Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Have to make it quick

Hi everybody I am sitting in my car outside the Germain amphitheatre. Now I know what kind of a dork uses a computer while tailgating at a concert. The answer is me. So I brought my wireless network card and plugged it in to see what I could find and I found the box office's wireless network. So I have been using the internet and chatting on IM. I just remembered to update my lj.

The drive here was long and boring, it was 812 miles and took me 12 hours to get here. I struggled with the radio the entire ride trying to pick up the Howard Stern show. It was in and out but it kept me busy. I think I will be back for BoCaNo tomorrow night, but I didn't get an email for it, perhaps it just hasn't been sent out yet. Well I am going to go while the internet still works.

Peace from the Dave Matthews concert in Columbus, OH.

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