Friday, September 5, 2003

Late Entry

Its nice to be happy and in a good mood at work for a change. I am sure the hour and a half lunch with Vanessa might have a little to do with it though. Hey I have worked a ton this week and I deserve it. So since I am in such a good mood I have included pictures from my wonderful lunch in Boston.

So I saw this funny guy today, he had on a sport coat with shorts and sneakers, but no shirt. It was very strange to see early in the morning. I finished unpacking last night and realized how empty my apartment is now. I did make a list of things to buy with things from large to small such as a microwave, couch , coffee table, end table, two lamps, band-aids, a mop, a bucket, a dishwashing rack, any major food staples and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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