Monday, April 17, 2006


On Friday night it was an evening at the old ballpark. I met mom at the Common and we walked to Fenway Park for the BoSox-Mariners game. After a little confusion we met Jennifer and Melissa on the way to the game. We took some photos outside the green monster and then we parted ways for our seats. Mom and I sat in right field right under the over hang, so when the rain came we stayed relatively dry. I was excited about the game because I had decided to keep score, so I was glad to get there early and get situated with my score card and my pen. I have developed my own system and while I did miss a couple pitches here and there I was able to record most of the game. It got tricky after the rain started, but I was able to keep the score card dry. The next morning I totaled up all of the statistics and my box score was correct. Tomorrow night Jennifer and I are going back to Fenway and once again I will be keeping score.

Here are my score cards from Friday's game. Click to zoom.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The New Table

Here is a photo of our new table and the chairs we bought at K-Mart for $25, there not the best chairs ever, but they match the table and I think they will last us a few years at least. I also uploaded some photos from Bust 'n' Burn a few weeks ago. I didn't get many, but here they are Rainy Bust 'n' Burn weekend

Monday, April 10, 2006

Google Videos Take Off

I know I never update and that is just something I have to accept for the time being. However I wanted to thank you all for the recent surge in viewings of my videos on Google Video. I have had 66 total views of my three movies. Its cool that people are actually going online and looking at those things. It is all the inspiration I need to do some more.

While I am here I will let you know what I have been up to lately. On Friday night I joined Mark, Kate and Amy at Jennie's Art Exhibition. It was a good time and there was a huge Su Doku bulletin board of countries which we managed to finish the puzzle. The next morning Jennifer and I woke up and drove down to Connecticut. Saturday night we went to Jennifer's 10 year reunion and had a fantastic time. Unlike my reunion, where Jennifer didn't know any of my classmates, I knew a whole bunch of her friends and their boyfriends so it was great.

Yesterday we went to a flea market in the morning and then drove home in the afternoon. I did get the chance to clean my car, which looks fantastic right about now. We bought a new table last week, which is huge, but unfortunately the chairs we had don't match the table so we went and bought some cheap chairs at KMart. So I had the fun job of putting the four chairs together and they look really great.

Okay until next time.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Two Things

I was just reading about the protests currently going on in France and wondered if Americans are happy with our situation and if we weren't would we still be able to create a gathering of so many people. Personally I feel like the whole protesting thing doesn't get much accomplished and is more of a nuisance. Is it possible that if enough people came out in protest of the war, we would actually get the troops out of Iraq? In this day and age I doubt it.

The other thing I have to announce is a new addition to my recent submissions to Google video. A couple years ago Brittany and I drove to Florida and brought along the video camera. Since we forgot to record while we were down there I ended up doing about a 25 minute narrative of our trip. I recently came across the video and decided to upload it to google video.
So here it is:
2003 Florida Trip Narrative Video