Tuesday, March 19, 2019

AirPods and Siri Music Suggestions

At work I use my iPad Pro and AirPods to listen to Sirius XM and Apple Music during the day.  I noticed over the last couple weeks that if I put the AirPods down for a certain amount of time, they wouldn't play the same audio when I hit play again.  Now I know there is some special iOS thing about what the last audio app was and it sometimes loses track, but in this case it was sometimes happening with Apple Music.  It would be in the middle of the latest David Gray album and then when I came back and hit play, I get the Into the Spider-verse soundtrack.

Today I realized that if I put the AirPods in my ears and turned on the iPad screen it said, "AirPods Siri Suggestion" and that was the culprit.  I immediately went in to Settings > Siri > Apple Music and turned of Siri Suggestions.  So far today when I double tap to play again it resumes right where I left off.