Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trip to the Park

Day at the Park

We took Kaleb to the park this afternoon because finally the weather has turned around. He really liked it a lot although he wanted to eat the rocks. He got to go down the slide and swing on the swings a couple times. Unfortunately the weather is changing back to winter mode again, with an expected 2-3 inches here tomorrow. I did see that the forecast for Tuesday involves temperatures in the 60's. I think we are all ready for Spring, especially Mr. Kaleb who is a huge fan of the outdoors.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New TV

We recently completed our taxes and as originally discussed we bought a new HD TV for the living room. I researched for a couple days and settled upon an older Sony 40" LCD 1080p TV. I went and picked it up at Circuity City and also bought the new cables necessary for improved resolution on the Wii. Setting it up was very easy and it was even able to find some HD programming which was a huge surprise since we don't even have a digital cable box yet. Of course we only get the major networks at the current time, but it is enough to satisfy my thirst for HD programming for the time being.

Jennifer was slightly impressed with it up until tonight. However, now she is amazed because we are watching the Oscar winning animated short of "Peter and the Wolf" and the quality is unbelievable. You can see the smallest details with everything.

I have been super excited about everything, especially the Wii now that we can use it in wide-screen format. Super Mario Galaxy is amazing and makes for a completely new gaming experience. I have only played around with it so far but look forward to really going crazy and playing for hours on end in the near future.

For those of you concerned about it possibly tipping over on Kaleb, well it came with a special strap which screws into the entertainment center so it won't be able to tip over, the entertainment center itself also has a large set of counter weights to prevent it from toppling over.

So far I think this has been one of the best investments we could have made. Now I just have to convince Jennifer that we need an Apple TV.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Feeling Better

Kaleb is now feeling much better than he had been. We are now picking up the pieces of what is left of the routine we had before he was sick though. While he was sick we did whatever was necessary to keep him comfortable in happy, which included breast feeding as often as possible, eating when he was up to it and falling asleep downstairs in the evening. He has had a hard time going down to sleep easily and still wakes up after only a couple hours. We really have to figure something out.

He continues to learn at a rapid rate, dinner time now nearly always ends with Kaleb saying "All Done" or some form of "Done". He can now recognize more things than ever including the 5 on the front of our house and the sticker that was on his hand today. The weather is finally starting to improve and we are able to spend a little more time outdoors. On Friday we actually went for a nice walk and then afterwards I just let Kaleb crawl around the front yard and do whatever he wanted.

Today Jamison and Megan came over to decorate Easter eggs. It got a little messy, but it went surprisingly well. I think Kaleb really enjoyed having Jamison over and hopefully her crazy walking abilities will rub off on him.

Here are some photos from the past week or so including the Easter egg adventure today:
Kaleb: Day 393

Monday, March 10, 2008

Kaleb Sick Again

Kaleb has once again become sick, this time he has a fever again. It all started yesterday afternoon and he has been sleeping a lot since then. Once in a while he does snap back to his normal self, but the rest of the time he is very lethargic.

Prior to getting sick again he was doing very well. Over the last few weeks his recognition of common objects has improved dramatically, he recognizes items like: ball, ducky, doggie, oyster crackers, cheese, vaccuum, broom, shovel, boobie and as of this evening belly button. He also has been more consistent with saying "All Done" and "Uh Oh". He has become a lot busier and can now just play by himself on the floor for minutes at a time before crawling off to climb the stairs. He looks more and more like a little boy each day, which is just crazy to watch. Crawling is still his preferred method of transportation, but he is moving about more easily while standing up and holding onto things. Here are some photos of the last few weeks.

Kaleb: Day 387

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend at Sunday River

Sunday River Weekend

Sunday River Powder Day Movie

We all went up to Sunday River this weekend for a little family vacation. It was Jennifer, Kaleb, Jon, Zach, Brendan and myself. We got up there with out much trouble although we did hit a couple frost heaves. Kaleb cried for about a half hour before falling asleep. The snow started falling over night and didn't stop until Saturday night. We ended up with about ten inches total from the storm, which just added to the existing mountains of snow everywhere. Zach and I went up early and went all over the mountain. I then met up with some friends and skied with them for the rest of the day. I lasted quite a while considering how long it had been since I last skied and the exhausting conditions. I was pretty tired by the end of the day and was sound asleep by about 8:30.

Today I decided to stay off the mountain because it looked like it was going to be a cold windy day. We stayed around the house until around 11AM and then went into Bethel so I could commit some code I had worked on Friday night. We then drove to Portland for lunch at Oh Naturals, before returning home this evening.

It was a great weekend and felt good to ski again. Kaleb seemed to have a good time and I think he enjoyed the change of venue, its been a long boring winter at home for him. I am sure he is going to be overwhelmed come the summer time and how much time he will get to spend outside. He also has started standing on his own more than he had lately, which leads us to believe he is on his way to walking upright. Of course we have said this before, but we will see.