Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Filling up everybodys friends page

It occurred to me that since I am the only obsessive person posting to my lj everyday, I am probably filling up the friends pages so much that they could be mistaken for my own page. Haha too bad.

In an effort to keep it short I will only mention that I signed up for a soccer league in Newburyport which will keep me busy every Sunday. So if you are in the area of Cashman Park on any Sunday between June 1st and October 26th, stop by. What else, oh yeah went to Margarita's last night with my cuz and Emily. It was a great time and even better since I hadn't been there in such a long time.

Finally check out this link Star Wars Kid. Oh my I laughed so hard at this kid.

BoCaNO at the Cactus Club over in the Back Bay, Mexican food two nights in a road, yippee.

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