Wednesday, May 7, 2003

New Job

Last nigtht we had a big family dinner at Pizzeria Uno. The cast of character included mom, Brendan, Britt, OJ, my aunt and of course myself. I guess we were celebrating the end of Britt's school year. Of course it was constant fun and also I am sure OJ thought it was in a constant state of sketchiness. We had many great conversations, but one which was rather intriguing for me came from a discussion about Britt being an RA, from there we came up with my perfect new job. I should be a Resident Director of a dorm at some college. Is there a job which is better suited for me? So maybe I will go back to school for my masters and become an RD. Think about it you don't pay rent, get to belong to the college scene and get an education all at the same time. Is it not perfect, now who wants me to work at their school?

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