Friday, July 11, 2003

Right of Parlay

Britt, Ry, Jacq, Becky and I saw the best movie so far this year last night, Pirates of the Caribbean. No but seriously it was terrible, Becky and I got quite a laugh out of it though. I think the favorite line had to have been "the pirate code is more like a guideline." There were a ton of quotes that I can't remember, but it was hilarious and just plain silly. At the end of the movie I started clapping and then some guy yells out "Aaargh!!". Haha!! Go to the link above for clips of this soon to be classic film.

Other funny highlights of my day came on my commute home with Becky. She needed a ride home so we met at DTX and hopped on the orange line, which we accidentally rode to the wrong stop because I forgot where I parked. We then saw a guy toss a garbage bag in a trash barrel and out poofed a bunch of leaves, haha. On Route 1 we saw the classic "Why Be Normal?" bumper sticker, upside down of course. Plus I can't forget listening to Swing Swing (Audio or Video) such a classic song. Ry's car also got boxed in at Hodgies, which was too funny.

Okay now what you have all been waiting for the question of the day.
Question of the Day #1
If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Yeah its lame, but well I am open to suggestions.

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