Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Ten hours sleep, but still tired

Since I was feeling under the weather yesterday I went home last night and went to bed at 7:30, which allowed me over ten hours of sleep. It has helped a little bit, but I am still very tired. I did stop at Hodgies and pick up some Lemon Sorbet which was yummy. The super young girl that sat with us at the beach was working there, Britt you know who I am talking about. I knew I recognized her from somewhere. Don't worry I am not interested in this girl, which means I am progressing since she is like 17 and I think of her as a kid. It won't be long before I think of everybody less than 21 as a kid.

I was riding the T yesterday and smelled smoke and sure enough once I arrived at Oak Grove and looked back saw a huge cloud of smoke. In anticipation of my mom asking me if I saw it I decided to try a drive by. I never actually saw the building on fire, but my brother informed me it was an apartment building.

In my drive around I was annoyed by a car in front of me that went straight in a "turn only" lane. Why do people do this? Can't they see the giant six foot signs on the road? Route 110 in Amesbury is famous for these type of intersections. The two that bother me most is at the intersection with Main Street and the intersection with Route 150. Main street first, if I come into an intersection wide enough for two cars I and it is empty I pull to the left to allow for right on red drivers. If a car is turning left I will pull into the right side to avoid waiting for the left turn car. Isn't this what everybody does, it seems logical to me? At the Route 150 intersection, the right turn is a separate exit type thing so they are taken out of the equation leaving an obvious right side for going straight and left side for going left. However sometimes I pull up and the car on the left is going straight and they get all pissed off because they think you are trying to sneak by them. A race ensues, which is just dangerous, as Mark knows from my little race on the way to Maine last winter by exit 8 vs the guy with the dog on his lap. Come on people just think when entering those intersections.

I guess we could have it worse, like the English. Click to learn about the Magic Roundabout.

Question of the Day: Since I actually received some responses, though none from the Boc's (are you still out there) I will have a bit of a more complicated question. What is your favorite season?

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