Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Busy Weekend

It was another busy weekend in my world. On Friday night we took it easy and just stayed in watching the top 20 America's Funniest Home Videos of all time. Saturday morning I went to the gym and then Andy came over to go over the Wedding ceremony. After Andy left Jen went to the gym and I had lunch in Davis square. We then got all dressed up for Amy's birthday dinner at Tapeo in the Back Bay. We all made it there and were seated. Mark had a bit of trouble after he asked the waitress what he could order that didn't have garlic in it, the waiter told him he couldn't eat anything, because it all comes in close contact to garlic. The tapas were good although the price of tapas and sangria can get a little bit out of control. Afterwards we went to the bar that used to be Bar Code.

Sunday morning Jennifer and I woke up and puttered around the house before making a trip to the North End for coffee. You see yesterday was Jennifer's bridal shower and while she knew the date, she wasn't aware of the location of the shower. My job was to get her out of the house, dressed for the shower and to return her to the house for the shower a few hours later. While it may sound like an easy task its not exactly easy to surprise somebody when you are basically saying we have to leave so people can set things up here. I was able to surprise a little bit, I suppose if it is the one time I am allowed to lie, I might as well make it good. We did make it back for the shower and it was a success. I stayed in the back room watching television most of the time, but did reappear at the end to say hello and to help clean up.

It was an exhausting day!!!

Bridal Shower Photos
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