Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Treat

Halloween Photos

Another crazy week has passed at the Sands household. Kaleb's teeth continue to make their way up through his gums and his trouble sleeping has increased. We have had a really hard time with him the last few days going to sleep and staying asleep. Besides that a slight loss of appetite he seems to be weathering the storm fairly well. He has really taken off in his walker and marches around the house quite a bit. We have even taken him outside, my mom got him to climb her entire driveway and I took him to the Amesbury Skate Park for a little exercise. Despite the occasional fussiness at home he is still a very well behaved little boy.

As for Kaleb's parents we have been very tired lately. I have been burning the midnight oil and then waking up at six which is starting to catch up with me. Jennifer on the other hand has been working all day and then taking care of Kaleb in the evening. Parenting is a strange thing, it seems that you always think you are at the most difficult time for one reason or another, but a month goes by and it seems even more challenging. Like for instance right now Kaleb is pretty demanding attention wise and his attention span is pretty short so there is a constant pressure to keep him busy and moving around. This compares to a few months ago when you could just put him in one place and he would sit there quite content. Right now I think if only he could walk things would be easier, but I am sure it will just bring up more different and challenging issues. The bottom line is probably that each stage is equally as hard as the last, but just different. I am certain of one ting we will soon see if I am right.

This weekend we are off to the New England Aquarium on Sunday with the Noonans followed by a birthday party up at my dad's house.

Busy busy busy!!!

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