Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Hangin' at OOMass

We just got back from the Dave and Tim concert which was totally amazing. It definitely makes it into the top five and perhaps into the top 3 of the 35 shows. The seats were quite far from the stage, but the acoustics were great and the crowd behaved for the most part. I wish there were some classic people to talk about beside the merchandise vendor. He was funny and always joking with the customers. Even though nobody wants to see it I am going to post the setlist tomorrow. Okay I have to get going talk to y'all tomorrow. I can't wait to have my first meal in a dining hall aka dining common in over five years. If only I had the spycam, oh actually I do, need to grab it for the morning.

Over and out from Amherst, MA (God's Country)

One more thing on one of Dave's rants he totally made fun of Floridians. He said they were weird. Sorry V, I have to agree with him.

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