Thursday, December 30, 2004

Good Bye Christmas Until Next Year

The holiday has passed once again and now the bank account needs to recover from a shopping spree. The good news is that I didn't use my credit card for one purchase, the bad news is that I have about fifty dollars until January 14th. That leads me to my primary New Year's resolution, which is for me to save money. Part one of this goal is to pay off any credit card debt. Part two is to maintain at least a $3000 balance in my checking account at all times and part three is to begin saving money so someday I won't waste money away on rent. Obviously this won't be easy, but I am determined to accomplish these goals by the end of 2005. Any donations will be gladly accepted in the pursuit of this goal ;o)

Okay now back to the past week. Jennifer and I did Christmas on the 23rd, we started by walking through the monsoon to Rustic Kitchen. The food was yummy, afterwards we opened up presents. I got a nice new long wool coat, a 1-UP tshirt, new iPod headphones, hot chocolate and a photo for the house in Maine. Dec 23rd Christmas Photos

On Christmas eve I stayed in most of the day and did laundry. Later in the afternoon I left and went to my dad's house for a small party. I went over to Nissa's house for her little party and then I drove to Somerville. I basically repeated that for the next two days. Drive to Amesbury... hang out... drive to Somerville. On the 26th Jennifer came back from CT and we drove up to Amesbury for the 39R Christmas. 39R Christmas Photos

It was snowing heavily, but we still ended up driving to Maine. It took four hours, but we finally made it to Bethel. The next morning we woke up and the high was supposed to be 5 at the summit and 17 at the base. We went up to the mountain and signed Jennifer up for her lesson. I met her after the lesson and I was happy to see a big smile on her face. We sat in the lodge a little while to warm up and then skiied a few runs before going home. Later on we went to dinner at Noelle's house and had an amazing time. It was so nice to be having dinner with such great and interesting people. The next day we woke up to find the temperature was five degrees below zero. This morning we took our time and got up to the mountain at 10:30. The first two hours of the day we stayed down in South Ridge and Jennifer successfully skiied every trail down there before taking a break. After the break we headed for Dreammaker. I was relieved when Jennifer said she liked it. She did very well and didn't have any problems at all. We stopped up at the Peak Lodge and had lunch before taking one last run down Dreammaker. We made it down safely and went back home. Jennifer said she had a lot of fun and really enjoyed skiing. Woohoo!!!! Jen Skiing

Here is something I found while looking for something my grandmother used to say many years ago:


O singer sublime of Beeyah-byyah-bunniga-nelliga-jong,
It isn't envy, the green and yellow,
That makes me take up my lyre, old fellow,
And burst with a fierce cacophonous bellow
Across the path of your song.
I want to propose another name,
Unknown to you and unknown to fame;
It is like the sound of a hand-sawn log
Or the hostile hark of a husky dog:

This cracker of jaws is a lake, I'm told,
A lake in the U.S.A.,
And first the Indians, the red sort, owned it,
But later to Uncle Sam they loaned it,
Who afterwards made no bones, but boned it
In the fine Autolycus way;
And though life wasn't a matter vital
He kept with the lake its rasping title,
Which recalls the croak of an amorous frog
Or a siren heard in an ocean fog:

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Time

Wow the season is now upon us and so far I have had a wonderful holiday. Of course I did spend more money than I should have, but on the bright side I didn't charge one thing, now thats progress. In the past I have had less than spectacular holidays, however this one is shaping up to be very good. Last night I finished the top secret Christmas project for Jen and then went over to her house while she finished up her wrapping. I had so much fun with her last night wrapping, playing the guitar, working on a little gift project for tonight, drinking hot chocolate and dancing around to Christmas music. It feels great to be excited about the holidays for a change. Not being able to spend Christmas day with Jen will not be a highlight this year, but our Christmas tomorrow night is going to be off the hook. Plus after Christmas we are going skiing for two days.

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 20, 2004

I Went Skiing

Believe it or not I actually went skiing this past weekend. I drove up on Friday night did the Suds thing and skied on both Saturday and Sunday. It was very cold on Saturday, I was a bit scared when I called the ski phone and the temperature at the base was two degrees. I ended up skiing with all sorts of different people, one might say a perfect mix of ski companions. What else, hmmm?!? Not much really just a typical weekend in Maine. I did go to the Mattherhorn for the first time since they remodeled it. I liked what I saw. Last night I drove home and finished up Jen's my top secret project for Jen. Now I just have to put all the pieces together. This week looks like a busy one with wrapping on Monday and Tuesday, Amy's party on Wednesday and Christmas with Jen on Thursday night. No work on Friday woohoo so I will be sitting home all day until a party at my dad's on Friday night. Saturday will be another day of sitting around Somerville not doing much of anything and then on Sunday Jen comes back from CT and we go to my mom's for Christmas brunch (Boxing Day Brunch) and then it is off for two days of skiing at Sunday River.

Sunday River Slideshow with Andy in a one piece ski suit Email me for the full size picture for your desktop.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Well hello there Winter

I woke up this morning at 5:30 to find that the temperature outside was 16 degrees. I wasn't too excited about this, but at least I was prepared and bundled up in a fleece and my heaviest parka. It turns out the walk wasn't too bad. I had to come in to work early because we were getting a new network drive and so far everything is working just fine.

Last night was my last Spanish class. Only five people showed up, but it was a lot of fun. We played a couple games and other fun activities. I was actually pretty funny and had people laughing out loud, which made me feel pretty good. I went home and had a nice yummy bowl of Spaghetti-O's with sliced franks. It was such a healthy dinner I know.

Now I am sitting here at work considering a trek outdoors to get a bagel.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Crazy Weekend

My weekend started off with a bang at my office holiday party. Jen came to State Street and I gave her a tour of the office and she was able to meet a couple people. We went to the Harp around 6:30 and enjoyed some appetizers. After a couple hours I got up and did a little karaoke. This year I wowed the crowd with Buffalo Springfield's "For What Its Worth" (Something's happening here) and The Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There". We left around ten because Jen had to get to bed.

Most of the next day I spent shopping, yes I know very silly to go shopping on a weekend at a mall. However I did finish Jen's stuff for the most part and ate lunch at Papa Gino's. Afterwards I met up with Jen for a little while before going home. I found myself bored at 8:30 and called up Vanessa to see if I could go to their holiday party. Forty minutes later I was on Hanover street. An hour into the party and I was the only guy among twelve girls, which was very interesting. Eventually some guys showed up and evened the ratio out a bit. Anyway I ended up missing my train and had to sleep over, but since people didn't leave I didn't get to sleep until four.

I woke up at 6:00 and took the T to Somerville. Slept for an hour. Drove to my mom's house. Threw up. Drove with Carol to see Jen's nutcracker. Her performance was amazing. She choreographed her entire piece and it was by far the best part of the show and not just because she is my girlfriend. It was so fantastic to see her dance for the first time. Afterwards we met her in the lobby and hung out for a bit. I also got to meet the girls she teaches, they were great. I then drove Carol back to Amesbury and ended my day back in Somerville. Needless to say I am tired.

Nutcracker Pictures

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Time For Some Reader Responses

After a discussion at work about the origins of referring to Target as Tarjay; I decided to try and search for the result. In my searching I came across a long discussion where users submitted different names they use for common place or words.

Here are some examples:
McDonalds => Mickey D's
Home Depot => Homers
perfect => perfeck
sandwich => sangwich
Taco Bell => Taco Smell
Salvation Army => Salv Al
Dunkin Donuts => Dunkins => Niknud Stunod
Wal-Mart => Wally World

I was wondering what other sayings people have for places or things. Please add some comments!!!

Interesting Craigslist ad Click here

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Career Discovery

I am sitting at my desk waiting for my second and final Career Discovery Workshop. In a few hours I will know what I should be doing here at State Street, which is a very exciting prospect. Chances are it will be a computer job of some sort. I'll keep you all posted.

Last night I completed most of my Christmas shopping. Only a few more small gifts here and there and it will be in the books. Thankfully this year I didn't even have to rely on a credit card either. Here's to fighting credit card debt!!! Once again I did the Ofoto thing again, which makes my life a whole lot easier, plus people really enjoy there gifts. I don't feel like I am ruining the surprise because this year there are a few new photo tricks up my sleeve. You will all see this though in a short eighteen days or so.

I guess I haven't updated in a week or so. Basically I have been around doing things here and there. I stayed in Somerville this weekend to work on Christmas presents. Jen and I went to dinner at an Indian restaurant called Diva in Davis Square. It was phenomenal!! On Sunday I was at home most of the day looking at pictures and then decorating Christmas cookies with my roommate. It was a very relaxing and fantastic weekend. Tonight I have my second to last Spanish class followed by BoCaNO tomorrow, work holiday party on Friday, Sunday River on Saturday and then going to see Jen in the Nutcracker on Sunday with Auntie Babe. The calendar sure does fill up fast at this time of year.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Isn't my face proof enough?

Yesterday was the last day of the month, which means I had to go and buy a T pass for December. So we went down to the Washington Street concourse and stood in the sixty person line. Thankfully it moved along rather quickly and after about fifteen minutes I made it up to the window. I asked for a Subway Plass and then corrected myself. Next I gave my credit card and license to the woman behind the glass. The reason I gave both was because my signature has worn off of my credit card, probably due to excessive use. The woman gave the card back and asked me to sign it before she processed the transaction. Now this seems kind of silly because now my signature is definitely going to match the card, not much security gained there. I tried to sign it, but what it can't be written on and handed it back to the lady. She gave me a receipt to sign, I signed it and gave it back. She then said, "In the future to make it easier for us could you please make your signature on the receipt look more like your license signature." I nodded and then walked away in awe of this woman. I figured my picture on the license was enough proof that I was me. I mean if my signature didn't match she could look at my face and see that it was me. Ahhh how aggravating.

So December is here and its raining again. I looked at the radar for New England and Maine seems to be getting soaked again. After the rain up there on Sunday and then again last night and today. Its like one step forward and two steps back. Hopefully by the end of early next year they will have more than six trails open. It has to get cold eventually right. On the bright side they may open two more trails (33% increase in run count) this weekend (Lazy River and American Express) bringing the true grand total up to 8 runs. I think at this point in the season you can't go on the trail count because it is inflated. For instance Sunday River says they have 11 trails open but in actuality only four runs are truly open. What variety!!!