Saturday, May 10, 2003

It was a great day

Well what can I say about yesterday, but that it was a great day. Of course it didn't start off so well, because everything seemed to be going wrong at work. However in the afternoon I bounced back from those setbacks and ended up with a kick ass day. I think it all started when I went to lunch with Kate. I was kind of mellow as I have been for a few days, but upon eating and then visiting E I perked up a bit. Once I made it back upstairs things were still going wrong at work, but I knew I was leaving work early, which meant only an hour to go. While I was waiting for work to end I received a phone call from Sarah. I was so surprised, because it was the middle of the day, totally random. So we agreed to meet in Natick for dinner. But first, I left work and met Vanessa, Katie and Becky for coffee. I actually had a frappucino with coffee, but Vanessa said it doesn't count as my first coffee beverage. After leaving the collage girls I hopped on the subway with my ghetto trash bag of Vanessa's winter clothing, since I guess she won't be needing them in Florida this summer. I lucked out with traffic and made it to Natick in record time. I gave the Sizzling Cheese Chicken dish another try at Friday's and it was definitely better this time. My trip out to CMass to hang out with sucha a good friend was a pleasant surprise for my Friday night, a great start to my birthday weekend.

I made it back to the 'Bury, just as OJ was getting home from the prom. I chatted with him and my aunt before dropping him of at a sketch APP. Haha. I slept in this morning waking up at 7:30, so late. Heading to Plimoth to visit Mark and Kate today.

Favorite humorous moment from yesterday: I did a reading of Britt's final paper at Starbuck's for Becky. What a great paper Britt, we couldn't stop laughing. The people seemed to enjoy, they did clap when I was finished ;o)

Quote of the day: "They almost gave me the goat." - Sarah, being thankful she was assigned a goat as her next patient. Little did she know she went to dinner with the goat (me) see the 1995 Amesbury High School yearbook.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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