Monday, December 13, 2004

Crazy Weekend

My weekend started off with a bang at my office holiday party. Jen came to State Street and I gave her a tour of the office and she was able to meet a couple people. We went to the Harp around 6:30 and enjoyed some appetizers. After a couple hours I got up and did a little karaoke. This year I wowed the crowd with Buffalo Springfield's "For What Its Worth" (Something's happening here) and The Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There". We left around ten because Jen had to get to bed.

Most of the next day I spent shopping, yes I know very silly to go shopping on a weekend at a mall. However I did finish Jen's stuff for the most part and ate lunch at Papa Gino's. Afterwards I met up with Jen for a little while before going home. I found myself bored at 8:30 and called up Vanessa to see if I could go to their holiday party. Forty minutes later I was on Hanover street. An hour into the party and I was the only guy among twelve girls, which was very interesting. Eventually some guys showed up and evened the ratio out a bit. Anyway I ended up missing my train and had to sleep over, but since people didn't leave I didn't get to sleep until four.

I woke up at 6:00 and took the T to Somerville. Slept for an hour. Drove to my mom's house. Threw up. Drove with Carol to see Jen's nutcracker. Her performance was amazing. She choreographed her entire piece and it was by far the best part of the show and not just because she is my girlfriend. It was so fantastic to see her dance for the first time. Afterwards we met her in the lobby and hung out for a bit. I also got to meet the girls she teaches, they were great. I then drove Carol back to Amesbury and ended my day back in Somerville. Needless to say I am tired.

Nutcracker Pictures

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