Thursday, July 10, 2003

Contest time

Okay it is contest time once again. The contest will run through the end of July. There will be two prizes awarded, to be named later, but I promise they will be of around a twenty dollar value each. One prize will be awarded to the person who posts the first comment the most times. The second will be for the person who posts a comment for the most number of questions before the next question has been entered by me. So you may post as many comments as you want, but you are only going to be acknowledged for commenting on that particular day, not for each comment. The comment must provide some answer for the question and to get credit you must either log in or sign the comment with your name. In the event of a tie the person with the lowest average betweent the entry post time and the comment post time will be the winner. So the goal would be to post a comment as early as possible and before I post my next question of the day. The current question does not count, but starting tomorrow the game is on until the last question is posted in July. Feel free to post questions, so we can clear up the rules.

Question of the Day:
Who is your favorite member of the Brady Bunch?

I am working on a special thing for either later today or tomorrow.

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