Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Happy Birthday Bren

I know my brother doesn't read this, but I feel I should acknowledge his 22nd birthday. Here is my mom with a toy camera he received as a gift yesterday, nice sweatpants ma!!

Now for other stuff, we had a classic moment yesterday on the way back from lunch and I was smart enough to take out my camera and get some video of it. Scott, Suha and I were walking down the street and a homeless guy approached us and started clapping and singing. Scott told him about some free smoothies they were giving out around the corner. To this the guy replied, "Smoothies, thats not food, thats a drink, I want food." He then started his rap over and was then interrupted again at which point I finally pulled out the camera and recorded a little movie. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the guy, but you can hear his rap. Watch the Homeless Rap.

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