Sunday, February 22, 2004

I am sitting here waiting for my pictures to upload and I am about ready to pass out. I had a busy weekend and thought of so much stuff I want to put into this little LiveJournal. A lot of it seems like personal emo crap and I am not sure whether to include it or not. In order to not bore you I have removed the emo crap which I previously wrote right where these words are currently being typed. On to the weekend. Friday was good because Matt stayed late allowing me to get up to Suds before the kitchen closed. Clemence stayed at the Outpost and was such a great guest constantly helping with the dishes or breakfast. Amy stayed there all day Saturday cooking, baking and sleeping while we were skiing. Her dinner was excellent and made a perfect end to a busy day. We got about six inches of snow total all weekend and it made the skiing today great. I definitely have caught my second wind this season and skied a total of 13 hours over the two days including six hours of tele on Saturday. I went to the Bury tonight and ate dinner with my family and we all watched Sex and the City, more on that later.

Driving home tonight I tried yet another route here are my results:
5:00 Left Outpost
5:10 Passed Pat's Pizza
5:12 Got on Route 5
5:20 35/5 Intersection 15 miles
5:25 International places sign 21 miles
5:32 35/37 Intersection 27 miles
5:37 Harrison 32 miles
5:54 Route 302 43 miles
6:19 114/35 Intersection Sebago 62 miles
6:29 Gorham 69 miles
6:37 Cummings Hill Road 74 miles
6:44 Exit 7 77 miles
7:16 Exit 1 114 miles
7:23 Maine Border 122 miles
7:32 Hampton Toll 132 miles
7:40 Rt 150 Amesbury 141 miles
7:43 39R Kimball Road 144 miles

So it took 2 hours and 43 minutes to get home. Now the other way usually takes 2 and a half hours, but I was hindered by lack of familiarity with the road, poor road conditions and a p-diddle. So I am confident this way could be the fastest way and also contains the fewest stoplights. I just need to do the drive in light on dry roads to really compare.

Now about Sex and the City. I know the writers felt it necessary to keep the fans happy, but really they just went out of control with Carrie's story line. It wasn't bad enough that she shocked us (right) by ending up with him, but then they had the audacity to end the final show in the exact same manner the pilot episode ended. All I could think of was the Mad About You finale and how they had their last kiss the same way they had their first kiss. I just don't understand the fascination with the full circle thing. The other irritating thing was the hour long tribute to the show with such celebrities as Starr Jones and Alanis Morissette. The tribute was fifteen minutes longer than the actual finale, how does that work. They just kept sobbing and crying about how important it was to them. Hello it was a stupid television show get over it. It makes me afraid for what NBC is going to do about the Friends finale. I think I am going to invest in tissue stock because there will be quite a large demand in May.

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