Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Botched Game of Pickle

As you can see I got a little sun yesterday. However, it has provided me a perfect LJ picture, which is a nice change from the old Boston Hotties picture. We beached it up yesterday at Howard Park, which is a little island at the end of a causeway. It was a beach my mom would totally appreciate and frequent whenever possible. I actually walked around the entire island, since it wasn't too big. It was nice except for the nasty sand spurs which became lodged in my feet. I was just walking through the grass when ouch, something was stuck in my foot. I pulled at it with my fingers and it got stuck in my finger which started to bleed. So as if my feet weren't bunk enough already they were now filled with thorns.

Classic scenes at beach:
1) Teenage girl with bangs and Ben Affleck look-a-like boyfriend who needed a ride home from his dad.
2) Group of people who each had there own fold up chair and rain umbrella.
3) Gulls attacking anybody with food.
4) Camp kids attacking the gulls with anything from sand to flip flops to basketballs.
5) The grandparents who took there grand kids to the beach. We watched them struggle to put up the umbrella, then one of the kids came back and said the water was weird. Upon hearing the this the grandmother threw a fit and they left the beach.

After the beach we went to the BoSox game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Tropicana Field. We bought seats in the outfield and then after a couple innings moved along the first base side. The game lasted forever and the BoSox came back in the ninth inning and forced the game into extra innings. In the bottom of the eleventh with two outs, the Rays had a runner on second who decided to try and steal, but then changed his mind halfway and got caught in a game of pickle. Now you would think major league players shouldn't have trouble with that, but the Red Sox did and threw the ball out into centerfield allowing the run to score and the game was over.

Classic scenes from the game:
1) Bunk's Burgers, need I say more.
2) Outfield heckler, yelling all sorts of stuff at Trot Nixon.
3) First base heckler, three hundred pound guy yelling every sort of racial and inappropriate slur in the book. Plus since nobody goes to Tropicana Field it was like him yelling at a high school game, EVERYBODY could hear him.
4) Britt on the cell phone for more innings than some of the pitchers.
5) Mullet guy, see photo slideshow.
6) Girl that looked like a boy, also see photo slideshow.

Now for more pictures, All pictures so far

This will probably be my last entry before coming home, so I hope everybody has a good fourth of July.
Peace we out,

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