Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kaleb's First Thanksgiving

Kaleb's First Thanksgiving

We went down to Connecticut for Kaleb's first Thanksgiving. I would go into more detail, but right now I have a pounding headache and I am exhausted.

We did have a great time though. Kaleb has been mumbling "Momma" all weekend long, it is his new word thing. In other development news he successfully sat up from laying on his stomach Saturday morning. He also managed to crawl/scootch backwards. He seems to have come down with a cold and his voice is very raspy. Sometimes its funny because his crying just doesn't sound right.

Okay now we are off to bed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sleepy Eating

Kaleb was a bit sleepy while eating yesterday morning. Here is a video:

We are heading down to Connecticut for the holiday. The plan is to leave on Thursday morning to try and avoid the traffic. We'll see if thats going to work.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Week Ends

Another busy week is finally coming to an end and once again I am exhausted. It is a little combination of being busy, almost frantic, at work and Kaleb's early mornings. Its okay though because it means time is scooting right along and we are that much closer to paying off our house (only 356 more payments to go). Kaleb has been doing very well and got a clean bill of health from the doctor. For the record he is now 26.5" long and weight 15lbs 3oz. His height actually puts him in the 5th percentile for his age, which means he is now on the chart. After talking to the doctor about his sleep schedule we have pushed back his bed time an hour so he is more tired and it has really worked out well. Jennifer has been putting him to bed while he is still awake and he cries/fusses for about five minutes before passing out.

I am not quite sure about our itinerary for the weekend outside of a couple get-togethers with friends. I have compiled quite a queue of shows on the TiVo and kind of feel compelled to watch all of that stuff. I also bought the latest installment in the Mario series called Super Mario Galaxy and I want to get some time in playing it. Jon has also said he will come over and we can remove the rotted shelving from the basement.

That's it for now.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Chill Is in the Air

Kaleb: Day 266

The true autumn like weather has arrived and for now I am okay with it. It hasn't been cold enough to break out the winter jacket, which still keeps me happy. It was another relatively quiet weekend, a little yard work, a little trip to Newburyport, a little shopping, nothing to involved. Yesterday we went over to Stella's in Newburyport for a delicious breakfast, Kaleb was a good kiddo and just hung out in his high chair snacking on our his food and a little of our food. We then returned home and I went outside to rake leaves and went crazy on our grapevines. You see we have these wonderful Concord grapevines in our backyard, but they were really taking over several smaller bushes and were just plain out of control. So I ripped them out of the trees and trimmed them back so we can hopefully attach them to an arbor in the spring. After the yard work we piled into the car and went shopping up in Salem, NH.

Today we had the morning I have always dreamed about having. My wife and son in the kitchen of our house eating a breakfast of scones and mocha's, while listening to some nice "coffee house" type music. It was just wonderful, and goes to show just how great things have become in my life. A little later in the morning, my mom and Jon came over to install new smoke detectors throughout the house. We had some, but they didn't have a battery back up so if the power went out they wouldn't have worked. I had also bought some electronic themostats a while back and Jon was able to hook those up. No more cold mornings downstairs!!! After they left we went over to the cemetery to pay our respects to my grandparents, Arthur and Gigi. Jennifer had asked if we could a few weeks ago and since it was Veteran's day it seemed like the perfect time. Kaleb slept in his car seat while Jennifer and I shared a few tears. It was beautiful over there with the giant oak leaves falling in the chilly autumn sunshine. We then grabbed some lunch before returning home for the rest of the day.

Since five I have been working on a little project for work. I am working on something I would like to get done during the work week, but just don't have time for it. Its sort of strange that I can't do the my real job during the week and have to save it for the spare moments I can scrape up.

There was some big news in the world of Kaleb. Friday afternoon he rolled over from his back to his front for the first time. He has been rolling from front to back for a while now, but this was the first time that he was able to pull the other arm from underneath him. Of course this means he is now able to roll across the floor and has on more than one occasion rolled off onto the hard wood floor.

Hopefully I will have some photos up soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Long Weekend (1 hour longer than normal)

New England Aquarium

As my dad pointed out today it was a long weekend thanks to the moving of the clock back an hour to officially end daylight savings time. We had a very relaxed Saturday and an uber busy Sunday. We mostly stayed in on Saturday with the exception of a late afternoon trip to Panera. Today we met the Noonan's at the New England Aquarium, where we wandered around for a while and then we went over to the North End for lunch. After saying farewell to them we went shopping at Downtown Crossing. We then jumped in the car and drove up to my dad's house for dinner. We spent a good two hour there and watched the big Patriots/Colts game (some called this the biggest regular season game in history) the Patriots ended up winning in the lat few minutes.

Once we were back at home Jennifer and I sat on the floor of our bedroom and had Kaleb practice walking on his own. He still isn't very stable but for the first time balanced himself all by himself for a couple seconds before toppling over. He also took a step or two towards Jennifer before falling over. I don't think we are going to go as far as saying it was his first steps, but he is definitely getting close. I will be sure to document it on video when it happens.

Very exciting times!!!

Kaleb Making Some Noise

Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Treat

Halloween Photos

Another crazy week has passed at the Sands household. Kaleb's teeth continue to make their way up through his gums and his trouble sleeping has increased. We have had a really hard time with him the last few days going to sleep and staying asleep. Besides that a slight loss of appetite he seems to be weathering the storm fairly well. He has really taken off in his walker and marches around the house quite a bit. We have even taken him outside, my mom got him to climb her entire driveway and I took him to the Amesbury Skate Park for a little exercise. Despite the occasional fussiness at home he is still a very well behaved little boy.

As for Kaleb's parents we have been very tired lately. I have been burning the midnight oil and then waking up at six which is starting to catch up with me. Jennifer on the other hand has been working all day and then taking care of Kaleb in the evening. Parenting is a strange thing, it seems that you always think you are at the most difficult time for one reason or another, but a month goes by and it seems even more challenging. Like for instance right now Kaleb is pretty demanding attention wise and his attention span is pretty short so there is a constant pressure to keep him busy and moving around. This compares to a few months ago when you could just put him in one place and he would sit there quite content. Right now I think if only he could walk things would be easier, but I am sure it will just bring up more different and challenging issues. The bottom line is probably that each stage is equally as hard as the last, but just different. I am certain of one ting we will soon see if I am right.

This weekend we are off to the New England Aquarium on Sunday with the Noonans followed by a birthday party up at my dad's house.

Busy busy busy!!!