Monday, February 7, 2005

Patriots Win Again

- Patriots won again and it really isn't exciting
- Started getting responses from people interested in my apartment
- Skied on Saturday really warm
- Took Jennifer to Screw Auger Falls, but it was frozen :o(
- Ate dinner at Liam's
- Saw Chrissy Reed for the first time in what seemed like forever. She is still the coolest ;o)
- Went to see Sideways at the Casablanca theater
- Packed up the car because we don't have the ski house next weekend
- Found my way to Freeport via the back roads without a map
- Shopped the day away in Freeport (didn't buy a thing)
- Ben and Jerry's for dessert
- Visited the 'Bury and finally cleaned my car. (No more dog hair, yippee)
- Found a parking space in Somerville on first drive by and parked in the smallest space I could possibly park in (Didn't bump the other cars)
- Went to Super Bowl party at Ben's
- Left early with Jennifer due to exhaustion from long weekend
- Watched interception sealing Patriots win, while Jennifer slept on couch

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