Friday, May 16, 2003

Asleep at the keyboard

It was another late night for me. My mom convinced me to go to the BoSox game last night, which kept me from getting home until midnight. It was an entertaining game, sitting way out in right field provided some rather interesting sites. However, I first have to mention the green line and just how ridiculous that damn train is. I have so much compassion now for the commuters who have to ride that damn train everyday. I waited for twenty minutes just for a train with enough room for one person and going in the correct direction. I finally made it on the train and this woman asked another woman if she could get to South Station on this train. Now keep in mind we were on C train just leaving Arlington. The woman amazingly enough didn't laugh and told her she was going in the wrong direction. I hope she didn't have to catch a train.

I met up with my mom and went in to the game. The seats weren't great, they were near the right field seats that face the bleachers so the entire game you have to crane your neck to the left just to see the action. The crowd was pretty pumped up and were constantly ribbing Carl Everett in right field. The highlight of his harassment came after he hit a homerun and the crowd began chanting, "Throw it back!!". The fan who caught the ball was out of sight and didn't throw it back and the fans became more irrate. Finally, at the beginning of the next inning the ball was thrown on to the field and the place erupted. A few minutes later somebody else threw a ball towards Carl and play was stopped while the Rangers manager came out to talk to Mr. Everett. I couldn't believe how lively the fans were. Speaking of lively fans, my stepfather and his friends were quite amusing on the T ride back. They had a bit to drink during the game and were always laughing and speaking loudly. It didn't help that the trains were crowded and we had to take the Green Line to the Orange Line to the shuttle buses. I felt like a chaperone on a field trip, constantly counting to make sure they were all there and leading the way through the many subterranean passages of the MBTA.

Now I am tired and things don't look like they are going to slow down until after Tuckerman Ravine tomorrow. I can't wait to finally get home and watch all of the season finale I have on tape. Sunday morning will be the Season Finale marathon with my favorite shows West Wing, Friends, CSI, and ER. I can't wait.

Have a great weekend!!!

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