Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Book 5 Complete

After reading for about three days straight I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I couldn't put it down once I was within 150 pages from the end. I really enjoyed it and do think it is the best book so far, until Book 6 that is. I won't put any details about it but it is now available for borrowing.

Now on to more pressing issues, Florida. We made it to the beach yesterday and boy was it hot out. I did fairly well with the whole sun issue except for a little burn on my legs and my back. Forunately, I didn't feel too white, since there were a select few, who were as white as ghosts. We bailed from there as soon as the clouds were saturated to the point of impending showers. Vanessa provided us with a nice guided tour of Tarpon Springs and the Sponge Docks. We had some baklava, but didn't notice chocolate dipped baklava until after we finished, can you imagine?

We returned home and got ready for dinner with Lauren and Lindsay. We went to Jasmine Thai, which was some of the best Thai food I have ever had, not that I have tried much. The rain started up again and it looked like a monsoon, so in an effort to wait it out we headed to Publix so I could get some money. Me getting money, things never change ;o) The cashier thought he was hilarious, I was certainly laughing, but AT him not WITH him. He kept making fun of the people standing in the window saying they should stay away from it because that is what you are supposed to do in a thunderstorm and they would know that if they could read.

Next stop the mall for some more shopping, but at this point I was getting very tired and when we left again I fell asleep in the car (see photo album) We then went to Starbucks and I had my second iced caramel machiatto. Yep I am working my way up the caffeine ladder. We closed Starbuck's and went back to Vanessa's and hung out for a couple hours. Good relaxing times!!!!

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