Friday, July 25, 2003

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I have thought about it and for my LJ vacation I will now just put a picture up with a link to a slideshow for the time being. I mean a pic is worth a thousand words. Comments are welcome and will probably also be entered by me occasionally.
Enjoy the pics!!
K. Willis

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

LJ Vacation

I have decided to take a little break from the LJ scene. The Question of the Day contest will have to be postponed for a while. I don't know how long until the next entry, but I will be back. Until then try and beat my highest profit of 64.12 on the Lemonade Game. Be careful though its a bit addictive.

2nd Annual Keegan's BBQ
Clear your schedules on August 23rd because it is the date of the second annual Keegan's BBQ. It will begin early in the afternoon and end once again with a pinata in the evening. I will have food (ie. hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, chips, soda...), but it would be great if each person could bring something for a pot luck sort of feel. There will also be swimming, yard games, music by B-Rock and quite possibly the highly anticipated Klunk Scene 'zine (no pressure Britt and Becky). I will be sending an email out in the next week or so with details and possibly a sign up web site, sorry no evites for me.

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Have a nice day,
Keegan Willis Sands

Monday, July 21, 2003

I just couldn't wait for this

We came across a really fun thing at work today. It is a feature on the Bud Light web site. We played around with it a bit at work today, but tonight I decided to do it for a bunch of LJ readers. Basically, you go to the site and upload a picture, after a few rather simple steps you can type dialogue for the face and it will speak the dialogue. If you don't laugh after seeing at least one of these, you really need to get a sense of humor.

Simple directions: Click on a link below, once the website loads, click on the window with the outline of a head in it. The first time it will tell you to download some software (it takes ten seconds maybe), click okay and then click agree. After that just click play and enjoy.
Suha's sandwich

My Favorite Young Vanessa
Well that is it for now. I may or not have a question of the day tomorrow due to the weird timing of this entry and because I don't want people to miss this one. Please if you ever follow one link on my stupid LJ, YOU MUST check these out. If for some reason they don't work email or something, I promise it is worth it.

K. Willis


While I am waiting for my pictures to upload to shutterfly I will begin my entry and try to keep it brief. Lets start with Friday, because it came first. I went to see Bad Boys II, it was very entertaining despite its two and a half hour length. The action scenes were over the top and the crowd, oohed and aahed more than once to decapitations, violent gun shots right into the victim's forehead and many more. Go check it out I give it a B+, would have been and A- if they ended it forty five minutes sooner.

Saturday I went to the beach with Emily. I finally got to go for a ride in her car and realized how rare I am actually the passenger. It was great to be able to enjoy the sites instead of having to focus on the road. Here is the summary from that: Beacon St, Beach Pizza, Ben & Jerry's, lost in Southern New Hampshire. Fun, fun, fun!!

My first David Gray concert was on Saturday night in Portland. I picked Nissa up and we went North. Traffic was non existent and we made it with plenty of time to spare, so since it was my first time in the Old Port, I know very sad seeing as I went to UMaine, we grabbed a Starbucks coffee and checked out the scene. It was great and I would live there in a minute, if I could find a job there. The show was amazing!!! David puts on a hell of a performance. He played a lot of stuff from the latest album, but also mixed in some older stuff. The acoustics were great, however our section was a bunch of boring people who sat through most of the show, so we were forced to dance in our seats. Some people went down to the back of the floor to dance, it was hilarious watching the exodus onto the floor. In a rare stint of rule breaking for me, I brought my camera =-O I came out of there with some good pictures, though I am still learning how to shoot at night. David Gray Photos David Gray Video I can't wait for the next show in our area, I am there.

Yesterday, Nissa, Em and I went out on the boat. As always I was stressed about putting the boat in and taking it out, but it went off without a problem. We went out to the ocean, went north to Hampton and then came back to the area off of the Salisbury Reservation. I dropped anchor and we stayed there for a few hours, swimming, eating, and just laying there. It was very relaxing and couldn't have gone more smoothily. The water was freezing, but I still managed to jump in a couple of times. I am now quite sunburned, but what are ya gonna do? The quote of the day came from Emily when we were discussing careers and I said I knew I liked computers in high school. Her response was, "They had computers when you were in high school." I took these Beach/Boat Pictures

Finally, I had a soccer game yesterday and once again hurt myself. It was the beginning of the second half and I ran for the ball. I was alone and somehow my leg got caught and bent the wrong way. I had to sit out the rest of the game and now walk with a limp. We did end up coming back from down 5-2 and won 8-7. I hope I am better for next week.

Question of the Day
It looks like it will be getting quite tropical around here this week and we will get the rain storms typically seen by Floridians. How do you feel about summer rainstorms?

Friday, July 18, 2003


I was just invited to join this service, so I hope you will join and be my friend. Be my friend Basically you submit your name and email and will then be linked as my friend and be able to see all of my friends' friends. I know most in BoCaNO won't do it, but the collage kids have to join and add to my network of friends. Plus you get to see the profiles of some rather interesting people. It's free, lets create our own little group from the Bury. Pass it on to your friends, once you join.

No question

So I decided we will take a break from the questions today. You guys have worked hard, check out the standings so far. IceCubeIsBoss holds the lead for first answers of the day by one of E.

Last night I was going to go see a movie, but sat down and started to record videos of me playing the guitar. Two hours later I had recorded 30 clips and put them all onto a CD. I know it is probably horrible, but it sure was fun. The clips are huge but I have included one My version of Recently Feel free to download if you want. Kate if you want I can burn you a copy of the CD, because I know you love guitar practice sooo much.

This morning I went to the driving range with Amanda. Now I had never swung a golf club before so I was not too great, but by the end of the bucket, I was starting to get it. Once or twice I hit it about 150 yards with the 7 iron, I don't know if this is good, but I would guess not so much. I would definitely do it again, hopefully John can go and show me how to actually hit the ball.
Check out this swing!!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Two Parties, One Day

I took this picture on the way to work today, gotta love a daytime moon.

It was quite a busy day yesterday with two parties, one an ice cream sundae party at work and the second a tea party for Nissa's triumphant return to the Bury. The ice cream party was great. We had Brigham's, which meant Big Dig ice cream and some fantastic toppings. I ended up making a web site for the whole group to check out. You will see in the pictures how everybody once again lined right up for their free ice cream.
Ice Cream Party Slideshow

I went home and played the guitar for a little while and Travis stopped by to give me a hard time, he refuses to quick. I guess he should at least be admired for his persistence. I then went over to Ry's for the Tea Party. I arrived to see the latex warning and went inside to find the house decorated with tea bags, streamers, hats, buckles, a tea bag covered vase and a small ship. It was a great time and I got a bunch of great candid shots and also some posed shots for a change. It was great to see Nissa, for the first time since May.
Tea Party Slideshow

Question of the Day #5
Due to the recent press about false information involving Iraq , a 368.6 billion dollar cost and post-war soldier deaths, I figured I would go with a serious question today. Do you think we should have gone to war with Iraq, why or why not?

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Happy Birthday Bren

I know my brother doesn't read this, but I feel I should acknowledge his 22nd birthday. Here is my mom with a toy camera he received as a gift yesterday, nice sweatpants ma!!

Now for other stuff, we had a classic moment yesterday on the way back from lunch and I was smart enough to take out my camera and get some video of it. Scott, Suha and I were walking down the street and a homeless guy approached us and started clapping and singing. Scott told him about some free smoothies they were giving out around the corner. To this the guy replied, "Smoothies, thats not food, thats a drink, I want food." He then started his rap over and was then interrupted again at which point I finally pulled out the camera and recorded a little movie. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the guy, but you can hear his rap. Watch the Homeless Rap.

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Question of the Day #4
What is your ultimate vacation destination?

Try my latest programming experiment

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Free Movie Tickets

I have a pass good for two free tickets to see Bad Boys II at Loews Boston Common tonight at 7. If anybody is interested let me know.

Dress Up Day

Some important people from our client are coming to visit us at work today so we have all been asked to dress up. It is more like an anti-jeans day, which is going to be hilarious considering the less than polished crowd I work with. I am hoping to take some nice pictures and will hopefully have them on shutterfly by this afternoon. I did forget my cable at home to connect my camera to the computer which is kind of irritating, but I might buy a memory stick reader at Radio Shack so I don't have to bring the cable back and forth. We also had to clean our desks for the big visit today, and I made collage of sorts by placing all of my pictures onto a manila folder, so I would only need two push pins to keep them on my cube wall. My stepfather laughed when I told him this because he always gets a kick out of the stuff I do at work and still make money.

I know my job involves working with computers, but I am seriously frustrated by them sometimes. For instance we have a wireless network set up at home, but for some reason my computer sees it, but won't connect to the internet. For once can't my computer work like it is supposed to. The same problem has happened at Britt's house, I have tried everything. Ah it drives me crazy!!!!

Yesterday's Pictures

Question of the Day #3
If you could meet anybody on the planet who would it be?

Monday, July 14, 2003

New Camera

My weekend started off with a little shopping spree at Best Buy. I bought a new digital camera, the Sony DSC-P8, an extra memory stick, carrying case, extra battery and warranty. I had planned to spend a certain amount and after all the additional crap you don't really consider it nearly doubled the price. Oh well I am quite happy with my purchase and have been using it quite a bit. It is nice to not have to change floppy disks after every picture and not have to carry a huge bag around since the new camera fits in my pocket.

I used a wedding on Saturday as my first photo expedition. The wedding was in upstate New York about four hours from here. It was a nice wedding and I was able to get a ton of pictures. One funny highlight was the tent just for the port-a-potties, see the pictures. Not many other humorous moments except for all of the dragonflys, bugs and spiders outside the giant tents that were climbing all over everybody. You would hear the occasional scream and then look over to see a woman dancing about brushing something off her arm.

Yesterday I had my third soccer game, which we lost. We were very short handed, but did extremely well considering. After the game I picked Em up for our Sunday night Sex and the City hang out, which was a bit complicated due to lack of cable at my house. However, we went to Britts and got it set up with ten minutes to spare. The episodes of SatC are great, but should really be an hour long.

Here is the Weekend Photo Album look forward to many more pictures from here on out.

Question of the Day #2
What is your favorite breakfast food?

Friday, July 11, 2003

Right of Parlay

Britt, Ry, Jacq, Becky and I saw the best movie so far this year last night, Pirates of the Caribbean. No but seriously it was terrible, Becky and I got quite a laugh out of it though. I think the favorite line had to have been "the pirate code is more like a guideline." There were a ton of quotes that I can't remember, but it was hilarious and just plain silly. At the end of the movie I started clapping and then some guy yells out "Aaargh!!". Haha!! Go to the link above for clips of this soon to be classic film.

Other funny highlights of my day came on my commute home with Becky. She needed a ride home so we met at DTX and hopped on the orange line, which we accidentally rode to the wrong stop because I forgot where I parked. We then saw a guy toss a garbage bag in a trash barrel and out poofed a bunch of leaves, haha. On Route 1 we saw the classic "Why Be Normal?" bumper sticker, upside down of course. Plus I can't forget listening to Swing Swing (Audio or Video) such a classic song. Ry's car also got boxed in at Hodgies, which was too funny.

Okay now what you have all been waiting for the question of the day.
Question of the Day #1
If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Yeah its lame, but well I am open to suggestions.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Contest time

Okay it is contest time once again. The contest will run through the end of July. There will be two prizes awarded, to be named later, but I promise they will be of around a twenty dollar value each. One prize will be awarded to the person who posts the first comment the most times. The second will be for the person who posts a comment for the most number of questions before the next question has been entered by me. So you may post as many comments as you want, but you are only going to be acknowledged for commenting on that particular day, not for each comment. The comment must provide some answer for the question and to get credit you must either log in or sign the comment with your name. In the event of a tie the person with the lowest average betweent the entry post time and the comment post time will be the winner. So the goal would be to post a comment as early as possible and before I post my next question of the day. The current question does not count, but starting tomorrow the game is on until the last question is posted in July. Feel free to post questions, so we can clear up the rules.

Question of the Day:
Who is your favorite member of the Brady Bunch?

I am working on a special thing for either later today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Ten hours sleep, but still tired

Since I was feeling under the weather yesterday I went home last night and went to bed at 7:30, which allowed me over ten hours of sleep. It has helped a little bit, but I am still very tired. I did stop at Hodgies and pick up some Lemon Sorbet which was yummy. The super young girl that sat with us at the beach was working there, Britt you know who I am talking about. I knew I recognized her from somewhere. Don't worry I am not interested in this girl, which means I am progressing since she is like 17 and I think of her as a kid. It won't be long before I think of everybody less than 21 as a kid.

I was riding the T yesterday and smelled smoke and sure enough once I arrived at Oak Grove and looked back saw a huge cloud of smoke. In anticipation of my mom asking me if I saw it I decided to try a drive by. I never actually saw the building on fire, but my brother informed me it was an apartment building.

In my drive around I was annoyed by a car in front of me that went straight in a "turn only" lane. Why do people do this? Can't they see the giant six foot signs on the road? Route 110 in Amesbury is famous for these type of intersections. The two that bother me most is at the intersection with Main Street and the intersection with Route 150. Main street first, if I come into an intersection wide enough for two cars I and it is empty I pull to the left to allow for right on red drivers. If a car is turning left I will pull into the right side to avoid waiting for the left turn car. Isn't this what everybody does, it seems logical to me? At the Route 150 intersection, the right turn is a separate exit type thing so they are taken out of the equation leaving an obvious right side for going straight and left side for going left. However sometimes I pull up and the car on the left is going straight and they get all pissed off because they think you are trying to sneak by them. A race ensues, which is just dangerous, as Mark knows from my little race on the way to Maine last winter by exit 8 vs the guy with the dog on his lap. Come on people just think when entering those intersections.

I guess we could have it worse, like the English. Click to learn about the Magic Roundabout.

Question of the Day: Since I actually received some responses, though none from the Boc's (are you still out there) I will have a bit of a more complicated question. What is your favorite season?

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Sick and tired

No really I don't feel well and I didn't sleep well last night. Last night went out for Ry's birthday at the Friendly Toast. It was good, I had some french toast and some weird looking hashbrowns. One of the highlights of the night was definitely using his new cell phone. I need to get a camera phone, they are so much fun. The Photo CallerID is also the best. Enjoyed some birthday cookie before retiring to my house.

Sorry for lack of wit, the only thing I can think of was how annoying the train ride was yesterday, because there was a delay of some sort. A woman was sitting there taking up the entire seat and I was hot and wanted to sit down. If only I had been old or pregnant, I could have asked for the seat under the priority seating sign. Well maybe someday.

Question of the day: What is your favorite color?

Eventually people will start answering my question.

Oh yeah it looks like the second annual Keegan's BBQ will occur on Saturday, August 23rd this year, any issues with this date?

Monday, July 7, 2003

Time to relax

It is now Monday and I am once again sitting at my desk for the first time in a week and a half. I feel like I can now relax, no more driving, planning, beaching etc... Of course it sounds strange since now I won't be relaxing at all but instead working my butt off here at good 'ol State Street. Oh yeah before I forget on the drive back we made it by driving straight through and it only took 23 hours (see picture with hand gestures). The Florida drive is such a piece of cake. A ton of stuff has happened since my last entry, so I will try to summarize.

July 2nd - Last full day in Florida, Quizno's subs, Marble Slab Ice cream, Wal-Mart, Japanese Steakhouse, WWE's Big Show, packing

July 3rd - Driving, driving, driving, driving, Pasco Virginia, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Chik-Fil-A, Barnes & Noble Starbucks

July 4th - Driving, driving, unpacking, sleeping, sleeping, car wash and wax, Dad's Barbecue, Fireworks with collage kids

July 5th - Beach, riding waves, collage kids, Starbucks iced grande White Mocha (yummy), driving to Plymouth, fun ring game at the Harvey's, first pizza in week, Hoedown, fender bender, Krispy Kremes

July 6th - Ironing, ironing, hanging out by the pool, cancelled soccer game, shopping, more Starbucks, Terminator 3, dinner at home, Hodgies with Em and Ry, Sex and the City, Televizzle, finally sleep.

See now wasn't that nice, short and sweet. Overall you get the picture that I was very busy and it could have become a novel very quickly. Either way its good to be back and lets see if we can get some comments coming in by putting out this question: What did y'all do on the Fourth of July (local fireworks, Boston fireworks, tv fireworks)?

Enjoy these pictures!!
Final Florida Slideshow

Hoedown Slideshow

Hoedown Movie Clip 1
Hoedown Movie Clip 2
Hoedown Movie Clip 3
Hoedown Movie Clip 4
Hoedown Movie Clip 5
Hoedown Movie Clip 6
Hoedown Movie Clip 7

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Botched Game of Pickle

As you can see I got a little sun yesterday. However, it has provided me a perfect LJ picture, which is a nice change from the old Boston Hotties picture. We beached it up yesterday at Howard Park, which is a little island at the end of a causeway. It was a beach my mom would totally appreciate and frequent whenever possible. I actually walked around the entire island, since it wasn't too big. It was nice except for the nasty sand spurs which became lodged in my feet. I was just walking through the grass when ouch, something was stuck in my foot. I pulled at it with my fingers and it got stuck in my finger which started to bleed. So as if my feet weren't bunk enough already they were now filled with thorns.

Classic scenes at beach:
1) Teenage girl with bangs and Ben Affleck look-a-like boyfriend who needed a ride home from his dad.
2) Group of people who each had there own fold up chair and rain umbrella.
3) Gulls attacking anybody with food.
4) Camp kids attacking the gulls with anything from sand to flip flops to basketballs.
5) The grandparents who took there grand kids to the beach. We watched them struggle to put up the umbrella, then one of the kids came back and said the water was weird. Upon hearing the this the grandmother threw a fit and they left the beach.

After the beach we went to the BoSox game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Tropicana Field. We bought seats in the outfield and then after a couple innings moved along the first base side. The game lasted forever and the BoSox came back in the ninth inning and forced the game into extra innings. In the bottom of the eleventh with two outs, the Rays had a runner on second who decided to try and steal, but then changed his mind halfway and got caught in a game of pickle. Now you would think major league players shouldn't have trouble with that, but the Red Sox did and threw the ball out into centerfield allowing the run to score and the game was over.

Classic scenes from the game:
1) Bunk's Burgers, need I say more.
2) Outfield heckler, yelling all sorts of stuff at Trot Nixon.
3) First base heckler, three hundred pound guy yelling every sort of racial and inappropriate slur in the book. Plus since nobody goes to Tropicana Field it was like him yelling at a high school game, EVERYBODY could hear him.
4) Britt on the cell phone for more innings than some of the pitchers.
5) Mullet guy, see photo slideshow.
6) Girl that looked like a boy, also see photo slideshow.

Now for more pictures, All pictures so far

This will probably be my last entry before coming home, so I hope everybody has a good fourth of July.
Peace we out,

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Book 5 Complete

After reading for about three days straight I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I couldn't put it down once I was within 150 pages from the end. I really enjoyed it and do think it is the best book so far, until Book 6 that is. I won't put any details about it but it is now available for borrowing.

Now on to more pressing issues, Florida. We made it to the beach yesterday and boy was it hot out. I did fairly well with the whole sun issue except for a little burn on my legs and my back. Forunately, I didn't feel too white, since there were a select few, who were as white as ghosts. We bailed from there as soon as the clouds were saturated to the point of impending showers. Vanessa provided us with a nice guided tour of Tarpon Springs and the Sponge Docks. We had some baklava, but didn't notice chocolate dipped baklava until after we finished, can you imagine?

We returned home and got ready for dinner with Lauren and Lindsay. We went to Jasmine Thai, which was some of the best Thai food I have ever had, not that I have tried much. The rain started up again and it looked like a monsoon, so in an effort to wait it out we headed to Publix so I could get some money. Me getting money, things never change ;o) The cashier thought he was hilarious, I was certainly laughing, but AT him not WITH him. He kept making fun of the people standing in the window saying they should stay away from it because that is what you are supposed to do in a thunderstorm and they would know that if they could read.

Next stop the mall for some more shopping, but at this point I was getting very tired and when we left again I fell asleep in the car (see photo album) We then went to Starbucks and I had my second iced caramel machiatto. Yep I am working my way up the caffeine ladder. We closed Starbuck's and went back to Vanessa's and hung out for a couple hours. Good relaxing times!!!!

Check out thePhotos So Far