Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

I haven't forgotten about this LJ and I am currently working on the entry for Thanksgiving weekend. In order to get something out there here are three slideshows from my long holiday weekend.
Thanksgiving Snowmen
Riebe Christmas Tree Search
10 Year AHS Reunion

More details later.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Quick Entry

Mark, Kate and I have finally had our day on the Sunday River website. Go to this website to see us in the middle and background of the photo. Of course we weren't on the main page, but this is a good start.

Last night we had our annual BoCaNO Thanksgiving at our house. We cooked the turkey (okay Jennifer did) and it turned out really well. My responsibility was making gravy and carving the turkey. Here are some photos from last night BoCaNO Thanksgiving Photos. It was a fantastic time.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bird Flu Coming Soon to a human near you

I just wanted to report this now since in a couple years when the pandemic is in full force I can say I remember when I first reported this on my LJ. You can read the article, but I will summarize by saying that at least two people in China have contracted the bird flu. Both were children a nine year old boy and a twelve year old girl. Apparently the girl died from the flu. My biggest fear is that the kids contracted it in October and China denied it, I wonder how many people actually have contracted the flu. I just don't feel the Chinese government will be super forthcoming with the information. Oh well good luck everybody and keep your hands off of those subway poles.
Bird Flu Found In Humans article

Monday, November 14, 2005

My Girlfriend Is Crying

I am sitting on the couch right now next to Jennifer and she is just plain bawling her eyes out. Now at first you might think something terrible has happened but in actuality they are tears of laughter. What is she laughing at? We are watching the ridiculous show called America's Funniest Videos and they just had a segment where one person after another got knocked down, bonked with or whacked with some sort of ball. Yes its true she is a sucker for these shows and always ends up with tears in her eyes. I must say it is quite a sight.

I forgot to make an entry about my weekend. On Saturday I got into a car accident within a block of my house, only adding to the statistic about most accidents happening within a mile of your house. I was rear-ended by some guy and luckily Precious was okay. Unfortunately Jennifer and I have had sore necks for the last two days. On Saturday night we invited some friends over and had a great turn out of three people. We still had a great time, but I am coming to the conclusion that I should stop sending invitations to things, because nobody every shows up. It seems like nobody shows up for the BoCaNO's when I send the email. Oh well maybe its just coincidence.

Sunday was a momentous day for me, because my dad and Anne came to Somerville to see our house. My parents don't have a good history of visiting places I have lived. However since it really isn't a competition I won't post the totals, but I can say between my mom and dad the total number of visits to some place I have lived is less than five. Maybe I just need to move closer to Amesbury for better results.

Okay I am tired and need to get a little rest.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Breaking News Podcast

I put up some photos from the hike on Sunday.

I also put out a new podcast (see the link below). In this podcast you can hear the outcome of Mark's recent trip to a Maine courthouse to refute his speeding ticket. Once again I played some music, to break up all of my talking. I also recount the hike of Mt. Tripyramid. I think its super funny, but then again I made it. Check it out!
Listen to the Breaking News Podcast

Monday, November 7, 2005

What a Weekend?

I had a rather busy weekend. On Saturday I went shopping in the morning and then came home and helped our landlord cut a limb off the tree in front of the house. I took a nap and then met Andy in Davis Square. We went over the Jillian's on Landsdowne street to watch the Penn State game. It was a great game and I was surprised to see all of the PSU fans in Boston. I estimate that there were around 100 fans at the bar. After each touchdown the place would erupt with cheering followed by a repeat cheer. After the game I went home and did a bunch of laundry and dishes.

On Sunday Andy and I went up to climb Mt. Tripyramid. The hike started off really well and was pretty easy until we turned on to the Mt. Tripyramid Loop trail. We crossed a river and then struggled through six inches of snow and poorly marked trails for about forty five minutes before getting to the hard part of the hike. We finally got to the bottom of the north face of the mountain which was a trail straight up the steepest side of the mountain. Since it was the north face the snow was really deep, which when combined with the steepness made for a difficult ascent. We struggled up the side of the mountain and finally made it to the top of the slide an hour or so later. We continued up what we thought was the trail only to find it was a dead end. After scrambling back down a little we found the actual trail and were at the top within 15 minutes. Once at the top I quickly took off one of my wet boots and warmed my toes in my fleece vest. They warmed up a little, but were still a little numb when we set off back down the mountain. The trail we descended on was much easier than the trail on the way up. It was a really tough hike, but I definitely feel like I earned that 4000 footer.

Photos and a podcast to come later in the day.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

New Podcast Episode

I have a new podcast episode. And if you don't want to add the rss feed or subsribe to it in iTunes. Just click on this link Episode 3: Little More Music and your computer will figure out the rest.

My podcast is now officially listed in the iTunes music store. Click Here

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

New Podcast

Hi everybody,

I have added a new episode to my podcast. In an effort to get people listening instead of reading I am going to keep the text short for now.

To make it easier for you all to listen here are some other ways besides using iTunes. All I have really done is set up an RSS feed. You will probably see RSS feeds on all your favorite websites. It is basically a way of packaging content that is easily read regardless of the type of content or where it is from. You can do the iTunes thing or you can use any RSS reader you want. For the most lightweight version I would use the google reader (setup instructions below). It allows you to play the audio without requiring a download. You can also add other feeds to the google reader such as the livejournal.

If you have a gmail account go to
Log in using your gmail account and password.
Once on the reader page click the "Your Subscriptions" tab.
Click add a feed.
Paste into the box and click Preview.
My podcast will automatically load.
Now click the Subscribe button.
The feed has now been added.
Now if you go to the My Subscriptions tab again you can see the feed and if you click on it you can see all the episodes below.
Click on play to hear the episodes.

If you want to add this Livejournal to the google reader here is the path