Friday, September 26, 2003

Friday already, okay I'll take it

Yes I know I promised a story about the concert, but I did start to write it and it quickly evolved into a novella. So I am going to really polish it up and release it sometime next week. In the meantime I don't want to stop writing in this lovely LJ and figured I would make an entry today.

I realized that I didn't really mention Some Devil, because of some craziness at work. Here is a song by song review, click for preview:
Dodo - A perfect opener for the CD, it builds into a very full song in the end.
So Damn Lucky - A very radio friendly song (not pop song), but very catchy lyrics and chorus.
Gravedigger - The full band version has grown on me, it is a very moving song.
Some Devil - All I have to say is this song is only Dave and an electric baritone guitar, that's it.
Grey Blue Eyes - Co-written with Trey Anastasio, this is a very slow and mellow song. A nice sweet song with great vocals.
Trouble - Believe it or not this is a religious song. The guitar work on this song by Tim Reynolds is amazing.
Save Me - Another religious themed song, it is slated to be a radio single and for good reason. The bass combined with the little guitar lick draw you right into this song. Seems very upbeat and happy.
Stay or Leave - A great love song, which debuted last spring on the Dave & Tim acoustic tour. The background percussion gets very distracting, but once you get to the chorus, you forget all about it.
An' Another Thing - Dark, dark, dark. It sounds almost like an opera, as per most Dave Matthews songs the lyrics are pretty much a mumbling of words.
Oh - A love song with a nice little guitar riff. The chorus is one of my favorites on the album. Dave's voice is perfect on this one.
Baby - A lullaby written for Dave's twin daughters. It is short but sweet for certain.
Up and Away - This song has a little reggae flavor to it. The song builds and is has a very catchy beat, the organ played in the background is a nice added bonus.
Too High - It seems to come off as a dark song. The song has momentum and continues to increase in tempo and sound until the climax where an entire orchestra closes out the song.
Gravedigger (acoustic) - The perfect end to an outstanding album. The stripped down version lets Dave focus on his focals and you can hear the extreme range he has in his voice on this song.

Go buy a copy you won't regret it.

My Top Five from Some Devil (which are sure to change):
1) Oh
2) Some Devil
3) Dodo
4) Up and Away
5) Stay or Leave

Just a note on the pictures. We have a little metal box at work and we decided for a fun afternoon activity we would try to fit inside it. You can see I had trouble due to my long legs, but John was able to invert himself and squeeze almost all the way into the box. Yeah we are crazy I know. The other pictures are the latest of my lovely apartment.

Have a great weekend,
One last kiss
One only
then I'll let you go

-David John Matthews
Some Devil

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