Sunday, September 24, 2006

Full Fall Weekend

Jennifer's birthday was Sunday, but to celebrate she set up an evening with some of friends on Friday night. We all met at the Rockbottom Brewery and enjoyed a nice dinner, despite the hard bread. It was a fun time and very relaxed just as Jennifer hoped. On Saturday we went to Elizabeth's wedding up in Ipswich. It was a rather rainy day, but didn't take away from the festivities. The reception was fantastic, as soon as we walked in we were offered the option of signing the guest book or a baseball. Next we grabbed our place card, which had a baseball card on the back directing us to the correct table. The baseball theme was evident throughout and gave a very playful feeling to the day.

After the wedding we came home and barely made it to nine o'clock before running off to bed. We woke up early this morning because I was impatiently waiting to give Jennifer her birthday gift. She seemed to enjoy the bracelet and necklace, which made my day. We stayed in bed for a couple more hours and then went to breakfast at O'Naturals. I ended up doing a little work at the cafe and then we drove up to Amesbury for a little apple picking before the rains came. The fun filled weekend didn't end there, we next moved on to my dad's house and then on to my mom's house. It was good to see the family although I was quickly fading.

We finally made it home at around six, when I realized I would be working for the evening. It was mostly busy work and it is all for a good cause, but I am exhausted right now.

Enjoy these photos.
AHS Soccer vs. Triton
Elizabeth's Wedding
Apple Picking

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Breaking News!!!!

I have completed the beta version of my new website, I am well aware that it isn't the prettiest site ever, but I will be working to add a much nicer facade in the near future. The site includes a page with links for all of my photos, a page for all of my google movies and most importantly a view of this LiveJournal. So now there is no need to go to just point your browser for, the place to go for all things Keegan.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another Lovely Weekend

Started the weekend at home with my lovely wife on Friday night. The next morning I woke up bright and early to go on a hike of Carter Dome with Mark & Kate. I drove up by myself and met them at the trail head at 10AM. It was the perfect day for hiking and the trail was great. There was the perfect mix of an easy start, followed by a cool lake in the Carter Notch, a nice steep climb followed by a gorgeous view of the Presidential Range from the top of Mt. Hight. The view from Carter Dome is a bit obscured by trees so we really had to wait a bit before getting some good photos. We made it back down to the car after about seven hours of hiking and I was exhausted. I hadn't been in the car more than five minutes before I started feeling nauseous. We met at the Red Fox restaurant and I went inside and placed my order, but immediately excused myself so I could get some fresh air. While outside I threw up in the bushes, but unfortunately didn't feel better. I told Mark and Kate that I had to take off and hopped in the car. Right away I started to get a fever and had to roll the windows, which was immediately followed by cold sweats. Kate then called me and told me Mark had the same symptoms and that they would also be going home. We agreed to caravan and made our way south. After about an hour I began feeling better and by the time I was back in Somerville, I was just tired, but didn't have any other issues. Mark felt the same way. It was very odd, but I wasn't about to complain for my good fortune.

On Sunday I hung around the house all morning and then walked down to JFK park in Harvard to read my book, Compass. I finished the book and came home to do laundry before Jennifer got back from Connecticut. Once she was back we went to Rudy's cafe for dinner. Yummy Mexican.

Yesterday I worked and then drove up to Amesbury to watch Zach's soccer game. I will admit I was a bit vocal, but I like to think it was in an inspirational way as opposed to criticizing them. I would encourage them to move up and kept telling Zach to cover different players. The lost the game, but seemed to make a comeback at the end.

That's it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Coming soon.....

I know I haven't been good about posting, but I guess documenting day to day life isn't too exciting. I suppose at one point I was posting that sort of stuff and it was relatively interesting. Hmmmm.... Anyway I have been thinking about getting a new domain name soon and moving the LJ to my own personal server so I can control the address and also make more of a web site with a page for photos. I am researching different software and hosts and I am leaning towards WordPress, which is a cool blogging software that is supported by several different hosting companies. The good news is that I should be able to migrate the all of the LJ entries to the new blog. I should have everything figured out over the next few days and get this party started.


Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Back To School

Cleaned up the basement this weekend and I have to say it is oddly clean and room like down there, well except for the lack of light, finished walls and ceilings. We bought a new mattress on Saturday, which will be arriving on Monday. Yesterday was spent at Maudslay State Park along the Merrimack River followed by a visit to my mom's house. Today Jennifer went back to school and I went to the gym bright and early.