Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Short on time

Okay I don't have much time today, but figured I would put out a posting anyway. I just made it to work and had birthday cake for breakfast again. My excuse is that I received four cakes and need to eat them whenever possible, plus it saves money on bagels. I have recently been trying to watch what I eat after I noticed my weight went up by 8 pounds in the last three weeks. Possible explanations are the lack of skiing, the recent trips to the gym have converted fat to muscle or perhaps a lot more JayBo than usual. Yeah I know, everybody says I am skinny, but well I think maybe skinny compared to the average person in our obese society. If I expect to be going to the beach this summer though I need to lose about ten pounds or so. So I have a question what is everybody's favorite form of diet? Laying off the carbs, not eating, extra excercise? Let's hear your thoughts.

I just read in the Metro that due to huge demand for the Matrix Reloaded, it will be opening tonight, so I am thinking of checking it out after BoCaNO. I was looking at the 10:20 or 10:40 shows at Loews Liberty Tree theater. Anybody interested in meeting there to check that bad ass shit out?

You have to check out Maddox's latest hate mail How not to impress someone. The emailer had no idea what he was getting into.

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