Monday, March 10, 2008

Kaleb Sick Again

Kaleb has once again become sick, this time he has a fever again. It all started yesterday afternoon and he has been sleeping a lot since then. Once in a while he does snap back to his normal self, but the rest of the time he is very lethargic.

Prior to getting sick again he was doing very well. Over the last few weeks his recognition of common objects has improved dramatically, he recognizes items like: ball, ducky, doggie, oyster crackers, cheese, vaccuum, broom, shovel, boobie and as of this evening belly button. He also has been more consistent with saying "All Done" and "Uh Oh". He has become a lot busier and can now just play by himself on the floor for minutes at a time before crawling off to climb the stairs. He looks more and more like a little boy each day, which is just crazy to watch. Crawling is still his preferred method of transportation, but he is moving about more easily while standing up and holding onto things. Here are some photos of the last few weeks.

Kaleb: Day 387

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