Monday, June 2, 2003

Complete Washout

I was wondering if we are actually going to have summer this year or just move directly from late winter to autumn. I think yesterday could possibly have been the most depressing day of my life. Don't get me wrong I did get a major amount of cleaning done in my, to quote John, "Museum-like" room, but the rain does bring me down. I did leave the house more than once, the first time to buy soccer equipment and the second time to verify the fact that my first trip was a complete waste and could have been done at a later date. At least I got out though. The high point to yesterday was watching the complete second and half of the seventh season of Mad About You. Yes I know watching the show just adds to my already idealistic views of relationships, but it is entertaining. Another high point was my chatting with Vanessa, the only person outside of my immediate family I had any contact with yesterday. I swear if this rain continues for many more weekends I am going to have to move to somewhere drier, like Seattle.

I did see The Italian Job on Saturday, which I thought was a great action movie. The story seems to flow and never really lags, which is very helpful. The chase scenes and action sequences were exciting and the dialogue was humorous. Plus I can't forget the beautiful Charlize Theron, she is so fine. Smart, funny and good looking, what a perfect combination. I did have one issue with the movie, after watching the Mini Coopers fly around LA in the movie, upon returning to my car I drove like a maniac. However, I think that is a good thing about the movie. B+

A little sound file for your listenting pleasure. New favorite radio spot

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