Monday, May 12, 2003

Quiet Sunday

Birthday cake from Heather this morning.

I had a relatively quiet day yesterday, which was nice. Most of the day involved me sleeping since I didn't get in until late on Saturday, my busy weekend day. On Saturday, I drove to Plymouth to go for a bike ride with Mark, Kate and Jen. It was a nice ride, though biking through the occasional sand patches was very annoying. My new grip shifters were nice and I am glad I switched things up. After biking we hung out at Kate's and had some pizza followed by the coolest cake ever. Kate and Mark made me a guitar-shaped cake, with Twizzler Twist-n-Pull for strings, chocolate sprinkles for the sound hole and dum-dum lollipops for the tuning pegs. It was pretty cool. Thanks guys!! I left there late and decided to stop at Britt's before going home. As I expected she was up and was watching tv with Emily, I hung out with them and then went home.

I finally got off my ass yesterday afternoon and went for a ride to Odiorne State Park in NH. I decided to attempt to start a birthday tradition and made it two in a row. I was there for an hour, because the weather looked very bleak and I was afraid of rain. Overall it was a good day and I want to thank everybody for all of your birthday wishes.

Yeah I know this is a weird thing to do, but well its my LJ and if you don't like it don't read.
Amanda W, Julie L, Heather K, Scottie, April M, Suha, E, Natasha P, Emily B, Kate H, Mark L, Jen C, Sarah L, Dad, Mom, Brendan, Cait K, Jon B, Britt F, Vanessa, Katie, Becky T, Meme, Auntie Babe. That is all I can remember, but if I have left anybody off the list let me know and I shall correct the issue.

365 days in my 25th year
6 Dave Matthews shows attended
12 states I passed through (MA, ME, NH, VT, CT, RI, NY, OH, IL, TX, UT, CO)
6 times I had to change my watch after landing in a different time zone.
57 skier days.
6 girls I went on at least one date with.
3 girls kissed. One of which is not included in the previous entry, Make-Out-Girl.
4,548 dollars spent towards skiing, including pass, rent, equipment, plane ticket, gas.
118 live journal postings
351 lj comments received.
0 number of times I had sex.
87 place in Bust 'n Burn competition.
9 highest micro mood, achieved on 2/4/2003 after skiing ultimate powder day at Alta.
61 macro mood for last 124 days
28,000 miles driven.
12,404 feet, highest point reached without help of an airplane.
1,164 dollars paid to the MBTA for commuting.

Weird observation I made today while on the internet, perhaps some of you have noticed it too. Since I find a lot of websites using google, I now try to go back to those websites, but didn't add them to my favorites. Now I am forced to try and recreate my original search which is impossible. For example I found this cool website with tons of guitar info when I was trying to tune my guitar to drop D tuning. So when I wanted to find it again I couldn't remember were my search words guitar tune drop d OR drop d tuning how to. I did eventually find it, but it was tricky recreating those searches.

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