Tuesday, May 13, 2003

New License

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Yesterday I had to do the five year ritual of renewing my license, and yes I know I did it a day late. Now I haven't dealt with the Registry much, but most people seem to dread the place because of long lines and rudeness. I decided it would be better to avoid the Boston location, for the obvious reason that the lines there are legendary. I also went online to check out wait times and the Washington Street location had a wait of 45 minutes. I instead went to Melrose where the wait was 5 minutes. I received my ticket and patiently waited for my number to be called. After a few minutes a computer voice read out B219, at first I thought miss, as in a missed shot in the game of Battleship, but it was a hit and I went to window 9. Up until this point the horror of the registry seemed like just a myth, until I met the employee who would be helping me. Now don't get me wrong she wasn't mean, but I would have received the same level of personality if a computer was there asking me questions. In her defense it was 4:40 and after eight hours of asking people to read the letters on the top line of the eye exam machine. I answered my questions and also opted for a new picture. It was okay, she asked if I wanted to take another picture and to avoid upsetting her I said the picture was fine. I was then handed my paper license and was on my way to driving with a valid license.

Drive in drive out I'm leaving
Drive in drive out
I'll come back again
Drive in drive out I'm leaving
Drive in drive out

-David John Matthews

Lyrics and Audio for Drive In, Drive Out.

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