Monday, September 22, 2003

I did a bunch of shopping this weekend and went all over the place. One place I went was the always crowded Christmas Tree Shops in Saugus. It was packed of course and as I was walking around noticed how their commercials are true to life. If you aren't familiar with them they usually interview people in the store with thick Massachusetts accents and the people act all surprised at the great deal they just got on a tacky reindeer shaped vase. My version of a quote from the commercial: "Wow, I can't bahlieve how cheap this great reindeah vase is, I am goin right over theya now and pick'n up one for each of my four dawthas, they ah gonna love em." If you actually go to one of these bargain basement stores you will actually see the same women shopping and talking to each other just like in the commercial. It is so classic. I was only looking for some furniture and was unable to find anything and left the rest of the crap for the loud mouthed hens.

I was walking to work today and began thinking about a weird feature most of us have, eyebrows. Now I believe they serve a certain purpose, something about protecting the eyes from light or stuff in the air, but think of how random they are on your face. They are just a random patch of hair in the middle of nowhere with no connection to anything else. Their size and shape also varies depending on the person. Just an observation I came up with on the walk to work from North Station.

Less than 24 hours until the new Dave Matthews CD, followed by a fun trip to NYC for the largest DMB concert ever. Woohoo!!!

Big city, black city
Rises up around me steals my soul away

-DJM "Spotlight"

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