Monday, June 23, 2003


Despite the rain yesterday, which apparently was even worse in Boston then up in my neck of the woods, I had my second soccer game. We lost, but I actually scored a goal. Now this not seem like a big deal, but in four years of high school soccer I only got like three goals, so I was quite shocked. It was just after we started the second half down 4-1, we started of the half with a bang and put intense pressure on the defense of the purple team. We took a couple shots on the keeper and he cleared it out. At half field we intercepted a pass and one of the guys ran it up the right wing right to the end line. After a little scuffle, the ball popped out towards me at the penalty kick mark at about chest height. I trapped the ball, dodged to the left and kicked it into the center of the net. I couldn't believe it, me scoring a goal, who would have thought. I had another opportunity later, but just couldn't get my feet to cooperate. Overall, I played better this week and was less winded. It was so much fun playing in the rain, it adds an interesting touch to the game. However, I was a dirty mess from the mud and just drove home with most of my gear still on.

It wasn't the only time I was a mess this weekend because I also was filthy on Saturday after canoeing the Agawam River with the BoCaNO crowd. We all met at Mark's parents and after a couple of hours of hemming, hawing, driving, carrying, loading, unloading, waiting and chatting, we set off on our adventure. As with any river it started out small and became wider the closer we got to the ocean. However, the first mile or so was insanely grown in. We basically just paddled against the bushes and pulled ourselves along using the plants on either side of the canoe.
Canoe Bushwhacking

About twenty minutes into the trip Kate and I, in an effort to avoid a tree, both leaned over and our canoe tipped over. The water was shallow so nothing was lost, but we were soaked and it only added to the frustration. After the first mile we ended up in the cranberry bogs, which reminded me of a giant maze. We came across the occasional overgrown areas, but eventually we ended up in a couple of lakes and just paddled are way across them. I almost forgot there were so many portages I lost count. Boy those canoes get heavy after you have carried them over land with gear in them a dozen times. While it might seem like a lot of work it was still a fun day, hanging out with friends and getting messy in nature. It is a very exhilirating feeling and recommend it to any couch potatoes out there.

Enjoy the sun today, of course now that the weekend is over it will be sunny for the next four days. Expect nice weather all next week too, since I will be in Florida.
K. Willis Sands

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