Thursday, May 15, 2003

Seven minutes that cost me twenty dollars

I had a very late one last night, but it was well worth it. Unfortunately, in order to get much needed sleep I moved my wake up time back a couple hours. Which meant I was counting on doing the early bird parking at Malden Center. I woke up and jumped in the car, completely forgetting how bad the traffic can be on Route 1. It was a nightmare and the opposite of my typical 6 AM drive time traffic. I wasn't going to get stressed though and when I finally made it to the garage it was 9:07, seven minutes after the early bird ended. Now that means instead of paying six dollars to park it will now cost me twenty. Doh!!!

Now onto my review of the Matrix Reloaded. I made it to the Loews at the Liberty Tree Mall an hour early, at ten o'clock and then sat in my showtime's line. After sitting on the ground for about twenty minutes they let us into the movie. I then took a little nap while waiting for the movie to start. Once the previews started everybody got very excited and it help to wake me up. I couldn't understand why the showed a preview of Legally Blonde 2 to a Matrix audience, but it did get a better reaction then Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai. People were just laughing at the one american actor who was supposed to be a samurai hero in Japan. Finally after ten or so previews the show started. My initial reaction was disappointment, but as the movie began to sink in I realized it was a great movie. It is the type of movie you have to see a couple of times to really get the secret hidden messages. My brain was reeling from the back and forth movement between reality and the matrix. At times while Neo was in the matrix it was still unclear on where he was located. It began slow, but the story really picked up near the end and I am very excited for the final episode of the trilogy which will be released in November. My grade for the movie is an A-. I definitely reccommend.

Now I am heading out for the baseball game. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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