Monday, February 27, 2006

Random Dream

I had a strange dream last night and I am going to try and type as much as I remember for you right now:

When the dream started I was in the middle of the desert and trying to warn some people about an impending RPG attack by some terrorists. I yelled and screamed, but they couldn't hear me, shortly thereafter the rocket turned into a small helicopter, like a drone, and I grabbed it and tried to turn it around and aim it at the terrorists. It did work, but my hands were cut up badly by the blades of the helicopter.

Next scene. Kate and I are running from some government agency, because we work for the agency, but have not followed some protocol. We are in the Boston area running around and avoiding getting caught. Eventually we run into my brother and need to find a place to stay for the night. Kate knew of some random house in Cambridge that lets people spend the night their for free with no questions asked. It was some sort of Hassidic Jew community house next to several other community houses of a similar nature. While in the house we needed to avoid emailing and using cell phones because the government would find us in two seconds. We then realized my brother could safely return home since as far as the goverment agency knew he wasn't involved. In the morning we woke up and were running through the streets and eventually through a mall to get my brother back home.

Final scene. I am now in the future at some subterranean lab where you can tell that science experiments are going on behind the scenes. I am with two other people, but I don't know who they are. Apparently I was aware of the fact that they had once been killed and are now living. The scientist goes on to explain a process where they have been able to bring people back to life and then implant memories into their brain. Some shooting went on and then I woke up, it was very strange. I wish I could remember all of the details, because it would have been a fantastic tv show or movie.

Portland Vacation Photos

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Stupid Show

I was flipping through the TV channels the other day and came across one of those Haunting shows on the Discovery Channel. I don't know the exact name of the show, but I am sure you have seen it at some point. Most of the time they are using the nightvision video camera and walking around some old house. I think this is the dumbest show I have ever seen, because it really is a bunch of idiots standing around a house talking to ghosts. I have stopped and watched quite a bit and haven't once seen anything that proves the existence of the supernatural. The worst part is that they put on marathons of the show so I am guessing that a ton of people must be watching it.

Just a thought I had this morning.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Engagement Announcement

Its been a good week so far, the weather was so good today that it has me very excited about spring. Our engagement was recently in the Newburyport News and also in some CT newspaper. Here is the link to the CT newspaper Engagement Announcement.

Last weekend I spent Saturday in Somerville doing some cleaning and a little bit of work. On Sunday I got up in the morning and drove up to Amesbury to visit my mom and then continued on to Bethel. Kate and I went for a walk when I got there and after we picked Mark up we hung out at the house for a while. For dinner we did a take out deal and watched Wedding Crashers. The next morning I woke up and got ready to go skiing, when I got a message that I had to do a little bit of work. Eventually I made it up to the mountain and skiied for a few hours. The conditions were pretty bad, but luckily they made snow on a couple trails so if you stayed on those trails it was okay. It was nice to be outside and enjoying the fresh air for a change.

I drove home afterwards and went to dinner with Jennifer. Today my C. Crane FM transmitter arrived in the mail and I have it hooked up at home now. What this means is I can turn the Sirius radio on in the bedroom and hear it on every radio in the house. It is very exciting and now I can work in the morning and still listen to the Stern show, we can also listen to commercial free music anywhere in the house.

The end of the week is nearly here, which is great because Jennifer and I are going up to Portland for a couple days. I took Friday off from work and told her we needed to go away for a couple days. It will be awesome to go on vacation especially since it has been so busy at work lately.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some Photos

Yes it's true I still do own my camera, but unfortunately haven't taken many photos lately. I think the reason for this is that I have taken photos of most things I see everyday and it seems silly to keep taking them of my car or Somerville. Maybe its time I get out and go to some new places so I have a reason for taking photos. Either way I hope you enjoy these assorted albums from 2006.

Well its the time of year again when the Dave Matthews Band announces there tour and there is some good and bad news. The good news first, the band may be playing at Fenway Park this summer. The bad news is it seems the shows might occur during the weekend of our wedding. The dates aren't posted yet, so I guess there is no real reason to jump the gun on this issue. Well really there wouldn't be an issue at all, I just wouldn't be able to go to the shows. It would mark the first time in nine years that I didn't go to the Boston area shows, but then again it is the first and only time I am ever getting married which kind of trumps the Dave Matthews obsession. We'll soon see... maybe we can arrange to have a rehearsal lunch instead of a rehearsal dinner ;o)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New Entry

Hey now everybody!!! I am sitting at home on a Tuesday morning and just waiting for the traffic to subside before I head off to work. It was a boring weekend here in Somerville. On Saturday we picked up our wedding bands and then I stayed home all afternoon while the girls went to look at bridesmaid's dresses. I did make it over to the video store before the storm and rented Elizabethtown, Lord of War and House MD Season 1 Disc two. First of all the only thing I liked about Elizabethtown was the road trip at the very end. Lord of War was less than spectacular, it didn't really go anywhere and then it ended. The House DVD was great. If you have never seen this show you need to check it out on Tuesday nights.

On Saturday evening I spoke with Kate on the phone and helped her book a flight so she could get out of Boston a day early to avoid the snowstorm. Everything worked out and she ended up in Utah on time.

The snow began late on Saturday night and by the time Sunday morning came around we already had about eight inches of snow. We stayed inside most of the day doing work and watching movies, until about three o'clock when the snow slowed down. We went out and cleaned off our cars and then went to the store. In all we ended up with about forteen inches here in Somerville.

On Monday I decided I didn't want to lose my parking space so I worked from home. I was able to get a lot done although I did end up working rather late to resolve all of my issues.

Not much else is going on in my super exciting life. Hope all is well with everybody.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Back To Bethel

I finally made a trip back up to Bethel this past weekend. I drove up on Saturday morning and skiied for most of the afternoon. Since it was only my third day of the season and first in about a month, my legs were a bit shaky. The good news is that I have perfected skiing alpine on telemark skis. It might seem like I am wussing out, but it is the only way I am going to be able to ski for more than two hours. The conditions weren't exactly great, with lots of hard pack ice everywhere, I did hear from sources that on Monday the skiing was fantastic because of a half foot of fresh snow. After skiing we all went to a packed Grizzly, which was too much for me. Mark, Kate and I had a classic dinner at Suds, followed by a quiet evening back at the house. I only lasted a few hours on Sunday before making the long trip back home. I never realized before just how long it takes to drive from Bethel to Somerville, it's crazy. It gave me a great chance to test out my satellite radio which worked like a charm the entire ride. I actually listened to one channel all the way from Bethel to Somerville, which was much better than trying to figure out what channels had good music throughout the journey.

Not much else going on. All the wedding stuff is still about the same, although we began discussing where we will be staying the night before the wedding. I really want to stay in my own bed in Somerville instead of renting out a room in a hotel fifteen miles from here. Jennifer will most likely be staying in the hotel because of the age old tradition of not being allowed to see each other before the wedding. I don't know what difference it makes, but what do I know. I'll keep you posted on where I am going to be that night in case you want to come by and visit.