Monday, July 14, 2003

New Camera

My weekend started off with a little shopping spree at Best Buy. I bought a new digital camera, the Sony DSC-P8, an extra memory stick, carrying case, extra battery and warranty. I had planned to spend a certain amount and after all the additional crap you don't really consider it nearly doubled the price. Oh well I am quite happy with my purchase and have been using it quite a bit. It is nice to not have to change floppy disks after every picture and not have to carry a huge bag around since the new camera fits in my pocket.

I used a wedding on Saturday as my first photo expedition. The wedding was in upstate New York about four hours from here. It was a nice wedding and I was able to get a ton of pictures. One funny highlight was the tent just for the port-a-potties, see the pictures. Not many other humorous moments except for all of the dragonflys, bugs and spiders outside the giant tents that were climbing all over everybody. You would hear the occasional scream and then look over to see a woman dancing about brushing something off her arm.

Yesterday I had my third soccer game, which we lost. We were very short handed, but did extremely well considering. After the game I picked Em up for our Sunday night Sex and the City hang out, which was a bit complicated due to lack of cable at my house. However, we went to Britts and got it set up with ten minutes to spare. The episodes of SatC are great, but should really be an hour long.

Here is the Weekend Photo Album look forward to many more pictures from here on out.

Question of the Day #2
What is your favorite breakfast food?

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