Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Retro game day

I got the hell out of here as soon as possible yesterday and ended up over at Britt's so I could fix her computer. I have had a heck of a time setting up the wireless network over there, the laptop is recognizing the network, but can't seem to get on the internet. After struggling with that for a good two hours, I gave up and joined Britt in a game of Super Mario Brothers 3. We had to start on world 7, which is one of the most difficult worlds in the game. It was tough especially because of damn Lakitu, but it all started to come back to me after a few lost lives. It is amazing how many of the obscure secrets you can remember from something you played ten years ago. OJ came home and it is funny watching how good he is, knowlege of enemy location is uncanny and allows him to tear through levels at quite a clip. So much fun, I could play Super Nes for hours on end.

Given my current nostalgic state I did a couple google searches for Mario information and was finally able to back up my story about Super Mario Brothers 2. Apparently SMB2 was released in Japan as a continuation of SMB, but when they were going to bring it across the Pacific to the US they decided it would be too difficult for Americans. So instead they took another game called Doki Doki Panic and released it in the US as the SMB2 I have come to know and hate. However, Nintendo did finally release the original SMB2 in the Super Mario All-Stars release, but it was titled The Lost Levels. Unfortunately, at the time nobody really cared because we were all busy with Super Mario World. Well that is my little history on Mario, for more info check out Super Mario Brothers 2 Japan.

Right now I am listening to a pizza eating contest on the radio. They are trying to eat two pizzas in a half an hour. Maybe today for lunch I will try to eat one large Jaybo pizza. Do you think I can do it? Check out food records for some interesting feats in the competitive sport of eating.

K. Willis

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