Thursday, February 19, 2004

F'ing Cold

Now I know it isn't really that cold, but boy it has been winter for so damn long it is really getting to me. I actually dread going out after work because I know I have to face my dreaded walk home and the chill it brings. The warmth of spring won't come soon enough, I look forward to the days when I can walk home at night only wearing short sleeves. Ahhh those will be the days.

We had BoCaNO tonight and I had the honor of sitting in the giant king chair. So essentially I was king for the evening. It was pretty fun and for once I actually was pretty funny with some real great one liners. Of course we discussed mostly skiing and how we are finally going to show Clemence the movie Better Off Dead on Saturday night. I can't wait to have another movie night at the Outpost. I hope there is enough room for us all in the hot tub ;o)

Okay I am exhausted from my very long day and must now retire for the evening. Have a great day!!!

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