Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Sick and tired

No really I don't feel well and I didn't sleep well last night. Last night went out for Ry's birthday at the Friendly Toast. It was good, I had some french toast and some weird looking hashbrowns. One of the highlights of the night was definitely using his new cell phone. I need to get a camera phone, they are so much fun. The Photo CallerID is also the best. Enjoyed some birthday cookie before retiring to my house.

Sorry for lack of wit, the only thing I can think of was how annoying the train ride was yesterday, because there was a delay of some sort. A woman was sitting there taking up the entire seat and I was hot and wanted to sit down. If only I had been old or pregnant, I could have asked for the seat under the priority seating sign. Well maybe someday.

Question of the day: What is your favorite color?

Eventually people will start answering my question.

Oh yeah it looks like the second annual Keegan's BBQ will occur on Saturday, August 23rd this year, any issues with this date?

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