Sunday, June 29, 2003

The Sunshine State?

Hello all!!! I am updating from Florida right now. I have been hesitant to write because I didn't know where to start, but feel I need to put something out there anyway. Britt and I left at 6AM on Friday and made our way south. After cruising along at a good clip we hit some major traffic and rain in the DC area, which set us back about two and a half hours. We pressed on and decided after 18 hours of driving it was time to find a motel. The search began somewhere near Lake Marion in some small sketch-ville. To our surprise every place had little no vacancy signs taped to their doors. We gave up at the first exit and traveled another tweny miles to the next motel exit, to find the same situation. I couldn't quite understand it since we were in the middle of nowhere. Finally after going fifty miles further south from the original exit we found a sketchy Days Inn and put up with that gross place. In the morning to highlight the Seabrook-ness of the place the continental breakfast included three kinds of doughnuts on a big tray. Yummy!!!

We made it to Jacksonville and met Vanessa around 10:30AM and continued on towards Tarpon Springs. The sky seemed very menacing and when we stopped for lunch the rain began to fall in sheets. So we decided to hang out at the Wendy's/Pilot for a little while. In an effort to pass time and empty my bladder I went into the bathroom and saw a contraption I had never seen before, a cologne vending machine. It looked similar to the condom dispensers typically found in bathrooms, but upon closer examination it was a cologne machine. After inserting a quarter you turn a dial to the type of cologne you want then press a lever and it squirts out the colgne. Hilarious, I took a picture of it and will put it up when I get back. We finally braved the rain and made it in one piece to Tarpon Springs.

The first thing we did once we were settled was go to the movies. We checked out Charlie's Angels 2, which I must say was not good :o( I am very disappointed and felt that it was one "Yeah Baby!" away from an Austin Powers movie. After the movie we met up with Lauren and Lindsay at the Palm Harbor Brew House. It was cool to finally meet them in person since I had only conversed with Lauren online and only seen the occasional picture of Lindsay. We ended up sitting there for a good three hours and chatting it up. Good times were had by all. We finally left and came face to face with a big bad monsoon style rainstorm. It was only a short drive home, but it took forever because of the sheets of raining falling out of the sky. We got to Vanessa's and ran from the driveway to the house, only a short thirty feet, but still got soaked. Did a little Harry Potter reading and then went to bed. I will stop now, but look for more entries soon.

Today's summary: more reading, great pasta lunch, starbucks, mall, barnes and noble and now internet before dinner.

K. Willis

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