Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Mid October Skiing

I was just on the Killington web site and apparently they plan on having skiing sometime in mid-October. I guess I should go get my old 1080's tuned in preparation for opening day. I still have to find tele bindings and boots for my new 1080's, but it has become a rather daunting task, due to lack of telemark dealers.

I learned two things last night in my apartment when I decided to make myself dinner. First my smoke detectors work a little too well and I can make a pretty decent grilled cheese sandwich under stressful conditions. I couldn't decide on dinner last night since I wasn't very hungry and decided to experiment with a grilled cheese. Now to most people this would be a rather simple, quick and painless experience, but of course you wouldn't be reading about it if that was the case. I turned on the stove and got out a big old frying pan which was about as big in diameter as my entire stove is wide. I put a couple of pieces of butter on the pan and then buttered one side of a piece of bread. No sooner had I placed the bread on the pan and the smoke detectors were going off. I couldn't understand it because I wasn't burning anything and there wasn't any smoke coming off of the pan, butter or bread. I don't know cooking too well, but I am sure I wasn't burning anything. Now on top of the stress of cooking something for the first time I had to deal with the smoke detectors. I turned down the stove and ran to my bedroom smoke detector to begin waving my hands near it to make it stop. After a couple seconds it stopped and in an instant the other detector started wailing away down the hall. I shut my bedroom door to prevent any more invisible smoke from getting to the first detector and worked on calming down the second one. It finally stopped and I opened a bunch of doors and windows to allow for some ventilation. Now it was time to get back to the stove and my now perfectly grilled piece of bread. I turned the stove back up and placed the cheese and the other piece of buttered bread on top of the already grilled piece. The detector started to go off again and I waved a towel in front of it to make it stop. At this point I am wondering what the landlord upstairs thinks about his downstairs tenant. After flipping the sandwich a couple of times I decided it was done and placed it onto my plate. Before eating I decided to shut the door and close some of the windows because it was beginning to get cold outside. I put some chips onto the plate, poured myself a glass of milk and sat down at my kitchen table to eat my creation. I am happy to say it was delicious, though I think next time I will use less cheese. My experience was very mixed while I am more confident about my cooking skills I am now worried about setting the super sensitive smoke detector off. It is time to just cook away.

Other things to note from last night come from TV. The first thing is the gross out challenge on Fear Factor last night. The contestants had to eat these gross bugs and the more they ate the more chances they had to win a sports car. The first contestant a woman didn't do so well and was only able to eat two of them. The guys on the other hand went crazy and were actually joking around while they ate them. One guy through the spider into the air and then chomped down on the spider. It was gross and the fact that the guys were not bothered was just disturbing.

The other TV thing I noticed was how John Madden doing the announcing on Monday Night Football stands up. Why on earth does he stand up? Is it because the players are standing, do they announce better standing up? It just struck me as strange.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Less than five weeks to go

Yes its true in about five weeks the ski season will begin again. Of course this means going to Killington for a couple weeks, but at this point I'll take any skiing. You might be wondering why I am bringing this up all of a suddent, but it is because our ski house is officially finished and everything is hooked up. Woo-hoo!!!!

In other news I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to be at work dark and early. It is such a different commute that early in the morning because all of the people at the train station are so quiet and the train is so very empty. The streets are also empty at 6:30 in the morning, I was the only person crossing the street in places where you typically have the safety in numbers.

I can't really think of anything clever to say, but perhaps after I go and get a bagel I will have some interesting story to tell. We'll see.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Friday already, okay I'll take it

Yes I know I promised a story about the concert, but I did start to write it and it quickly evolved into a novella. So I am going to really polish it up and release it sometime next week. In the meantime I don't want to stop writing in this lovely LJ and figured I would make an entry today.

I realized that I didn't really mention Some Devil, because of some craziness at work. Here is a song by song review, click for preview:
Dodo - A perfect opener for the CD, it builds into a very full song in the end.
So Damn Lucky - A very radio friendly song (not pop song), but very catchy lyrics and chorus.
Gravedigger - The full band version has grown on me, it is a very moving song.
Some Devil - All I have to say is this song is only Dave and an electric baritone guitar, that's it.
Grey Blue Eyes - Co-written with Trey Anastasio, this is a very slow and mellow song. A nice sweet song with great vocals.
Trouble - Believe it or not this is a religious song. The guitar work on this song by Tim Reynolds is amazing.
Save Me - Another religious themed song, it is slated to be a radio single and for good reason. The bass combined with the little guitar lick draw you right into this song. Seems very upbeat and happy.
Stay or Leave - A great love song, which debuted last spring on the Dave & Tim acoustic tour. The background percussion gets very distracting, but once you get to the chorus, you forget all about it.
An' Another Thing - Dark, dark, dark. It sounds almost like an opera, as per most Dave Matthews songs the lyrics are pretty much a mumbling of words.
Oh - A love song with a nice little guitar riff. The chorus is one of my favorites on the album. Dave's voice is perfect on this one.
Baby - A lullaby written for Dave's twin daughters. It is short but sweet for certain.
Up and Away - This song has a little reggae flavor to it. The song builds and is has a very catchy beat, the organ played in the background is a nice added bonus.
Too High - It seems to come off as a dark song. The song has momentum and continues to increase in tempo and sound until the climax where an entire orchestra closes out the song.
Gravedigger (acoustic) - The perfect end to an outstanding album. The stripped down version lets Dave focus on his focals and you can hear the extreme range he has in his voice on this song.

Go buy a copy you won't regret it.

My Top Five from Some Devil (which are sure to change):
1) Oh
2) Some Devil
3) Dodo
4) Up and Away
5) Stay or Leave

Just a note on the pictures. We have a little metal box at work and we decided for a fun afternoon activity we would try to fit inside it. You can see I had trouble due to my long legs, but John was able to invert himself and squeeze almost all the way into the box. Yeah we are crazy I know. The other pictures are the latest of my lovely apartment.

Have a great weekend,
One last kiss
One only
then I'll let you go

-David John Matthews
Some Devil

Thursday, September 25, 2003

One word: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Check back soon for a full story on my day in NYC and the Dave Matthews Band show in Central Park. I just had to get the pictures up for y'all.


Monday, September 22, 2003

I did a bunch of shopping this weekend and went all over the place. One place I went was the always crowded Christmas Tree Shops in Saugus. It was packed of course and as I was walking around noticed how their commercials are true to life. If you aren't familiar with them they usually interview people in the store with thick Massachusetts accents and the people act all surprised at the great deal they just got on a tacky reindeer shaped vase. My version of a quote from the commercial: "Wow, I can't bahlieve how cheap this great reindeah vase is, I am goin right over theya now and pick'n up one for each of my four dawthas, they ah gonna love em." If you actually go to one of these bargain basement stores you will actually see the same women shopping and talking to each other just like in the commercial. It is so classic. I was only looking for some furniture and was unable to find anything and left the rest of the crap for the loud mouthed hens.

I was walking to work today and began thinking about a weird feature most of us have, eyebrows. Now I believe they serve a certain purpose, something about protecting the eyes from light or stuff in the air, but think of how random they are on your face. They are just a random patch of hair in the middle of nowhere with no connection to anything else. Their size and shape also varies depending on the person. Just an observation I came up with on the walk to work from North Station.

Less than 24 hours until the new Dave Matthews CD, followed by a fun trip to NYC for the largest DMB concert ever. Woohoo!!!

Big city, black city
Rises up around me steals my soul away

-DJM "Spotlight"

Friday, September 19, 2003

Welcome Isabel

Today we will experience rain from Hurricane Isabel, but it won't rain for too long which is a good thing. However look out for some crazy winds this afternoon. Now that the weather is out of the way I will try and tell you what I have been up to. Basically I have been doing a lot of things and won't bore you with the details. I had a ton of fun eating at the Emerson dining hall, it was very strange how confident I felt, I wish I felt that way in bars. I was thinking about just going there to help build my confidence and then head out into the real world. I ended up eating a ton of food to the point where I actually became sick, but of course it was good, because dining hall food always tastes good at first. The girls were hilarious with the constant attacks on one another, it reminded me of how harsh we used to be to each other in our wing back at Somerset Hall. One girl asked me my name and I told her, but then proceeded to give her my fake college bio. The girls said I was a junior TV/Video major living at 6 Arlington. We all kept a straight faced and she believed it. Haha.

BoCaNO was fun, especially because of the high turn out. I love drawing on the tables at Fajita's and Rita's, this week I just wrote down the track list for every Dave Matthews album. I was disappointed because I forgot one track off of both Busted Stuff and Everyday. Maybe I shouldn't even be allowed to go to the show next Wednesday in Central Park. I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!! Plus Some Devil also comes out on Tuesday, what a wonderful week and it hasn't even happened yet.

The commute has been going well, I have purposely caught the same train every morning so I can begin to recognize people and not feel like such a stranger. It is starting to work and I almost feel like I belong. One thing I do remember from the Newburyport line was the guy at North Station who stands near the trash can with a black hat and black trench coat. He is there every morning and collects certain newspapers from people. However some make the cut and others get tossed into the barrel. I will try to get a picture soon for everybody.

Work drives me crazy, granted these last minute projects help my day fly along they also get me stressed out and I take it out on my favorite coworker John. So John if you are reading this I apologize for my rude behaviour yesterday and will do my best to be better today. Hopefully the pizza party we are having today will promote a good mood for me.

Survivor was on tv last night and because it is the first bit of fresh programming on I watched it and found it to be okay. They are always trying to keep the show fresh, so last night they made the people jump of a boat and swim to shore, where they were given money and sent into a small town to buy things. The group this year is quite entertaining, my favorites are the guy who is a produce clerk and the girl who is a computer programmer.

Okay time to get back to work. Hope you enjoyed today's randomness.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

I wish I had more time

Okay I don't have much time to write so I will make it quick. Things I will give more detail about when I have time:
1) Dinner at Little Building Dining Hall at Emerson College.
2) More funny commute stories. i.e. the weird newspaper guy in the morning
3) BoCaNO at Fajitas and Ritas
4) Last minute projects at work and how they stress me out.
5) The internet usage warning at work.
Edited because sometimes people do crazy things

Okay now its back to work. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and I am sorry for lack of detail right now.
K. Willis

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Umbrellas, umbrellas everywhere

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain splattering against my bedroom window and immediately thought to myself, "It's raining again." I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, however the unavoidable trip to work sat in the back of my mind preventing me from going back to dream land. I grudgingly made my way to the bathroom and took a shower which helped my mood somewhat. Things improved even more after the weather man said the showers would soon fade away and the sky would clearing presenting us with sunshine this afternoon. I have to admit a smile appeared on my face as I began whistling on my way to pick out a freshly cleaned and ironed short sleeved shirt, which would be perfect for an afternoon lunch in the common. After getting dressed, I finished off a small glass of slightly tart cranberry juice before grabbing a rain coat from my closet. As I reached for my coat I noticed an umbrella resting on the shelf and thought about bringing it to help me stay dry in the downpour, but something told me to leave it and I did. Once the closet door was closed I grabbed my keys, wallet and bag, before venturing out into the deluge.

As I ran to the car the rain came down upon me with a fury only seen deep within the center of a hurricane. I jumped into the car and shook off, even though I had only run thirty feet my jacket was completely soaked and I kept thinking, "Why did I leave the umbrella in the closet?" My car was dry except for the occasional dripping from the top of my driver's side door, but it is an ongoing problem I have become accustomed to especially after the past soggy spring. The drive to the train station proved to be interesting since several puddles were so large you were forced to either swerve into the other lane or plow through the deep water. I had considered parking in the free parking next to the warning signs saying,"In severe high tides this area may flood", but considering the rain and the long walk involved I decided to pay the two dollars to park in the nearly full commuter lot. I pulled into one of the last non water filled spaces and prepared myself again for the now slightly lighter rain. I locked the car and then glanced down at the parking space number and proceeded to repeat it to myself over and over again. 272 - 272 - 272.

I made it to the payment boxes and was almost had my eye poked out by a woman's umbrella. After my near miss, I glanced up at the payment boxes only to find a giant cluster of umbrellas in all colors and sizes. In my mind I knew I had to make my way through the rain forest of wood and steel with my folded dollar bills and find slot 2-7-3, no 2-7-4. I had become distracted by all the umbrellas and forgotten my space number, if I could only remember the simple three digit number. In a desparate attempt to figure it out I looked towards my car and realized despite my 20/15 vision I wasn't going to be able to figure out the number. I thought to myself, "What am I going to do, what am I going to do...272, 272." I remembered the space via a rhyme and made my way to the center of the umbrellas and placed the payment in the slot numbered 272.

I narrowly escaped with both eyes still intact, but did have my hat slightly dislodged by a short woman's umbrella, she apologized and I went straight for my daily Metro newspaper. The rain was begin to lighten up even more as I went down to the platform where another cluster of umbrellas had all formed causing the line for the train to look twice as long as usual. I navigated through the field of little domes and stood under a structure resembling a camping lean to. I think it would have been drier standing outside, but I wanted to avoid the umbrellas at all costs. The train soon arrived and I was forced to move back towards the mass of umbrella people. They began moving around and preparing themselves for the brief moment when rain would actually have to touch them. As the train moved closer the deforestation began as one by one the umbrellas were closed and withdrawn into the crowd. Everybody was so cautious and tried to be courteous, however as we all know while closing an umbrella is difficult keeping the people around you from getting soaked by the run off is an even more challenging task. Many people around me failed and tried to apologize for their carelessness, I just shrugged it off and focused on getting on the train. I made it on the muggy train and took a seat next to a couple of girls who were kind enough to let me sit on the end. I glanced over at the guy next to me as he finished struggling with his wet umbrella and stuffed it under his seat. He was certain to forget it and then someday when really caught in a rainstorm without the option of a rain coat he would wonder where in the world did I leave my umbrella. At that moment a smile once again appeared on my face because I realized why I let my umbrella stay on the shelf in the closet.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Another Busy Weekend

It seems like forever since I last updated this thing, but apparently it was last Thursday. I went camping and hiking this weekend up on Mount Madison. Good times as can be seen by the pictures.

It was great to be back in Salem last night. I had so much stuff I wanted to get done last night, but basically went right to bed. Now I have to pack up the car and drive back to the 'Bury to do laundry, fun fun fun. I am looking forward to having my first normal week in Salem and continue to try and save money.

I guess thats it for now, sorry for no witty comments, but I just can't seem to think of any right now. Perhaps I will come up with something this afternoon.

Friday, September 12, 2003

God Bless America

From the Hershey, PA show last night:
"I know this day in history will live on, to quote another, in infamy, for it's anniversary. So, I just want to pay my respects to all those people who lost their lives on this date two years ago, and we pay all our respects to them and to all of you who lost somebody special, and to all of us who lost our innocence on that day. We will never forget it, no. But let us also not forget all the millions of people that have died all over the world for the same terrible reasons. I hope that one day we will find a peaceful world to live on."

-- Dave Matthews

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Notes for later

BoCaNO was good though I am still tired. Good BoCaNO turn out plus we met an old friend of the former Miss Cavicchi (sp?). Lots of DMB discussion it seems that everybody has been to at least one show, well except for Jen, hopefully that will change soon. It was nice to see all the different people there and how it feels like a different crowd then when I started a year ago. A funny thing happened when Mark, Clemence and I were waiting for the T. I was taking a picture of a random children's sandal that was left in the subway (see the pictures) and a woman stopped and asked if I was actually taking picture of the shoe. She laughed and said, "Well you know what the french say [Insert French Phrase Here]." Now normally that would be a classic moment, but the best part was that Clemence was conveniently there and could translate it for us. Mark and I couldn't stop laughing about it. I went to Wollaston to grab my car and finally headed back to Salem after the DMB mini-tour. I decided to try and take the Ted Williams Tunnel to Route 1A. Now it started off okay, but then I hopped on 107 because I know it ends up near my house. I hit so many damn traffic lights I was freaking out.

Conundrum of the day: Since the British drive on the left side of the road and the French drive on the right side of the road. What happens in the middle of the Chunnel? Do the cars just crash into each other? Or perhaps there is a giant interchange?

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Red Sox Tickets

If anybody wants to see the Red Sox play the White Sox on Friday night, John has four tickets he is selling for $37 each. They are good grandstand seats. If you are interested post a comment or IM me. Thanks, Keegan

I Did It

Here's the setlist:
Ants Marching
Grey Street
Jimi Thing
Song That Jane Likes
Sleep To Dream Her -->
Where Are You Going
Tripping Billies

It speaks for itself, but I need to say this was an amazing show, definitely a top 10 for me. Starting with Ants was just sick. We basically kept waiting for the show to slow down, but they weren't having any of that. Our seats weren't bad and the binoculars certainly came in handy at some points especially between songs when I would attempt to predict the song before they even started playing. I have become very good at calling songs in zero notes, Mark seemed quite surprised by my abilities and the cues I use to call the songs. You have to pay attention to the guitar he is using, the subtle notes which are played before the songs, Leroi's sax selection, Stefan's bass and accessories, Boyd's Wawa pedal and a little bit of pure luck. I was on fire with the picks last night my favorite was the last second Jimi Thing call, my cue was Dave's finger placement on his guitar. In the middle of the song he came out with a crazy skat jam that lasted what seemed like forever, he was so into it and the crowd loved it. Watchtower was intense and a perfect way to close the show. Stefan's bass intro was cool and he even played the riff from the White Stripe's song Seven Nation Army. I can't wait to get a copy of this show, it will never leave my CD player.

After the show we (Amy, Sue, Mark and I) hung out in the parking lot and I played my guitar for a little while. Yes I was that guy who brings his guitar to the concert and plays it in the parking lot, but I don't care it was fun. I could play that thing for hours on end without getting bored. We actually all pitched in $7.50 a piece to park in the Premier Parking which was so much better then the ghetto back lots. It actually had pavement, parking spaces and lights, we were able to get out in less than an hour or nearly half the wait of the prior night. I was exhausted so instead of driving dangerously back to Salem I slept at Mark's house and enjoyed a good six or seven hours of sleep. Overall an amazing night, hooray!!! Next stop Central Park, New York, New York on September 24th for what should turn out to be the largest Dave Matthews Band concert ever. They are giving out free tickets through the fan club and will also be selling them to the public. They expect over 100,000 people, I bet the crowd will top 250,000. I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

DMB Tweeter Center Night One

Okay if this sounds a little incoherent it is because I am very sleepy. I am going to leave out most of my day because it was just work and that is boring. So I will start from when I left work and met Vanessa at Downtown Crossing. We had a little issue there, but we finally left and went to Quincy to get my car and picked Mark and Kate up at Mark's house. They were great because they picked up beers, "Granny" cider, hot dogs, nachos and veggie burgers. The fun in the car then began, it took us a good solid hour to get to the Tweeter Center. We pulled into the lot and just realized how screwed we were going to be on the ride home. It took forever to get in there because the attendants have NO idea what they are doing. We finally parked and had a couple beers and cooked a couple of hot dogs, before rushing off to the show. Vanessa and I said farewell to Mark and Kate and went to our seats, and our timing could not be more perfect. As we got to our seats the lights went off and the band took to the stage.

The show started off slowly, but towards the end of the set they really poured it on with Cry Freedom, Dancing Nancies and Typical Situation. They were excellent and made the evening. We saw many classic people but I can't seem to remember them, perhaps because there were too many to mention. We left the show and met Mark and Kate out by the car, where we once again cooked up some food. The line leaving the parking lot was extremely long and we knew it would take forever to get out of there. After two hours of hanging out the line was at a point where I felt comfortable trying to get out of there. It was relatively smooth sailing and I was home by 2:00.

Sorry about my lack of decent show detail, but I really can't think right now, plus the expenses are calling me. So excited about another show tonight, plus I brought my guitar this time.

Monday, September 8, 2003

Quick Week followed by quick weekend

I went back to the 'Bury this weekend to do my laundry and while I was hanging out mum asked if I wanted to go to the beach and see the waves since they were s'posed to be big from the hurricane in Bermuda. So Britt, Carol, mum and I went to the "Ghetto Beach" and I ran out to take pictues. All said and done I took about 65 pictures. I walked out on the jetty and got some great wave shots, before coming in and getting my pants soaked up to my knees because I was too busy taking pictures. Finished the beach trip with some beach pizza and Willy's candy.

I picked Britt up yesterday to help her move in to 100 Beacon Street. The move went smoothly and once again I found a parking space on Park Street, how poetic. I helped move a bunch of furniture in Jess and Essa's room, which was quite entertaining. I seem to have a knack for maximizing available space in a room, I think its because of my amazing ability to simulate things in my brain, I can just see things without them actually happening. We had a nice lunch at Cheers care of Jess' dad, which was very nice of him. Afterwards we just hung out in the dorm, just like old times, seven years ago when I was in school. After meeting so many people and explaining that I wasn't in school and hadn't been for a while we decided it was easier just to say I was a third year TV/Video major living at 6 Arlington. In honor of the first night there and because I was craving it since the last time we ate there we had dessert at Finale'. It was good, but the portions just don't cut it for me. I did speak to another Keegan yesterday, but she was a girl and I didn't realize her name was Keegan until after she left. I have heard rumors of female Keegan's, but never actually saw one until yesterday. Finally we ended up at the Double Tree (DT) Hotel, also the home to some Emerson freshman. Watched some Sex and the City and I made my way back to Salem. Emerson College Move In Slideshow

Crazy commute this morning since I am going to Dave tonight I had to drop my car off at State Street in Quincy. On the way I saw several interesting things, such as a woman eating a bowl of cereal while driving, a motorcyclist who kept waving at me to back off, the Ted Williams tunnel costs $3, but you don't know that until you pull up to the window, from the Ted you can't reach 93 South without driving into the city and this commute while it involves free parking takes too damn long.

Looking forward to Dave tonight. Full report in the morning!!

Friday, September 5, 2003

Late Entry

Its nice to be happy and in a good mood at work for a change. I am sure the hour and a half lunch with Vanessa might have a little to do with it though. Hey I have worked a ton this week and I deserve it. So since I am in such a good mood I have included pictures from my wonderful lunch in Boston.

So I saw this funny guy today, he had on a sport coat with shorts and sneakers, but no shirt. It was very strange to see early in the morning. I finished unpacking last night and realized how empty my apartment is now. I did make a list of things to buy with things from large to small such as a microwave, couch , coffee table, end table, two lamps, band-aids, a mop, a bucket, a dishwashing rack, any major food staples and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

Have a great weekend everybody.


Thursday, September 4, 2003

Isn't he cute

The squirrel above nearly attacked Vanessa in the park yesterday. We were sitting eating lunch and all of a sudden he hopped up on the park bench begging for food. It was great for me because I could take such a great picture. We saw lots of wildlife yesterday as can be seen in the slideshow.

I was annoyed yesterday because my hopes of a new job at State Street faded before my eyes. I received an email from the hiring manager yesterday saying I was Over-Qualified for the Application Developer I position, but I might be qualified for the Application Developer II position. I replied back with my SQL Server experience and received an email from her late in the day saying I was Under-Qualified for the Application Developer II position. So what the hell does that me. I feel like Goldilocks, this job was too easy and this job was too hard, but what job is just right. I did reply back with some sarcasm about whether or not they have an Application Developer 1.5 position which would be just right for me.

BoCaNO was great last night especially because of this girl sitting at a table next to us. I kept getting up to let people out to go to the bathroom (btw what was the deal with Mark and Kate going to the bathroom at the same time, not once but twice) and the girl kept smiling at me. Now the catch was that she was with this old guy, but I don't know whether he was her dad, teacher or friend. So I didn't just get up and talk to her, right before she left she looked at me again and smiled and headed off into the sunset. Aargh, WTF!! I guess its time for a Second Chances.

The commute this morning was delightful thanks to the downpouring rain. I was soaked and had to sit in the middle of a three seater on the train. I almost forgot my T pass on the train, but for some reason my brain registered that it was missing and I went back to my seat and grabbed it. Phew!! I finally caught a subway train after letting one pass because it was full. I sat down and enjoyed the ride until DTX and when I tried to get off the train I was caught on something. I looked down and the guy next to me had sat on one of the cords on my jacket. I asked him to move and finally made my way to work. Jeepers what a strange trip it was.

Oh I almost forgot when you are looking at the pictures towards the end are some BoCaNO pictures and in one of them is a guy in the background with a shirt that had "NO PANTIES" on the back. I got a picture for all you Collage kids to see because I know you would think it was Classic!!! Later y'all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Apartment Pictures

After many requests I went through my new apartment last night and took some pictures. It felt strange walking through at eleven o'clock at night taking random pictures, but well it wouldn't be the first random thing I have ever done. I didn't get home until late last night so I didn't move much stuff around, except for clothes. Oh well I have as long as I want I guess.

For those of you with some decent bandwidth check out the Apartment Walk-Through

Mark and I were at Sidebar last night to reward ourselves for such shitty days at work. I love how sketchy drunk guys just talk to you out of the blue. This guy just started talking to us and going on about such random stuff. I guess he was nice enough but I couldn't understand a damn thing he was saying. Hopefully someday I don't end up like that guy though.

Time to start another wonderful day.

Hey Britt what do you think about your breakfast at the end of the slide show. Wasn't it so yummy!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Oh Man What a Weekend

I can't go into detail about my weekend for fearing of boring all you lovely readers out there, but I can summarize for you.

- Worked extra late because of a stupid error.
- Missed movie with Vanessa bc of preceding item.
- Finally met Vanessa for Pizzeria Uno at 10:30 (sheesh).
- Gave woman directions to T station across the street, which she couldn't see and then she told me it is so hard to find stuff around here, it's like Dublin.

- Slept until 8:30, that's late for me.
- Drove to Boston with my mom for the Red Sox game vs. the Yankees. BoSox lost :o(
- Gave mom a tour of my new apartment, she approved.
- Played guitar until I fell asleep.

- Went for a drive to Maine in the morning.
- Lunch at Wendy's with Britt and Auntie Babe.
- Went to Watertown to help Scottie move.
- Hung out at the new house because the movers were late moving out the old tenants. When the movers left one of the guys sat in the back of the truck with the furniture.
- Met the old tenants. Two girls from Smith College who were irrate about the movers. The blonde was cute, but I am all set with long distance relationships.
- Moved tons of stuff, but it went smoothly, out of 23 Laurel onto the truck into 14 Heather. Sweet new apartment Scottie.
- Yummy Sicilian pizza from somewhere in Watertown.

Monday (Labor Day)
- Time to move myself.
- Began packing things and made a few trips to Salem by 4:30.
- It then started to rain, before we moved the furniture in the truck. (Just my luck)
- Everybody helped me and I am grateful.
- Fun shopping for food at Shaw's with Britt. Where we decided my new place to meet girls is the supermarket.
- I asked Britt if I should get cheese and she said well you might want to make grilled cheese. I replied, "I don't know how to make grilled cheese." She said, "You don't. (pause) Neither do I."
- Left 39R Kimball and went home to my new place and proceeded to put shit away.
I noticed how bad my ADD was last night while I was unpacking things. I would be unpacking food and then go into the living room to get some more and then start putting my stereo together. I would then need to get something to put the stereo together and end up putting clothes away. It was awful there was just so much to do and I wanted to do it all. I did get most of my stuff put away and only have a pile of random stuff left to go through tonight.

So far so good in the new place.