way I am thankful that my day now goes by much faster.

I ate lunch in the park today with Kate. It was a little chilly, but we still stuck it out and even battled a couple of squirrels along the way. I couldn't believe those things climbing up on the bench next to us trying to get some of the fine Jay-Bo cuisine. It was nice to be outside and afterwards to fulfill my daily chocolate craving, which seems to have gotten out of hand, I tried the new Hershey's S'mores bar. It was pretty good though I feel it was missing something perhaps more graham cracker taste.

BoCaNO was pretty par for the course. I can't exactly remember much detail even though it was only a few hours ago. Everybody is excited about the Utah trip and I am also psyched for them, I am sure they will have a great time. I have also decided that even though half of the crew will be doing BoCaNO in Park City, we should still have on back in this area. I just have to send out the email next week. I was initially thinking Miracle of Science, but maybe it would be a good opportunity to try out the Enormous Room. I don't know it is a week away so I have plenty of time to figure it out.

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Monday, February 2, 2004

Classic Email

Well this weekend we were talking about all sorts of stuff and I told the story of an email I once received from a girl I went on a couple of dates with a couple years ago and just how smoothly the email transitioned from something good into a "It's not you it's me" type of thing. I have X'd out the name and phone number, but everything else has been unedited. Perhaps I shouldn't include this for privacy sake, but looking back it is a well written and funny email. It is especially funny when the segue from good to bad is made about halfway. Just remember nobody is safe from my LiveJournal. Enjoy!!!

Subject: Hello Stranger!
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 11:21:50 -0700 (PDT)

Well hello, hello! How are things with you? I hope all is well. Things here are classroom and planning will probably always be a work in progress, however, things have started to run a bit more smoothly then they did during the first week. The kids keep me smiling, and I'm truly enjoying myself. I'm also in the process of meeting and making plans to begin another part-time job here at the school that involves doing some testing and substituting in the preschool classroom. I also just finished up my last weekend at Strafford Farms feels so strange to walk away from it all after 7 years....I'm sure I will miss the people I worked with, and even some of the customers (we have even brought me flowers on Saturday!) but I won't miss the routines. Our apartment is coming together....very slowly...but it's coming. It often gets put on the back burner with all of the other things that my sister and I are currently trying to mark off of our "to-do" lists. Speaking of "to-do" lists, Keegan, I wanted to take some time to just apologize for my lack of contact with you over the past few weeks and hopefully provide some sort of an explaination. In case you hadn't figured it out, I keep a very busy schedule, and in fact I think that I even thrive on my constant whirl-wind of activities. My mind is usually always racing with what needs to be done on my "to-do" list, and what needs to be taken care of first. Keeping with this, I also have a priority of dealing with things...ic, my first concerns lie with my family members and making sure that I am remaining in close contact with them, my second concerns lie with my close friends and my contact with them, my third area of concern rests with my goals in life and my career....which is currently holding a lot of my attention with a first year teacher. After that my next concerns lie with my other obligations to the youth organization that I'm involved with and just trying to stay on top of things at the
apartment and home in general. Unfortunately by the time I make sure I have covered all of these bases, it doesn't leave much time for the additional areas of concern.....such as keeping in contact with new friends....that would be you! :) But I just wanted to let you know that my lack of contact doesn't have anything to do with you and anything you did or did not do. You truly have a great personality Keegan, and I only wish that we had met earlier, or lived closer to each other, or I just had the extra time to invest in getting to know you better. However, I honestly believe that it's not fair for me to give you any hopes that there will be more time for you or us, when in reality I know that there won't be for awhile. You deserve to be doing things that will make you happy....not just waiting around for me. I hope this all makes at least some kind of sense to you. I would hope that we can still keep in touch, but until then take care and keep smiling!
luv-XXXXXX :)
ps-my cell phone plan ran I'm in the middle of trying to get a new one, etc. But here's my number at the apartment if you ever want to call 555-2588

So what do you people think, should I just send her an email for FUN!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2004

Peaks and Valleys

My life over the last days has been a climb out of a valley and up to a high peak with an amazing view. Many of you have heard and at least saw how bad my day at work was on Friday. Basically expenses had major issues, they were different than the usual trouble, so it only took me about seven hours to get things working correctly. The problem began because of some random database calendar table shich hadn't been updated since 1999 and the dates only went through the end 2004. Anyway the expenses did get out there and I did leave at the normal time. What would they have done without me? So I decided to pass up Bethel for the evening and go out with work friends. It was a good time.

On Saturday I went up to Maine and skiied. It was very very cold and the conditions were okay. I was really second guessing my decision to go skiing because of the cold and poor conditions. I had dinner with Noelle, Mark and Kate, which was followed up by the typical trip to the Grizzly. The place was packed and we finally got our group together and found some space in the corner. As usual I didn't really venture out and meet anybody new because well I am just too damn shy. Upon returning home around 1:00 AM, my bed was occupied by some visitors as was every other bed in the house. I slept on the couch without a blanket because I couldn't seem to find one. It was okay because of the pellet stove, but very uncomfortable.

Today the skiing was amazing. They made snow on all the right trails and it was cold and windy but compared to yesterday it was ten times better. Unfortunately we Kate, Amy and I left around 2:00 so we could be back in Boston for the Super Bowl. I dropped them at their respective houses and was home before the end of the first quarter. I watched the game on and off because I couldn't deal with the stress. I did watch the final kick and the victory, it brought back some nasty memories of last October and the Red Sox defeat. Luckily the Pats aren't cursed. I guess we will be going to a parade again this year, but the good news is the weather will be WARM (upper 30's). Finally something new I can photograph.

A few miscellaneous photos

Was this really an accident? They don't seem to be too surprised.

Oh what the hell I will also add this link for a video clip of me playing Big Eyed Fish Enjoy, more to come soon!!